I feel bad WhatsApp status in Marathi

Feeling bad about ...?

So I'm 14 years old and have 3 best friends in my new class. One of them only calls in when she needs homework or whatever help, and at school she always comes to me when she is hungry and asks me if I have something to eat. (I even gave her my meal a thousand times, even though I was hungry myself) My 3 best friends are always together during the breaks and talk about things. I'm with them too, but I have the feeling that it doesn't make any difference whether I'm there or not. I'm just the last person to be saved. I cannot describe this infinite, deep sadness inside of me. These girls are just so important to me and I just can't let go of them. Yesterday we had sport with our parallel class and groups of three should be formed. Well, of course the 3 were in a group and I should be in a group with other girls. The girls I was in a group with had extremely fights with my best friends at the time. We only had a little chat as we were in a group. But then after the PE class my 3 best friends asked me why I was spreading lies and blaspheming about them ... I was just shocked ... I even tried to explain it to them and say that it is not what they think it is and I didn't blaspheme or lie about them, but they wouldn't listen to me. I just cried so hard the whole time, I even wanted to kill myself because I thought I was going to lose my friends. I even wrote to them today via Whatsapp, I told them that I would never do something like that, but they don't believe me and don't want to listen to me either. I just have no idea what to do, my life has just been ruined and I urgently need help. Please help me