Bird broken coccyx how long to heal

How long does a tailbone fracture take to heal?

The time it takes to fully heal after a fractured coccyx depends on a number of individual factors. The location of the fracture plays a role as well as the constitution and age of the person affected. While young patients often suffer from a bruise after a fall, because the bone tissue is still very elastic, the risk of a tailbone fracture increases in the further development of humans. In the course of adulthood, the proportion of mineral and connective tissue components of the bone increases. The bone becomes harder and breaks more frequently. In old age, the bone substance becomes rather brittle and splinters easily. It is then particularly prone to fractures, including in the area of ​​the coccyx. Unfortunately, with increasing age, the regenerative capacity of the human body also decreases, resulting in prolonged recovery processes. In the worst case, complete healing can no longer take place due to the dwindling regenerative capacity.

Lengthy healing process due to the unfavorable location

Even if the fracture heals without complications, it still takes at least several weeks. Unfortunately, the tailbone pain is very persistent and often lasts for months or even years. There is also the risk that the pain will recur again and again after years. The problem with a broken coccyx is that due to its central location it cannot be immobilized or only insufficiently. Several muscles also attach to the tailbone. It is difficult for the severed tailbone fragment to reconnect completely with its counterpart. If a piece of the coccyx remains permanently loose, one speaks of the formation of a false joint or pseudarthrosis. The pieces of bone can rub against each other and cause painful inflammation. A remedy is possible in the form of a resection, i.e. the removal of the loose piece of bone. However, the success of such an intervention is not guaranteed in every case. The pain can persist even after a resection.

In the best case scenario, a tailbone fracture will take at least several weeks to heal. If recovery is not uncomplicated, weeks can turn into months and months can turn into years.