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N a u r o d 'the 25, December 1955.

Dear all!

Three such identical writings, containing the introduction to the one to be written in the next year "History Your family ancestry“, which can only be completed once the list of ancestors presented here has been supplemented by the missing Kohlschmidt and Nickel master lists, are listed under the Christmas trees in Büderich, Winnerod and seltzer lie. Maybe not yet on Christmas Eve, but still for the feast. The earlier completion was prevented by a Knax on the machine, which I first had to have repaired, and in the last few weeks by health problems, which were recommended again shortly before the festival.
I am offering a simple Christmas gift, but it really is my heart.

And it doesn't want to be any more than it is worth to each and every one of you

Wertb 1 e i b tin future days.
The 0 r i g i n a 1 still to be written by hand should be used as "Family Chronicle", in which everyone Family tables will be taken in, once to my sisters, with the stipulation that they will pass into the possession of my grandson Klaus Nick e 1, as the eldest of my grandchildren, and one day from his eldestSons and is subsequently always taken over by the elder.
About the continuation of my notes by later adding sheets labeled in the same way as the templates for the families K o h 1 s c h m i d tund
I don't want to make any determination. Because it is an affair of the heart that cannot take dictation. The basis has been created to support the "Chronicle" of everyone individual later family to be able to inflict on my grandchildren. May the “tradition” prove to be effective here as well.
With the most heartfelt wishes for an already

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,
and best regards from house to house

Your faithful brother, father and grandfather



My dear E n k e 1 k i n d!

It's Christmas time in and around me - nature has been preparing to put on its winter clothes since midday today - and old and young prefer to retreat to the stove at home - the preparations for the most noble of German festivals are everywhere in progress - a whisper blows through the homes - children's eyes radiate pre-Christmas joys. The old people walk around quieter and more thoughtful than usual - they dream of blissful childhood days and in the evening hours the grandmothers, surrounded by the little ones in the house, sit by the warm stove and never get tired of telling the old and eternally young "stories" rang out to her from grandmother's mouth.

In such pre-Christmas consecration hours in 1955, the story began to be written down, which I would like to tell you and all for D ioh alone, because it is about you. You are the focus of something that has been unfathomably long and expanding far and wide Clear around the circling events.

The knowledge of these mysterious processes that run in silence, but never interrupted, which now continue to work in you and are to be passed on to future generations through you, is no less necessary and important, because all the knowledge that you have accumulated through learning is for yours earthly life and shadow are needed.

That is why I wish from the bottom of my heart that after deeper and deeper penetration into the content of these sheets you will recognize that I wanted to lead you through a small area in the immeasurable realm of love.

all the way to the sources, from which, according to divine determination, the sap of life flowed to your mortal body and the forces “for inner becoming and being flow to your immortal spirit,

that I tried to help you
Your ancestors in D i r
and give your ancestors deeply

You owe that to them A 1 1 e n! Because you would be Not in earthly existence when the many Ancestral fathers and mothers from the families of your parents, but also apart from those


Many of your ancestors faithfully helped you accomplish a work

It struggled many lives themselves, - To arm you for the long-awaited "ird'schen wages".

There is no better “textbook of life” than the one written about life in imperishable letters in the earthly existence of individual people.

And that is here before you in numerous résumés of your ancestors. Of the powers of all life, the unearthly, invisible, mapped out they are set into reality in innumerable variations by the earthly powers. To learn about the “realities” in the life of your ancestors.

Now, after centuries, it is true that one cannot record the course of a human life in all of its individual experiences, but one can recognize in the spirit what is in a person
Whatever happened when this or that particular event within his family circle or in his office and occupation affected him and his family.

Both the friendly and the deeply moving fortunes in the life of individuals and families are indicated in the genealogical symbols:
* (Birth) - oo (marriage) - + (death)
and everything was itselfread and feel from and between these signs

I will try to convey to you in the later part of the family history that follows.

Perhaps you will read a lot more from some of the master sheets and you will personally find much more important things, which I did not miss either, but were deliberately not dealt with too extensively, to encourage you to delve into the content of each individual sheet.

And in doing so, images from the distant past can arise before your inner eye, you become with them happier Celebration once gathered great-grandparents, great-great-grandmothers, cousins ​​and cousins ​​feel and when you perceive a sad occasion that brought this same circle back together at another time, pain is lived through centuries ago in the shaking of you.

