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Corona vaccination: how do I get a vaccination appointment? All questions at a glance

The start of the vaccination in Germany gives hope that the corona pandemic will end in the foreseeable future. But who can be vaccinated and how do appointments work? The most important questions at a glance.

Vaccinations against the corona virus are distributed in Germany. How do people who are entitled to vaccination come to a vaccination appointment? Where can you get vaccinated and can you choose the corona vaccine yourself?

Corona vaccination: who can be vaccinated?

Many people are unsure whether they belong to the group that can currently be vaccinated against the coronavirus. People are currently being vaccinated with "highest priority". The highest priority people include:

  • People over 80 years
  • People who treat, care for or care for the elderly and those in need of care in inpatient facilities
  • People who regularly treat, care for or look after the elderly or people in need of care as part of outpatient care services
  • Employees in medical facilities with a high risk of infection
  • Employees in medical facilities who treat, care for or care for people at high risk

Vaccination against corona: why is it prioritized?

The sequence of vaccinations is laid down in a statutory ordinance issued by the Federal Ministry of Health. Prioritization is necessary because there is currently not enough vaccine available to vaccinate all people who want to.

After the vaccination group with "highest priority" people with "high priority" and then people with "higher priority" are vaccinated. When this will be the case is unclear at this point in time. The Federal Ministry of Health assumes that from July 2021 there will be enough vaccine for all population groups.

How do I find out whether I am eligible for the vaccination?

The implementation of the vaccination and the allocation of the vaccination appointments are organized at the state level. On the website of your federal state you can find out whether you are authorized to vaccinate, how the allocation of vaccination appointments is regulated and which contact persons can help you with questions. Citizens can also address their questions about the corona vaccination to the medical on-call service at 116 117, as the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) informs on request.

The patient service website also provides an overview of the regulations in the individual federal states. Individual federal states are planning to inform citizens who are eligible for vaccination by letter. Others set up hotlines, apps and websites for questions about the corona vaccination and for registering for a vaccination appointment. Your general practitioner is also a point of contact for questions about the vaccination process.

How do I get a vaccination appointment?

Everyone who wants to be vaccinated needs a vaccination appointment. This should avoid long queues in front of the vaccination centers. Eligible persons can make an appointment for the Covid 19 vaccination directly by calling the medical on-call service on 116 117 or they will be forwarded to the responsible regional call center. Eligible persons who belong to a facility where vaccination is offered by a mobile team do not need to make an individual appointment.

Where can I get vaccinated against corona?

Vaccination centers are set up in the individual federal states. You can get vaccinated there. So far there are over 400 vaccination centers nationwide. In principle, you have no right to choose a specific location for the vaccination. However, the federal states are free to give you options.

Corona vaccination: The federal states have set up vaccination centers. (Source: imago / Stefan Zeitz)

Ask if necessary. Mobile vaccination teams are on the move for people with restricted mobility in care facilities or at home.

How are mobile vaccination teams organized?

The mobile vaccination teams are made up of helpers from aid organizations such as ASB and DRK, a doctor and the people who carry out the vaccination. "We manage around 100 to 140 vaccinations a day in care facilities," says Dr. Ulf Zitterbart, chairman of the Thuringian General Practitioner Association, who supports mobile vaccination teams. "The team needs good advance planning and coordination. The organization and handling of the vaccine is also time-consuming, as are the infection control measures. Work must be carried out precisely and with concentration."

And of course you need the consent of the person entitled to vaccinate or the supervisor. What is the general practitioner's experience on the tolerability of the vaccine in nursing home residents? "In my experience, the vaccine is well tolerated. We have been vaccinating in care facilities since the end of December and the only side effect that I have observed so far was pain in the upper arm," says Zitterbart.

Dr. med. Ulf Zitterbart
General Practitioner Dr. med. Ulf Zitterbart is the chairman of the Thuringian General Practitioner Association. He has been supporting mobile vaccination teams with vaccinations in nursing homes since December 2020.

Why can't I get a corona vaccination from my family doctor?

The vaccination centers were set up in order to be able to vaccinate as many people as possible in a short period of time. It also ensures that the vaccines are stored correctly. For example, the vaccine from Biontech / Pfizer has to be stored at minus 70 degrees, the vaccine from Moderna at minus 20 degrees.

According to the KBV, vaccinations in medical practices can only be implemented if sufficient vaccines are available that are suitable for use. Dr. Zitterbart added: "The special storage conditions and the currently still limited number of vaccination doses do not yet allow corona vaccinations to be carried out in general practitioners' practices."

Can I choose the corona vaccine myself?

As Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn announced at the beginning of January, citizens cannot choose the vaccine themselves. Choosing a vaccine is not possible "at the moment and foreseeable" due to the current scarcity. When asked, the KBV also does not assume that a choice of vaccines can be implemented in the foreseeable future and refers to the still low vaccine capacities.

Berlin is planning a special way in this regard: Berliners should be able to choose the vaccine themselves. The freedom of choice arises simply from the vaccination management in the city, said Health Senator Dilek Kalayci on Monday in the health committee of the House of Representatives.

"What speaks against it, if you know that there is vaccine XY in this vaccination center, that you can then also act on it?" Asked the Senator. "I will make no secret of which vaccination center is currently vaccinating which vaccine." It goes without saying that the people who want to be vaccinated will also decide on a specific vaccine with the vaccination center.

Do I have to bring documents to the vaccination center?

You should bring your identity card with you to the appointment at the vaccination center. Further documents are not required. A clarification meeting will then take place on site. You must document your consent to the vaccination in writing. After the vaccination, you will remain under medical observation for about 15 minutes.

Who shouldn't get vaccinated?

There are people who want to be vaccinated, but doctors advise caution. "There are no studies on the tolerance of the vaccines in pregnant women. Pregnant women should therefore not be vaccinated. The vaccine is also not approved for young people under the age of 16," explains Zitterbart.

The doctor also refrains from vaccination if the person entitled to the vaccination has a fever. Caution is also advised in the case of allergies. "There is also a lack of experience with existing or recently completed chemotherapy," says Zitterbart. "Often an individual decision has to be made. A good consultation with the patient is important."

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On January 6, 2021, the moderna vaccine also received approval from the European Commission.

Further vaccines from other manufacturers can be expected to be approved in the foreseeable future.

Important NOTE: The information is in no way a substitute for professional advice or treatment by trained and recognized doctors. The contents of t-online cannot and must not be used to independently make diagnoses or start treatments.

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