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Rolex knowledge: 5 things Rolex connoisseurs know. They also?

Pure gold for the dial markings and indexes

Before we of any beautiful Rolex dials speak, let's first take a look into the past and expand your Rolex knowledge. Because everyone starts small.
So there was a time when Rolex, like most brands, printed its Dial indices and Dial markings directly on the dial. They didn't even do that themselves. Rather, they let a company do the manufacturing of their dials. It was more reliable and cheaper. If you want to grow, this combination of reliable and cheap is not such a bad plan and Rolex had an inexpensive solution for its timepieces for years. Then came the success and the desire for better dials and more control.
This is of course difficult when one company makes the movements, one company makes the dials, one company makes the hands, and so on. So Rolex just has them all Companieswho worked for them bought them and gradually driven them to perfection over the years. Once you had your own company, you could really get started. What is most likely to be seen in a watch? Sure, that Dial Withpointer and theDial markings. Rolex would not be Rolex if this possible increase in quality had not been taken seriously. Everything has been improved, redesigned and more complex and provided with the best possible material that is most suitable for Rolex. gold. Accordingly, even with Rolex steel watches, the indexes and hands are not made of steel or anything, but of the finest white gold. The bezels of the clocks with luminous dials are also made of the precious metal.
Now you understand that too warm shine in the eyes of the other person, you should give him or her a beautiful Rolex.