What is a Public Sector Tenant Tracker

Benchmarks for procurement from public institutions

What is a benchmark?

The best way to make savings on procurement is through fair and open competition. However, many public sector organizations have difficulty describing PC performance in a practical, accessible, and vendor-neutral manner.

The best approach to determining and comparing the performance of computer systems is to use benchmarks. A benchmark is a test that compares similar products. A computer benchmark program runs a series of well-defined tests on a PC to measure its performance.

UL benchmarks provide results that represent PC performance for common tasks. Specifying PC performance using a UL benchmark result is a simple way of ensuring manufacturer neutrality in a tender. When it comes to making a decision, you will also find that comparing benchmark results is much easier than comparing component specifications.

Benchmarking for procurement

UL benchmarks are ideal for governments and other public sector organizations looking for a vendor-neutral solution. UL creates accurate, relevant, impartial and practical benchmark tests to determine and compare the performance of PCs, laptops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones. In addition to free licenses, we offer priority technical support and free advice to qualified organizations.

Over the years we have helped many companies with the use of benchmarks to determine PC performance in IT tenders and RFPs. Our PCMark benchmark has been used by the governments of France, Germany, Northern Ireland, Brazil and the European Commission in important tenders for tens of thousands of PC systems.

Manufacturer-neutral development process

UL creates benchmarks in cooperation with the world's leading technology companies in an open and transparent process that guarantees fair and neutral benchmark results.

Our primary goal is to create benchmarks that are widely used and respected by consumers, the press and industry. That's exactly what we've been doing since 1997.

Independent and impartial

UL is an independent, global company with more than a century of experience and innovation in product testing, inspection, and verification. Around the world, UL helps customers, buyers and decision makers manage market risk and complexity. UL builds trust in the safety and sustainability of products, organizations and supply chains, enabling smarter decisions and better lives.