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The Iron Throne (episode)

The iron throne

First broadcast:

19th May 2019
May 20, 2019


"The iron throne" (in the original:"The Iron Throne") is the sixth episode of the eighth season of game of Thrones and thus the seventy-third and last in the entire series. Directed by David Benioff and D.B. White.

The first broadcast of the episode took place on May 19, 2019 on the US pay station HBO. The first broadcast in German-speaking countries took place on May 20, 2019.


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In King's Landing

After the battle for King's Landing, Jon Schnee, Davos Seewert and Tyrion Lannister enter the city. Tyrion goes alone to the remains of the Red Keep. In the catacombs he discovers the golden hand of his brother Jaime. Weeping, he clears away a few of the boulders and discovers the bodies of his brother and sister Cersei. Meanwhile, Jon and Davos meet Grauer Wurm and some Immaculate, who are just about to execute captured Lannister soldiers. Davos wants to know why he still wants to kill her, since the war is already over and enough people have died. Gray worm replies that he only obeys his queen and that he would only follow her instructions. When Gray Worm draws his knife to kill the first soldier, Jon grabs his arm to stop him. Immediately all the Immaculate draw their weapons and point them at Jon. Davos tries to defuse the situation and tells Jon that they should talk to Daenerys. After the two make their way to her, Grauer Wurm executes the Lannister soldiers.

Outside the city walls, the Dothraki celebrate their victory. Arya observes this disapprovingly from a distance. Jon pushes through the crowd and goes up the stairs. Drogon appears and lands with Daenerys. She comes out and speaks to her army. As promised, the Dothraki tore down the stone houses of their enemies and gave her the Seven Kingdoms. She also thanks the Immaculate and appoints Gray Worm to be the supreme commander of her armies. She gives a speech about how she wants to break the wheel and free the whole world from tyrants. Jon has to overhear the speech, worried. Tyrion, still visibly shaken by the death of his brother and sister, stands by Daenerys. She accuses him of treason for having freed his brother. He confirms this and accuses her of slaughtering an entire city. He takes off his brooch and tosses it down the stairs. Furious, she orders the Immaculate to seize Tyrion and imprison him.

While Jon watches Daenerys, Tyrion and the Immaculate leave the scene, Arya Stark suddenly appears next to Jon. Jon is surprised that his cousin is here in King's Landing. Arya says that she came to kill Cersei, but Daenerys got ahead of her. She warns Jon that Sansa will never bend her knee. Jon tells Arya to wait for him at the gates of the city, but Arya stops him and explains that he will always be a threat to Daenerys as he has the greater claim to the throne.

Jon visits Tyrion in prison. Tyrion wants to know if Jon brought any wine and says Daenerys won't keep prisoners very long. Accepting that he is going to die, he asks Jon if there would be life after death since Jon was already dead. Tyrion tries to convince Jon to stop Daenerys, otherwise she will keep killing uncontrollably. He claims that Daenerys' behavior matches her house's words "fire and blood," but Jon denies that he is part of the house as well. Daenerys killed more people than Tywin Lannister, Cersei, or anyone else they knew. However, Jon tries to defend her and says she has suffered many losses, such as the deaths of Missandei and Rhaegal. Whereupon Tyrion says, however, that she burned an entire city for it. He confronts Jon and asks if he would have done the same since he also had that power while sitting on Rhaegal's back. Jon does not want to betray Daenerys and is silent. Tyrion knows that Jon loves her and that he loves her too, but not as successfully as he claims. Jon remembers the words of Maester Aemon"Love is the death of duty", with Tyrion agreeing, claiming that sometimes duty is the death of love. He tries to convince Jon to kill Daenerys, but Jon refuses to betray his queen. Just before Jon leaves the room, Tyrion reminds him of his sisters that they would never bend their knees.

Jon walks through the ruins of the Red Keep and makes his way to the Great Hall. At the entrance, Drogon suddenly rises, completely covered in ash. In the hall, Daenerys meets the Iron Throne for the first time. Happy she walks up to the throne and touches it. Jon enters the room and Daenerys tells her how her brother told her about the Iron Throne, that it was forged from a thousand swords. She asks what a thousand swords look like in the mind of a little girl who can't even count to twenty. Jon confronts Daenerys and tells her about Gray Worm executing the prisoners in King's Landing. Daenerys defends itself, claiming that this is necessary. Jon is furious and yells at her because there are women and children among the victims who were all cremated. He wants her to forgive Tyrion and let him go. According to Daenerys, this would not work. She explains she wants to break the wheel with Jon at her side and free the world from the tyrants. Jon makes it clear to her that she will be his queen forever. The two kiss and hug when he suddenly sticks a dagger into her heart. He catches her and Daenerys dies in his arms.