You can if you can want and you practice "reading" the genealogical table, gathering various insights which can be sure signposts for you on the broad, noisy roads leading to the outside and on the quiet and steep paths "in your

"Inner", during your future life.


In a time of greatest tremors, that of all of earth mankind earthly powers forced to endure is you born into it.

As a child, you already had to experience a lot of mental and physical hardships that the youth of many previous generations of families were spared. On the other hand, in your youth you were allowed to experience a lot that the old and young in your home country were not granted in earlier centuries.

You could use and enjoy many comforts in your everyday life that were unknown a hundred years ago. Dama1s still had no Residents of your closer home railroad seen, let alone used.

The invention of the bicycle falls in a much later time and that first car I saw at the turn of the century on the road from Höchst to Sindlingen in the truest sense of the word "stuttering", because it had to take a breather several times on the spot before entering the village, but there he was completely out of breath, so it was in kind with PS and to the laughter of the local residents had to be pulled up the "mountain".

Klaus N i c k e 1 sat proudly on the even in his early childhood motorcycle his father's, and he and his siblings soon got used to the fun ride in the automobile with father and mother through the country. And in the house they enjoyed the entertaining performances of the Radios and the smallfilms, elsewhere from Large films and des Remotevisual apparatus. Likewise the grandchildren in

Rectory K o h l s c h m i d t.
How infinitely many things come to you through these technical miracles in words and pictures! From all areas of daily life at home and in the most distant countries. In this way you hear and see many things at a young age that can be of use to you in your later career and in your personal life.

You are no longer - as one speaks so contemptuously of the ancestors of older times - you are, modern young person, "at home behind the moon".

You don't know far, far more than your cousins ​​and bases of the same age from the fifth generation.

But whether these were "dumber" than D u, that should to you not be a question. Voices from fathers and mothers are already reporting our fast-paced times, which are in the all too wide and wide orientation of their children in the "Outside" express their concerns because they see certain dangers in this.

Here I am giving the voice of a concerned father, who is also a university professor "incidentally" and who certainly does not have the opportunity and ability to explore the psychological state of youth

today may agree:


In Rome, Athens and with the Lapps
You know every corner
because they are groping in the dark
D a h e i m - in my own father's house.

Not against the natural urge of the individual to know about life and

If other people work in the wide world, this rhyme turns against, but against too strong influence and the unauthorized claim those who are too arrogant "Powers of Matter"who with their ingenious methods push their way into all areas of daily life and from their performances, mainly on the radio and film, under the praise of wanting to promote the training and education of our youth, they in reality entirely to the outside conduct and make a brilliant deal with it.

At any price, the interest of young and old in the news and sensations of the day is aroused. And even those who initially rebelled against it, for the most part - always lured by clever advertising and the whisperings of those who were already inquisitive - still get to where they want the secret masterminds to go.
Young people were left with such an all too comfortable and even too tempting orientation in the swampy and slippery areas of life earlier Times under the stricter Influences of the parental home are mostly preserved.

father and mother certainwhat their children at certain ages had to know and should know and cared the devil about the views and intentions of the also

beautifulone time Everywhere appearing “worldly wise” and “world heritage”, from their propaganda speeches one that same heard like in our time:

You parents have no right to block your children from seeing the world and to rein in them on their way through the world. Such “loudspeakers” preached of the “freedom” they meant, but of personal freedom inner "freedom" of earthly people who are within the self the limits set, these phrase-theaters didn't want to know anything. Only know the way to this land of your own freedom parents and only her alone can bring their children there in love and through nothing else guide.

You are aware that life is still there other Requirements for each of their children who will not just with the intellectual knowledge is to be satisfied.


So is this call to collect, to unity and unity in the pursuit of common high goals, does not go unheard in the great "world desert", but

has in many father's houses Approval and willingness to participate indeed found.

It must again to awaken the "sense of family" to prevent further fragmentation of the people.

The many associations and unions, whose sole aim is the struggle for the enforcement of their supposed rights in the state, do nothing other than catch votes, achieve it through agitation and division. Your functionaries 1 e b e n from the fruits of the separation and created confusion.

