What do cockchafer maggots eat

White grubs in the garden - what to do?

How to recognize white grubs

White grubs are the larvae of scarab beetles. The cockchafer is one of the best-known beetles of this genus. The larvae are very thick and up to six inches long. You can recognize them by their light body as well as their darker head and limbs.

The white grub lives in the ground and feeds on the numerous roots of the various plants and trees. You can either find the larvae when you dig up your garden or only when the first damage to your plants is visible. Especially if you cannot explain why your plants are dying, you should take a close look at the soil.

What you can do about the larvae in the soil

There is no need to put chemicals on the roots of your plants in pest control. You can achieve initial success very quickly with natural aids.

The larvae feed on dead plant parts, tubers and roots. Get rid of all dead plant parts to prevent the grubs from getting food. Spread garlic cloves in your garden soil. Garlic has a repulsive effect on grubs and they look for other quarters.

Another means is to use horse manure, which you can get from a riding stables or farm. Then mix the horse manure with compost and put everything together in a bucket. Then bury this mixture in your garden at a depth of around 50 centimeters. In the spring you dig up the buckets again and destroy the grubs.

Horn beetles, more precisely, scarab beetles are not very ...

If you want to fight your grubs naturally, you can also use nematodes (small roundworms). These hardly visible roundworms are put into a watering can together with water and the plants are watered with this liquid. This application is extremely effective and helpful.

If the lawn is infested with the beetle larvae, you can hope for the next storm with rain. If the soil is too wet, they dig to the surface. Birds, hedgehogs and martens enjoy the delicious meal and eat the lavas. With deeply buried lawn edges you prevent renewed infestation.

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