How to Register New Gmail ID Accounts

Sign in to Gmail and create the latest 2019 Google Account

Video Sign in to Gmail and create the latest 2019 Google Account

You can say that Gmail is one of the most widely used email management tools in the world. Save attachments directly to Google Drive for easy access anywhere.

To use the Gmail service, you need to create a Google account. This account can be used for many other services such as YouTube, Google+, Google Drive ... So you know how to create a google account? For some users, creating a Gmail account is very easy, but for some users it is new. So, today, in the following article, is going to follow the steps to Registration for a Gmail account describe in detail.

Instructions for creating a Google Account: Sign in to Gmail

Step 1: Visit the link and click the red button create Account to start the process of creating a new Gmail account.

Signing up for Gmail is easy on your computer

Step 2: Enter your personal information to enter Gmail Create account:

Enter your Gmail registration information

  • Section 1 - First name: Give your First and last name
  • Section 2 - Last Name : Enter a name
  • Section 3 - Choose your username: The Name of the Gmail account you want to create. Enter the name of the account that nobody used. You are accepted. If you fill in and report that the account name already has a user, select them again. .
  • Section 4 - Creating a Password: Enter the password for the account using at least 8 characters. To ensure security, it is best to include letters, numbers and special characters in a password.Confirm your password: Confirm the password entered above. 2 passwords must match.

Notification of duplicate accounts and suggestions for creating a strong password

  • Mobile phone: yours Mobile phone number, you should enter your phone number so that if you forget your password you can request a password reset via SMS.

Please enter your full phone number when you sign up for Gmail

Enter the code you received from Google to continue the Google Account registration process

  • Section 5 - Your Current Email Address: Enter the current email address that You use. If not, leave it blank.
  • Section 6 - Birthday: Enter your date of birth.
  • Section 7 - Gender: You Gender.

Additional credentials are also required to sign in to Gmail

After completing the above information, check the box Further to go to the next step. At this step, you can use Google to add another phone number to manage this account. This step can be skipped by clicking on Skip click.

For more information one step further, at this stage you can press the button skip to ignore

Step 3: In this next step, you need to check compliance with the Google Terms, scroll down to see all the terms, and click I agree click.

click on I agree to agree to the terms when signing up for Gmail

Step 4: This is that " Result "that we just created. Now you can already use this account!

Gmail account after successful registration

Pretty easy, isn't it? With just a few taps of your finger, you'll have a successful Gmail account set up for you. I wish you a successful implementation!