They were for centuries Father houses with their self-contained and Some remaining family members immune to such an onslaught on their inner structure. Thank God there are still many old ones in our country, "Houses" well supported by traditionsin which the members of several generations grew up and the sons and daughters who had emigrated through work or marriage in the

“V a t e r h a u s” for life the adore what it meant to them from childhood, theirs
true H e i m a t - your refuge in happy and painful days

In such families, however, one also knows something about the fathers and mothers who ever

and ever in her S ta m m h a u s e have lived, and we know the "History “of his family ancestry.

Is this so important?
In the circles of no childhood friendships, ask who knows the Bible word and who obeys it:
“Remember the past time until then and

look at what God did on the old fathers.

Ask your father, he'll tell you, your elders

they will announce it to you. ‘

Yes. in the W e 1 t history, from the earliest times, they know today young people are more or less informed and are well-informed about political processes in all countries of the world from day to day through newspaper and radio reports, because this Knowledge is supposed to be an essential part of the “armament” of the developing human being.

But they don't know that many thousands of their ancestors without the knowledge of all these common political stories - of which it is too their God knows that there was no lack of life - had to get along and they also did not do without:

They would not have become any smarter or happier if they had carried this superfluous burden.


W e1 t - history - what is it really?
I say it in my own words based on my knowledge from decades of national

and local history studies:

“World history is nothing more than the chronological sequence of L eiden's stories of mankind, caused from the earliest times by a few dozen state politicians who did not want to promote the welfare of their own peoples, but their personal lust for power with everyone, even the most reprehensible Sought to realize the middle.

Has anything changed in this since the birth of Christ and up to the present day? Can a really

f r i e d l i c h minded V o l k at our time in Live peaceif the bad neighbor doesn't like it?
Over a hundred years ago, Adalbert Stifter wrote “Not inferior than the ggreat history of the world is the Family history.

That great story is just the bleached image of these little ones, in which one is the
L i e b e omitted and that B 1 u t recorded.
Just the great golden stream of love that has flowed down to us over the millennia through the innumerable mother-of-hearts, through brides, fathers, siblings, friends, is the
rule and his record was forgotten.

The other, the hater is the exception and has been written down in a thousand books. "
This is where Stifter's other word belongs to you:
“If mankind once righteous on the point
Re 1 i g i ö s i t ity, the most beautiful receptivity for art, the greatest honesty in

Trade and travel1 and the clear insight into all things: then heaven would be on earth, the happiness of all would be established. "
Can the realization of such a situation ever be initiated and carried out by political rulers?
Would such a perversion of the human race even be possible?

Such questions are obvious:
But we are allowed to use them, especially ourselves Old people very often and deeply moving questions

do not answer with no. This would be the admission of a twofold to that divine plan and the love of God for all people in general.
That is why we all, each and every one of us, have to contribute through the energy of the spirit and the heart to the fact that children develop into such people who are once found to be capable and worthy of the true "service of God" to humanity.


But the place where the foundation for the later, suitable Life work of a young person is set is
the parental home
and the plans for this matured in the hearts of fathers and mothers.

The w a r and i s t and b 1 e i b t the "order" according to eternal, unwritten divine law.
Here, as well as in other areas of human life divine Planned "order" can probably be broken through temporally by "earthly powers". But this willful intervention in the higher order takes revenge with serious consequences.

Only the restoration of the original state cancels the effect of unforeseeable consequences.

Do we not have A 1 1 e those which cannot yet be overlooked in their aftermath

F o l g e n des tremendous intrusion into the human order of life experienced by irresponsible acting "worldly rulers" in our own country and people? Who has broken their power?

Not the mighty armies and the superior weapons of the states that are allied against our people:

but about the observance of "earthly laws of life" waking and the dispensation that brings about compensation. The others were the opponents only executors of a supernatural powerwhether they knew about it or not.

And whether w i rGermans know about it want or not, whether even the th e o 1 o g e n themselves about devising a justification for the “allegedly completely U.Ninvolved "make thoughts or still come to an insight:
Before G o t t e s judges seat 1 Has join our people's collective Help differentfoolishness the order of all living things, as willed by God guilty made and
must therefore the pressing loads

the v e r g e 1 t u n g as S ü h n e also wear:
In order to alone however, it is not done. With money- What happened is not sacrifice

from-to-g e 1 t e n:

Also an i n n e r e U m k e h r - Not just an indifferent turning away and defense - must be considered personal and wanted S ü h n e searched become. And not from those actively involved, but also from them allegedly v ö 1 1 i g U.Ninvolved.