Drogon lands behind him and tries to wake Daenerys. Instead of killing Jon, Drogon's fire is aimed at the Iron Throne, which completely melts and is destroyed in the process. Then he grabs Daenerys' corpse and flies away.

In the dragon pit, Tyrion is presented to the high lords and ladies of Westeros. Present on the council are Sansa Stark, Bran Stark, Arya Stark, Asha Graufreud, Ser Brienne von Tarth, Ser Davos Seewert, Lord Gendry Baratheon, Lord Yohn Rois, Lord Robin Arryn, Lord Edmure Tully, Lord Une, Samwell Tarly and the new prince from Dorne. Sansa asks about Jon, who is now also a prisoner. Gray worm replies that he would decide what to do with him since they own the town. Sansa threatens him and explains that thousands of Northmen are waiting outside the city gates. Asha takes the side of Gray Worm and declares that they have agreed to fight for Daenerys. She demands Jon's execution, whereupon Arya threatens to cut her throat with a knife if she talks about it again.

Davos tries to settle the dispute and thanks Grauer Wurm and the Immaculate for their help in the battle against the undead and suggests that they travel far to start a new life there. Gray Worm, however, does not want payment, but justice for the murder of Daenerys. According to Tyrion, Gray Worm does not have to decide this, but the new king or the new queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

The lords and ladies look at each other when suddenly Lord Edmure rises and speaks to the people. However, he is interrupted by Sansa and asked to sit down. Samwell stands up and asks if the new king shouldn't be chosen by everyone, not just the lords and ladies, but everyone in the kingdom. However, this idea has little resonance and people laugh at him. According to Tyrion, stories unite the people and who has better stories than Bran the Broken. Sansa says that Bran could not have children, whereupon Tyrion explains that it is not bad, since the children of kings often become tyrants, as can be seen in Joffrey Baratheon. A new king would always be re-elected and not decided by inheritance. Tyrion asks Bran if he would agree to the election, whereupon he asks the counter-question why he would have gone the long way otherwise. Those present gradually agree, but Sansa demands the independence of the north before accepting. Thus Bran Stark is declared king of the six kingdoms. He names Tyrion as his hand and says that he has made many mistakes that he should now correct.

Tyrion visits Jon in prison and informs him that he has to join the Night's Watch as that is the only way. Sansa and Arya wanted an acquittal, but the Immaculate claimed Jon's head.

Jon prepares to leave for the wall and walks through town. It is full of people again and is gradually being rebuilt. He sees Gray Worm, who is preparing with the Immaculate for the departure to Naath. King Bran, Arya and Sansa say goodbye to Jon. Sansa asks for forgiveness because she couldn't save Jon from the wall. However, he forgives her and says that thanks to her the north is finally free. Jon tells Arya that she can come and see him at the Black Fortress, but Arya does not return to the north. She wants to sail west with a ship, because nobody knows what is west of Westeros. She starts crying and the two hug. Then Jon kneels in front of Bran and apologizes for not being there when he needed him. However, Bran says he was exactly where he should be.

In the Tower of the White Swords, Brienne reads the Brothers' Book and continues the text by Jaime Lannister. With tears in her eyes, she ends his text with the fact that he died while defending his queen.

Tyrion prepares a hall for the Minor Council meeting. Lord Davos and Lord Bronn enter the room and sit next to him. Samwell, who is now the Grand Maester, also joins them and presents the book "The Song of Ice and Fire"which ErzmaesterEbros wrote. When Tyrion asks if he is mentioned positively in the book, Samwell has to tell him that he is not mentioned in the book at all. King Bran and Brienne enter the hall and Bran states that they should seek another master of Whisperers, War and Law while he goes in search of Drogon. Tyrion asks the Master of Mint and new Lord of Rosengarten Bronn to send supplies to King's Landing, with Bronn agreeing.

The new master of ships Davos asks for support with the financing for the construction of new ships and the repairs at the ports. Tyrion is also proposing a new sewer system for the city to improve hygiene. Bronn, however, wants to move the new brothels forward and the discussion between the individual council members begins.

Arya enters her ship and sets off with her crew on a journey west to discover what is west of Westeros.

In the North

Meanwhile, Sansa has her coronation ceremony on Winterfell and is named the new Queen of the North by the Lords of the North. Jon arrives at the Black Fortress, where Tormund and the Free People are currently still. Jon greets Ghost and strokes him. They open the gate and together with Tormund, Geist and the Free People, Jon makes his way north beyond the wall to live there from now on.