Can you eat ripe bananas when you are pregnant?

With this trick, unripe bananas will ripen within an hour.

Every now and then there are phases in the supermarket when there only seem to be green, unripe bananas. But access? Or would you prefer to wait and hope that the next delivery will bring yellow, ripe bananas? Either way, you shouldn't be eating green bananas. How can you let the unripe bananas ripen faster and even so quickly that they taste sweet and ripe in an hour? This is possible with this ingenious trick.

There is trick you can use to get green bananas yellow and ripe in an hour, two days, or even two minutes.

1. One hour

With this trick, your banana will be ripe within an hour. The only thing you need for this is an oven. Put the green banana on the baking sheet, set the temperature to 150 degrees and wait for an hour. But don't forget to keep an eye on the banana every now and then. After this hour, take the banana out of the oven and let it cool completely (this is quicker in the refrigerator). The banana is now soft, sweet and wonderfully ripe.

2. Two days

It doesn't have to be that fast? You don't need the ripe banana for two days? With this trick, your bananas will ripen within two days. The so-called ethylene gas causes fruit to ripen faster. This gas is emitted by bananas. So put the bananas in a paper bag (plastic doesn't work!) And wait. You will see how much faster the banana turns yellow and ripe. If you also put avocados or pears in the paper bag, the process will be accelerated again. After two days the banana is sweet and ripe!

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