If s o v i e 1 e were really on all cruel happeningsU n b e t e i 1 i g t e over the top had existed, some crimes that screamed to heaven would have been in the own Lands not even been possible in the first place.

Lots of that happen let what was under their eyes another done, believe everyone's "guilt"

1 e d i g to be. Anyone who is complicit is not allowed to self to decide to presume:


I do not want to reel on this bloody thread and only want to draw the lesson from what you have said, which you may remember in your future:
The separate human canNo matter how powerless he may be in the face of the respective effects of national, state and world politics, he can turn his own personal “empire” into a kingdom Realm of peace, from which no “earthly power” can drive him out.

If he's serious w i 1 1!

But should you doubt the truth and possibility of what has just been indicated and a contradiction to the actual Happening in the life of your older contemporaries, then it should be added that thank God it also in the times discussed above has given people who in spite of the confusing conditions outside, this inner-personal realm too create and toreceive knew.

Some "supports" and "help" were offered to them. because you alone trusted the “divine power” and unshakably g 1 exercise n 'that their Even the strongest rule earthly powers have to study.
Where may such people have found their unbreakable faith?

In the v a te r h ou s:

There this faith was practiced and that deep faith was that

Legacy of the fathers ’houses of times long past and born from the L i e b e , the

had her altar at hundreds of hearths of the ancestors.

At one time it hung there and in some houses the motto adopted by the great-grandparents still hangs on the living room wall today:

Where there is faith, there is love
Where love, there peace
Where there is peace, there is blessing,
Where blessings, there G o t t,
Where G o t, no need.

No Need that could not have been overcome by the occupants of the house, by virtue of faith and love.

This saying is linked to a memory of my military service.

After the first Christmas vacation I returned to Marburg and met a comrade from Upper Hesse at the train station.

On the way to the barracks, I asked him if he had spent a nice Christmas with his parents and siblings. "I imagined it differently and was looking forward to the festive season," he replied and his voice trembled. “But my youngest brother who works in a factory


wanted to work - not because he had to, but because he wanted to be his own master and refused farm work in community with my father and older brother as it was not profitable enough for him - spoiled Christmas Eve for all of us.

Until then, this evening was the best of the whole year for parents and siblings and the grandparents staying with us.

My brother was the last to come out, had only returned from the train to the village inn and stepped into the room when the candles on the Christmas tree were already burning. Everyone was happy about his appearance.

After the greeting, he stood opposite a picture saying that was particularly eye-catching in the tree lighting. Suddenly he said: "You could better replace this saying with a modern picture!"

To my father “If you no longer like the saying in your parents' house, then you need your father's house no more to enter".

Father and brother turned pale. We all when deeply shaken.

The matter was amicably settled through the mediation of the mother and grandparents, but there was a rift through the family circle and our otherwise solemn hour.

Even my brother's tears of repentance could no longer wipe away what had happened on the same evening and on the first holiday.

We divorced, reconciled, but my parents have aged years. Father is in bed now.

All of this would not have happened if the boy had stayed in the father's house, as his parents wished. I'm afraid my brother will return forever if ... ”He couldn't say the other thing, his voice failed in pain.
To a B i l d? No, someone else had come to the father's house with the young man; strangersTo raise the disposition of this family alien to the wrong hour

A p r e c h for attention.

A Voice from outside sounded shrill in the room over which the consecration of inner celebration lay.

The end, which freed the hearts of the relatives from their tremors, and the peace soon moved into the parents' home. Suddenly and voluntary had the son for

decided to lay down his factory work and to work behind the plow, - he returned home forever.
After 15 years, in mid-November 1918 - I was deported from the military hospital in Berlin-Mariendorf, where I had been brought in from the field on the western front shortly before the end of the war, to my garrison town of Marburg and was there to await my accelerated release from military service the French occupation troops marched into the Frankfurt area in December - I stayed at the invitation of my former war comrade


Comrades from active service, in his father's house and in the full circle of families who were still alive at the time.

I entered a courtyard and a house, where the usual order was noticed everywhere, and from the first moment I felt very closely connected to the in this Father's home “lived” community.

