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Night elves

Night elves


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Teldrassil (Destroyed) Darkshore Ashenvale Hyjal


The people of Night elves, also known as Kaldorei (Darnassian: Sternenkinder), belongs to the alliance. Darnassus, their former capital, was a city in the branches of the world tree, Teldrassil.


The ancient and reclusive night elves have significantly influenced the fate of Azeroth throughout the history of the continent. More than ten thousand years ago, during the War of the Ancestors, the people's heroes helped stave off the first invasion of the Burning Legion. Centuries later, when the scattered remnants of the Legion in Azeroth allied themselves with the evil satyrs, the night elves rose again to face the threat. In the ensuing War of the Satyrs, the night elves suffered heavy losses, but were ultimately able to destroy the forces that wanted to bring ruin to their world.

However, the appearance of the Legion had changed night elf society forever. They decided to stop using arcane magic, as its frivolous use had lured the Legion to Azeroth. Under the leadership of Tyrande Whisperwind they created a peaceful, nature-loving life on the slopes of the Hyjal. For many years, Tyrande watched over the night elves, always looking for signs of further attacks by the demons. During these years she spent a lot of time apart from her lover Malfurion Stormrage, who, together with the other druids, kept the balance of nature out of the Emerald Dream.

The peaceful existence of the night elves was threatened again when the Burning Legion led another crusade against Azeroth. At the height of this conflict, which went down in history as the Third War, the Legion and its terrifying undead scourge attacked the lands of the night elves. After waking Malfurion and his druids from their slumber in a dream, Tyrande gathered the other night elves and fought side by side with the Horde and the Alliance to defeat the demon ruler Archimonde and his minions on top of the Hyjal.

The victory over Archimonde had far-reaching consequences for the night elves. Nordrassil, the world tree blessed by the dragon aspects, had released a great deal of energy and lost its ability to immortalize the night elves. Over time, the wounds of Nordrassil healed, but some druids under the leadership of Fandral Hirschhaupt wanted to create a new world tree. Malfurion warned against this act of selfishness, but when he suddenly fell into a coma, his spirit lost touch with the dream and Fandral went ahead with his plans.

The second world tree, Teldrassil, was planted on the northern coast of Kalimdor and over time grew far beyond the clouds. Teldrassil was not blessed by the dragon aspects and therefore did not confer immortality on the night elves. Instead, Teldrassil was tainted by the Emerald Nightmare. It was also learned that Malfurion's tragic illness was also caused by this shadowy power. After Malfurion woke from his coma, he tried to put a stop to the nightmare and heal Teldrassil of his corruption.

These events gave courage to the night elves, but the night elves face many difficulties today. The Horde was able to occupy night elf lands in Ashenvale through targeted attacks, while the areas on the west coast of Kalimdors were decimated by the cataclysmic turbulence after the cataclysm. While still trying to cope with the loss of their immortality, the night elves must prepare to face the challenges of a transformed Azeroth.


Primeval times

About 15,000 years ago, a tribe of dark trolls who had no interest in fighting for power and land and only sought a peaceful relationship with the land reached the mighty waters of the Well of Eternity, the source of all magical power. Over time, the power of the well acted on this nocturnal and free tribe, reshaping the flesh and bones of these beings into a form more appropriate to their peaceful spirit.

With this mutation, they became more intelligent and apparently immortal. Their skin took on various shades of purple, they grew larger and physically stronger. With these changes came the abandonment and loss of knowledge of their trollic heritage and customs. The mystics of this new people began to worship the moon goddess Elune. They even believed that she would sleep at the bottom of the well. In their rituals they came across the word "Kalimdor"and other words of the titanic language that Elune taught them. They also came across titanic remains that surrounded the well. Soon this new people called themselves "Kaldorei"which means "children of the stars" in their new language.

The first night elf priests and seers were curious and determined to decipher the secrets and knowledge that lay in the well. As the night elf people spread and expanded the boundaries of their territory, sooner or later they came into contact with Kalimdors countless other races. The trees, plants and animals watched the night elves bloom and whispered news about the elves to the wild gods of Mount Hyjal. The curiosity of the night elves ensured that they met more and more beings and races and made friends with many powerful entities.

One of them was the mighty Cenarius, a demigod of the primeval forest. The generous Cenarius took a liking to the night elves and believed that with enough time he could teach them all about nature. He even believed that they had the potential to become great guardians of the wild. Finally he took this people into his heart and began teaching them the ways of nature. He hoped that this way they would be able to live in peace with nature.

