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The sky was overcast, but after it stopped raining right on time for the start of the regional market, many interested people came to Hofwiese Wald-Michelbach. Because there was a triad of events: regional market, baking day and plant exchange. As it slowly came to an end, one saw satisfied faces all around. Bread and cake were torn from the hands of the Überwälder museum and cultural association as well as rural women anyway. From the 70 plants there were exactly two left at the exchange. And the dealers also got rid of a lot of goods.

The association for ecological agriculture Luna (archive picture) had brought a large culinary offer with its second participation. The members from Affolterbach and Kocherbach could look forward to a great response. There are around 240 fruit trees in the forest on the orchards managed by Luna. However, they only produced a few apples this year, regretted chairman Gerhard Ader. “Mainly from Hammelbach,” he reported.

Fresh apple juice was pressed out of the fruit, much to the delight and with the help of the children. In addition there was Galloway sausage from the breeders friends Mauermann and Schierenbeck from Gras-Ellenbach together with a delicious pumpkin and potato soup, not forgetting the rich potato pancakes. However, not as many potatoes were harvested this year as hoped.

At Birgit and Jörg Sprang from Fränkisch-Crumbach, everything revolved around wool. Knitted and crocheted goods, traditional knee socks, suspenders and garters, socks and much more are made in-house. Both of them also demonstrated how to work with the spinning wheel. Those from the Gersprenz valley dressed in traditional Odenwald costume also have the repair on offer.

Again: Willi Baumann from the gingerbread bakery of the same name in Reichelsheim-Beerfurth. Sweet Christmas treats such as gastric bread, shortbread biscuits, macaroons and of course - as a hit - gingerbread in various variations are part of the range. Work really starts in the home company. Up until the Erbach farmers' market a week ago, production only took place in the mornings, now the 70-year-old oven is also filled from 1 to 5 p.m.

In the “hot” cold season from the end of November onwards, things continue in the evenings from 7 to 10 p.m., says Willi Baumann junior, who took over the business from his father five years ago. Because then the bulk buyers who fill the Frankfurt or Darmstadt Christmas markets with Baumann gingerbread will want to be served.

In Wald-Michelbach, he is always happy about the more intensive discussions with customers, which are hardly possible at the busy farmers' market. “Lebkuchen, aniseed cookies and coconut macaroons are the best sellers,” reports Baumann. The recipes are all old to very old. “That for the gingerbread has not changed since 1785,” he says proudly. Because the company has been around for so long.

The Marquardt family from Upper East offers everything from sweet to hearty from their own production. Cooked cheese, eggs, crackers, jam, homemade sausage: there were no limits to the variety. At the Ladenburger Essigmanufaktur everything revolves - logically - around vinegar in all forms. The Odenwälder Feinen Brände from Litzelbach had nice drops in their luggage, where you can look over the shoulder of the burner on November 17th.

Azadeh Seip called her delicious creations “Orient kisses Odenwald”. The Persian woman who is married in Falken's buttocks lives out her confectionery skills in spreads and sauce ingredients. Among other things, she uses the honey from Ulrike Klein from Ludwigsdorf, which she offered right next door. In the meantime she has set up a construction trailer as a bakery at home.

The ingredients are “as regional as possible”. She developed her caramel spread without sugar. Instead, honey provides the sweetness. There is also cream, butter, salt, cinnamon and starch. When chilli is used, it becomes “a hearty sauce for meat”. Persian baklawa and energy balls brands chocolate / fig and ginger / coconut complete their range.

Fruit, jam, honey, homemade, flower arrangements, spinning mills: There are a large number of providers of regional products in the Odenwald who are presenting themselves to a growing number of interested parties. Roswitha Eisenhauer was there with jewelry, Jutta Weber with her handicraft room. At lunchtime in particular, the Hofwiesen area was well filled.

The ambience on the Hofwiese "makes a difference", says ZKÜ managing director Sebastian Schröder. A good location for the regional market, which traditionally always takes place on the third Sunday in October, which in its sixth edition attracted many visitors despite the overcast sky. At lunchtime there was a “little run” on the stands. In addition, there were again more exhibitors than in the previous year. “At 13 we have now reached the limits of our capacity,” explains Schröder. “To be continued in this size follows,” he laughs.

Various suppliers offered what they had made and manufactured themselves. Zukunftsoffensive (ZKÜ) and the Überwälder Museum and Culture Association invited visitors to combine and enjoy culinary delights and culture. “The seats were all occupied by lunchtime,” says Schröder happily. The baking and plant exchange day, which took place at the same time, did the rest that there was sometimes a lot of crowds.

During the subsequent guided tour for new residents with Theo Reichert, he showed those interested the area around Gass, churches and book fountains. "Our aim here is to keep the story alive," he emphasized. He also went into the beautiful nature and unspoiled landscape, but also the structural problems.

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