Here and on their own clods out there, but also on them "Spiritual fields"

the Individual was "worked" according to old tradition, in the spirit of the true servants in the "vineyards of the Lord".

The saying hanging over the harmoniuman in the living room wall was, as an embroidery, made by the great-grandmother of the family as a wedding present for the husband, it was certainly not a work of art.

For the past and the present, however, were the words engraved on parchment signpost they will remain so on all of their life's paths and those to come, of that I am certain.

I held the well-worn house Bible, which is several hundred years old, in large print, and read the entries of ancestors from eight generations in the male line, which were written by practiced as well as trembling and tired hands.

The family chronicle of the wife with all of her ancestors in 9 generations

I was also allowed to see. So all family members knew a lot from their family history.

And the youngest son in particular had decided to do further research on work for the winter seasons. -------------------------------------
Also D u you will not lose yourself in the course of your life, regardless of whether you become aware of it or remain unconscious can of the "Inner" bond With
Your ancestors. That even those of them who did before a thousand years carried their earthly body over this earth -still live on in you and through you their former ones Impulsesrealize want, D i r could be determined according to the plan of fate.
What could happen to you in future days from such invisible areas is explained below:

How many people just live there; they dream the brief dream of existence or drive down the current of time.

When asked about the "meaning and content of existence", they hardly know the answer or they say:

"We want to live it out". But if that means giving in to the strivings that appear superficially in the everyday soul and reliving, then the game will soon be played out, and it will

it doesn't matter how it ends - the stake is too small.


the Story of his own Sexually busy; there it expands and deepens

own being; the unknown spirits gain flesh and bone.

With your own sympathy you experience how our ancestors had to fight their way through the Thirty Years' War, how someone in distant America establishes a new happiness. Above all, one sees how one has grown together with one's nationality and the destiny of our people becomes our destiny.

For even if, with today's freedom of movement, various branches from and to distant folk culture may go over and over, and even if in earlier times a French refugee, a Huguenot, an Italian artist may have immersed themselves in a German family - usually the development is one Clan enclosed within the boundaries of a nation, yes Main trunk or an important branch has grown together with a very specific area, belongs to the landscape and the landscape belongs to it.

You see the same names again and again in the church yards, in the council houses many related heads hang under the pictures of the old councilors, in the chronicles, guild rolls and church registers, well-known genders appear again and again. On the other hand, the Germanic migratory instinct means that from time to time sons not only look around the wide world, but also settle there and use local people's power to benefit foreign countries,
What is written on the last two pages is taken from the foreword to Volume 48 of the German Gender Book and written by Professor Dr. ArnoldM e y e r

in Zurich.

I just have to add briefly:
You learned beforehand what can be seen from the ancestral tables and about what could “come” to you from invisible areas at some point.

And with that you will find out the real one Sense and purpose of my work that has been laid down here for you: First of all, that material in order to obtain such inner-personal knowledge and experiences own To present ancestral families and on the other hand to prepare yourself for a possible "swinging in" of such described calls. But if you are of the belief that you can cut the invisible weaving thread by means of which an “inner” connection with you is sought, or even fend it off, then you would be like a person who is facing a threat of attack and cowardly into hiding seeks to flee, whose situation could become even more dangerous for him.

If you don't follow such inner voice wantwhose job is currently


You are chosen to realize, otherwise it would not be given to you, then you will perhaps give your inner ear to other "voices" from the beyond and theirs

Give in to urges.

Do not reply to this with objections of your intellect, which indeed everything is better knowledgewant, but with his Wealth cannot understand everything with the best will in the world,

what ever and ever happens in your spiritual.

It will also appear in you “knowledge through experience” on which the

Cerebral mind cannot have any original part.

Quite a few sat behind the loom or strode after the plow, to whom such empirical knowledge was available in all its simplicity, while some of them proclaimed from high pulpits without it in yourself to have found.

A master in the knowledge of spiritual happenings thus taught his students:
"You will hardly lose a person who is felt by you as" soulfully close "through death for this earth time without receiving an" erb e "of his soul forces,

for it is extremely seldom that those people are united in themselves and who have nothing in common with all that they saw in the form of soul forces themselves united with their God, in her

after life with “take over”.

However, you can also offer them some additional help if you are fully satisfied

I love you! "

But who are the people who are closest to you in terms of soul?