The fertile Kaldorei developed a strong empathy for the living forests of Kalimdor and enjoyed the harmonious balance of nature. That grew along with her interest in the Well of Eternity and the constant draining of its arcane essence. For centuries the elves lived in this harmonious balance as their civilization grew and grew. The city was the center of their little nation Elun'dris, the "Eye of Elune", which lay directly on the coast of the well. The will to explore the well, like the connection and friendship with the vast forests and their numerous inhabitants, remained unbroken. The only thing that interfered with this growth now and then was the dragons. These snake-like beings knew the dangers deep in the land and wanted to protect others from them. The night elves also recognized this and let the roofs do their work.

Rise of the Kaldorei Empire

Over time there were night elves who wanted a different life. They were drawn to the arcane power of the well and they were obsessed with unraveling its secrets. They eagerly studied his arcane magic and eventually became skilled magicians. They began to control this magical power and used it to build wondrous temples and winding roads that soon enclosed the entire fountain

Magic became an inseparable part of Elven society and the kaldorei were fully absorbed in the power that came out of their hands. During this period of unlimited growth, Queen Azshara ascended the throne. Something was about the queen that was worshiped by absolutely every night elf. She was immune even to the aversion of the lower castes to some of the highborne. The queen was worshiped so much that the night elves even made their capital in Zin'Azshari ("Glory of Azshara"). The queen shared the curiosity of the first night elf priests and directed her loyal highborns to devote themselves further and more resolutely to the exploration of the well. But they became more and more careless and carefree.

It should be the two great troll empires that caught the night elves' attention. Despite numerous efforts to prevent the night elves from conquering further territories, the night elves eventually built the vast kaldorei empire. No such power had risen in Kalimdor since the Black Empire. However, Queen Azshara wanted more. The power and influence enjoyed by the queen far surpassed even Lei Shen's wildest dreams. Strengthened and armed by the powerful magical powers of the well, which even the craziest troll could not imagine, the kaldorei soon posed a great threat to the two troll realms of the Amani and Gurubashi.

With the start of the war, the night elves took systematic action against the defense and supply lines very quickly. The trolls had nothing to effectively counter the magic of the elves and so soon they collapsed under the onslaught of the Kaldore troops. Within a few years, the two troll empires disintegrated into patchwork carpets. Actually, Azshara had no interest in conquest - in her eyes belligerence was the symptom of a primitive and uneducated mind.

So she immediately negotiated a peace treaty with the Zandalari. The Zandalari should use their influence over the other trolls to prevent the tribes from carrying out raids on elven areas. In return, the Queen gave the Zandalari her sacred Zandalari Mountains, which lay south of the Well of Eternity. The trolls now realized painfully that they had absolutely nothing to oppose the magic of the night elves and swallowed the pill bitterly of defeat very hard. The quick victory of the night elves and the disastrous defeat of the trolls haunt the tribes to this day and the hatred of the elves remains unbroken to this day.

As countless ages had passed, the kaldorei empire had spread almost across Kalimdor. The temples, palaces and magnificent buildings were to be found everywhere. The queen had a fantastic huge palace built on the coast of the well. Their most loyal highborns resided in somewhat less wealthy palaces and villas. She called her most loyal and best servants and magicians "Quel'Dorei " ("Highborn"). And these servants were always there when the queen asked for them, obsessed with granting her every wish. Towards lesser night elves or other highborns, they felt more disgusted, or a feeling of superiority. The local rulers of the regions of the empire were also highborn, but they were called prince / princess. Among others, Prince Tortheldrin of Eldre'Thalas, Prince Farondis of Azsuna and Prince Toreth of Loreth'aran.

The Highborne were finally able to master and control the power of the well to a degree like never before. Even today's magicians are unable to master such magic. As they continued their foolish experiments, they even believed they had power over the cosmic forces that could create or destroy life. Although they were aware that arcane magic is dangerous and spread this opinion, it did not stop Azshara and her followers from experimenting with the magic of the well more and more. In their goings-on, their magic even reached the swirling nether.

Cenarius, the dragons, and even night elf scholars came to the conclusion that all this carelessness with this kind of power will only bring calamity to the world. The demigod had watched with sorrow and frustration as the night elf empire grew and grew without consideration. It was especially the arrogant Highborne who angered him. Although the majority of the common people continued to practice his teachings of peaceful coexistence with nature, Cenarius knew that the people would never dissuade Azshara and her highborn from their foolish use of magic. In the years to come, the night elves cut their diplomatic relations and contact with Kalimdor's other cultures collapsed. Azshara didn't do any better. She spread the thesis that the Kaldorei were a superior race and so the opinion built up among the night elves that they were far superior to the other races.

War of the ancestors

With the war of the ancestors the corruption of the elves began and what Cenarius and many others had feared occurred. With all their might, the Highborne and Azshara became more and more distant from the common people. The nobility only treated the elves with disrespect and violence. Azshara was surrounded by an aura that clouded her beauty and popularity among the kaldorei. She also withdrew more and more from the public, received no more and only surrounded herself with her most loyal highborns. The pandaren realized that something was very wrong with their night elf allies and cut all connections.

