How was the earth called earth

Why is the earth called the blue planet?

Everyone knows the nickname that has been given to the earth, the "Blue planet". The Earth is blue... like an orange? No, of course it's a picture of the poet Paul Éluard. In fact, it's blue like the oceans. An event that can be explained by various physical phenomena.

The oceans make the color of the blue planet

Seen from space, the planet Earth appears blue. On the Surface of the earth we can see continents and oceans from above. The oceans dominate and together with the seas, lakes and rivers make up no less than 75 % the entire surface of the globe.

While Asia, the largest of the continents, covers around 45 million square kilometers, that alone extends Pacific ocean over an area of ​​more than 150 million square kilometers. That is as much as the total land area.

The blue of the oceans and the light

In reality it is three phenomenathat give the earth this beautiful blue color visible from space:

  • First, as we just discovered, the earth is the same color as water. But why is the sea blue? It is essentially the refraction of sunlight.
  • Another physical phenomenon comes into play here: the scattering of white sunlight by the atmosphere.
  • This diffuse light is reflected from the sea surface.

Originating author: Nathalie Mayer

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