Father, mother, siblings, all remaining relatives and - those with you all through blood and spirit even in their nigh on d i s c h e m “life”

connectedpermanent Like all previous generations.

The person who feels tempted, those strong inner bonds and

Loosening relationships out of attachment does not see the inevitable sad consequences

ahead of his voluntary surrender to foreign, dangerous powers.

Accompanying him on all routes Love rayshe believed he could do without in the delusion that he would find his "happiness" in the arms of the selfish.
The loom1, on which in unstoppable, lively trains your happiness in life is “worked”, stands in your parents' house and there is an invaluable inheritance inherited from the homes of father and mother in the Ability to work on the happiness of their children in a promising way at all times.

Therefore take this gesture of love that you


so pleasantly wafted around in your parents' home, with you into your life as a safe protection, let it be effective as your best force in all places, in all future circles of life.

Finally, carry it "elevated" by your own efforts on your first own stove

and hand it out lovingly to everyone whom the Lord God puts by your side.

And then you will enjoy the blessed experience that

the highest possible elevation of your heart Not enjoying the own “Happiness” can be experienced, but rather in the perception of successful work

on the happiness of the D u. "

Written the week before christmas 1955.



maternal A n th e s of the children
from the families

Martin K o h 1 s c h m i d t and Werner N i c k e 1

This list of ancestors contains only short ones from the individual stems that follow

of the ancestral families, which are found under the “numbering” specified below.

NumberNamejob and honorary posts year of birth

place of residence
6. BernhardI l g e nKaufmann, Naurod1883
7. Elizabeth. E s c h r i c h 1886
12thKarlI l g e nKaufmann, city councilor 1855

13.AnnaK u h nChurch chief, Höchst a./M.1856
14.RichardE s c h r i c h innkeeper, Höchst a./M.1853
15. Auguste Fr i e d r i c h 1857
24. Bernhard J 1 g e n Königl. Hegemeister, 1825
25.LuiseE c k h a r d tFörster 1. Staatsrevier1831
Naurod near Wiesbaden

26.Daniel K u h n Master shoemaker, winemaker '1806
27.Katharina M a t h e s City Councilor, Church Mayor 1819

Bad Kreuznach a./Nahe
28. Karl Heinrich Franz Rotgerbermeister (around 1825)

E s c h r i c hGera / Thuringia
29. Henriette Karoline J a h n (around 1830)
30. Maximi1ian F r i e d r i c h, master kit maker, (around 1825)
31.Emilie Bertha S c h w a 1 b e Müschenbernsdorf / Thuringia (around 1830)
48. Charlemagne pastor, Naurod 1789
49. Christiane, Margarete,

FriederikeS a n n e r 1792
50. PeterE c k h a r d t Bauer, community calculator 1800
51. MarieMargarete Q u i n t Naurod 1806
52.Wilhelm K u h n master shoemaker, 1782
53. KatharinaS t u b e r-Bad Kreuznach 1782

E b e r t s
54. Karl M a t t h e s day laborer, Bad Kreuznach(around 1780)
55. KatharinaE n g e l s m a n n 1782
96. AndreasI 1 g e n senior pastor and clergy 1751
Inspector, Schmalkalden
97. Catherine Elisabeth 1769
Hä f n e r

98.Sebast. Friedrich S a n n e r pastor in Fambach1759
99 Henriette Christianeb / Schmalkalden 1764
Friederike L au e (Laun)

100 Phil. Peter E c k h a r d t, farmer and innkeeper Naurod1774
101.Anna Marg. KatharineS t e i g e r1773

102.Joh. Adam Q u i n t Bauer too Naurod 1772
103. Katharina MargareteR a from 1768

104. Hermann K u h n Bauer and Winzer 1753
Kirchberg/ Hunsrück
105. Cathar. ElisabethS c h n e i d e r1752

110. Leonhard E n g e 1 s m e n n 'Fischer zu Bad Kreuznach

111.DorotheaE s p e n s c h i e d

192. Johann Caspari l g e npriestto Fambach b / Schmalkalden 1720
193.Johanna Elisabeth S e y f a r t 1725
194.Johann MichaelHäf n e r pastor to Schmalkalden1729
195. Kathar. Margar.K a l b i t z1736

196. Adam Valentin S a n n e r, iron merchant to Schmalkalden 1731
197. EvaMarg. Kathar.S c h m e i s s e r 1734?

198.Christoph GotthelfL a u eHerzogl. Eisenachischer Hauptmann u.before 1736

199.… ..G r i m mSekretär b / Rentamt Kaltennordheim / Rhön

200. Joh. Andr. E c k h a rd t (June) farmer and citizen Naurod1750
201. Mar. Margar.We i l1750

202 John Heinrich S t e i g e master bag maker in Igstadt b / Wiesbaden 1744
203. Kathar. Margar. 11749

206.Johann ZachariasR a a bBauer in Naurod 1742
207. Kathar. Margar. R o s s e 1 1743

208. Johann Jakob K u h n Bauer in Simmer / Hunsrück
209. Eva Katharina

210 John WilhelmS c h n e i the farmer and judge

i. Kirchberg / Hunsrück

211. Anna Dorothea Constantin

384.BartholomäusJ 1 g e nBauer, luther. Box-1676
385.Anna Marg. S i f f e r t meister u. Adjuvant in Fambacharound 1680

386 John Andr.S e y f a r t Pastor i. Herpf b./Meiningen1696
387. Maria SophieL i n c k 1709

388 John HeinrichHä f n e rSchool teacher in Trusenaround1691

389 OsannaS a l z m a n nb. Schmalkalden

390 John Andr.K a l b i t zKaufmann in Schmalkalden

391 Anna Maria S i t t i g

392 John Sebast.S an n e travel dealer in Schmalkaldenbefore 1710

400 John Andr.E c k h a r d tBauer, citizen, municipal council-1715

401. Maria GertraudB a m p f member i. Naurod 1716

402 John AdamW e i lBauer in Naurodaround 1720

403. Maria ElisabethB e c h t 1724

404. Johann Heinrich S t e i g e rBauer in Erbenheim b./Wiesb.before 1724
405 Mar SusannaU l r i c h

412.JohannesR a a bBendermeister (cooper) and Bauer1694

413 Anna Klara Hörmann (Herrmann) zu Naurod1721

414. TobiasR o s s e lBauer and municipal council- 1714
415. Maria ChristinaE is a member Naurod1723

768. Kaspari l g e nBauer, church senior 1632
769. AmaliaH e l l e ri. Fambach1640

770.JohannS i f e r thufschmied, farmer and before 1660
771.… court judge i. Fambach

772.WilhelmS e y f a r tRotgerbermeister, councilor1656
773. Kathar. Margar.We i hjury magistrate Wasungen1660

774.John JakobL i n c k Pastor i. Herpf b./Meiningen1672
775. Eleonore MagdalenaK r e b saround 1675

776.Johann ValtinHäf n e rSchoolmaster in Trusenbefore 1671

777. Anna ReginaF u c h sb / Schmalkalden

778 John HeinrichS a l z m a n n Berggeschworener onbefore 1678

Mommes mine
in Herges Bailiwick

779. Anna Margaretha W e d e lum 1678

800th John LorenzE c k h a r d tBauer and court judge 1669
801. Anna Margar.B e c h tNaurod1680

802 John PhilippB a m p fDucal hunter before 1695
803. Maria Elisabeth W e x1691

806 John Andreas B e c h tBauer and judge 1678
807 Anna Margarethe D e u lNaurod 1688
826 John Zacharias Hörmann Bauer and Schultheiss 1665

827 Mar KatharinaH a c h e n b e r g e r 1693

828 John DanielR o s s e lBauer Naurod1684
829. Mar. Katharina K r a f taround 1692

830. Johannes E i s e n farmer and judge Naurod1697
831. Anna Mar. Kathar. R e i n i n g e r 1693

1536. Bartholomäus I l ​​g e nBauer and smith Fambach1589
1537. Ursula Fucke 1 1600

1538. VitusH e 1 1 e r farmer and mayor Fambach1599
1539. ElisabethM e s s around 1614

1544. Friedrich S e y f e r t lived in Wasungenbefore 1622
i. Thuringia

1546. Adam W e y h father of 773Wasungenbefore 1640
1547. Katharina T a n n e r before 1643

1548. JakobL i n c k pastor in Herpf b / Meiningen 1631
1549. Magdalena (Maria R o s t (Rose?) around 1640

1550. Joh. Adam K r e b s