Before the pandaren and night elves went their separate ways, the pandaren left a gift for the elves: a box. A masterpiece of pandarian craftsmanship. They told the kaldorei that this box contained all the arcane magic they would ever need. The gift was accepted and placed in a locker in the temple of Zin-Malor in Elderath. The box finally opened and it was empty.

The box should be a gift of Pandaren wisdom and show the elves that there is absolutely no need for arcane magic. The box lay untouched in its storage place for 10,000 years. As history has shown us, this pandaren doctrine fell on deaf ears.

Pretending to be a benevolent God, Sargeras contacted Azshara. The Dark Titan was able to convince the Queen and her most loyal follower, Lord Advisor Xavius, to open a portal for him. He as God wants to come to Kalimdor and bless the night elves as a superior species and wipe out all inferior other races. The arrogant highborn naturally aspired to this divine power. Driven by their arrogance, they believed they could control this magic and agreed to help.

The high elves should actually be able to open a portal. Numerous demons, passed off by Sargeras as "slaves", now came to Azeroth. But these demons were not servants of a benevolent God. You were part of an interplanetary demo army, the Burning Legion - a destructive army that has already let numerous worlds perish in demonic fire.

Shortly before the Highborne were able to strengthen the portal enough to bring Sargeras to Azeroth, the Legion and Azshara came the nucleus that would later become the Kaldorei resistance should form in the way. A small group of Kaldorei under the leadership of the druid pupil Malfurion Sturmgrimm, the moon priestess Tyrande Whisperwind and the captain Jarod Schattensang.

This small group had recognized that these demons had nothing good in their minds for the Kalodrei, and that the now evil and mad Azshara and her highborn were behind this invasion. Sargeras decided that this small group of Kaldorei could endanger his plans and ordered his armed forces to wipe out the entire race of night elves.

The war between the residents of Azeroth and the Burning Legion would eventually break out globally. All possible allies came to the aid of Malfurion Stormrage's plan to close the portal to the swirling Nether. The dragons, Cenarius and the other wild gods, the furlbogs, the earthen and the tauren clashed on the battlefields with the burning legion.

Malfurion had much of his "Shan'do "-Teacher Cenarius learned. With all his knowledge of the power of nature and wilderness, the young druid managed to slam the portal right in front of Sargera's nose. In the course of this operation Xavius ​​stands in his way, first he is destroyed by the power of nature, then Sargeras is the first of the satyrs to send him back, but again he is said not to be able to cope with Malfurion, during their second conflict he is turned into a tree .

Suramar and the Nightborne

see nightborn

Over time, the night elf jewel Suramar became the center of magical research and surpassed all the architectural achievements of the night elf capital and competitor Zin'Azshari. It was home to the Academy of Nar'thalas in Farondale which was in the province of Asuna. The academy became the most important seat for magical research and education and in addition to night elves, members of the blue dragonflight were also students at this academy and researched arcane magic together.

Under the strong influence of the sisterhood, which was closely interwoven with the arcane researching society, Suramar thrived on his belief in excellence, knowledge and discipline. Besides magic, it was the belief in Elune that made the city so beautiful and growing.Numerous magnificent temples were to be found in the city, including Falanaar, Faronaar and the Seat of the Sisters, the great Cathedral of the Eternal Night. It was Suramar where the resistance against Queen Azshara began.

It was Prince Farondis when he discovered who was behind the demon invasion and who rebelled against the queen. He quickly came up with a bold plan to stop the demons. He decided to destroy Zin'Azshari's source of energy, the Well of Eternity. Without the well, the highborne would lose their power and the demon portal would close.

His plan would have been successful had it not been betrayed by a nobleman who had fallen in love with Azshara. Furious at this betrayal, the Queen kindled vast amounts of magic and laid a curse on Farondis, his court, his people and his country. Suramar and the whole province are haunted by the ghosts of its inhabitants to this day. Azshara assumed that this terrible punishment should be a clear warning to all those who are thinking of rebelling against the queen.

Through the ongoing battles with the demons, the destroyed cities, the devastated lands, this curse could not suffocate the burgeoning core of the rebellion in the heart of the night elves. It should be the region around Suramar where the resistance against the queen and the demons was born. It was the banner of Kur'thalos Raven Crown of Val'sharah that many elves followed as they went into battle. In its ranks were the druid Malfurion Stormrage, the novice Tyrande Whisperwind, who rose to high priestess in the course of the war, and the magician Illidan Stormrage. The army began to fight back the demons. This resistance now had the goal to move to Zin'Azshari, to storm the palaces and to hold the Highborne including Queen Azshara, of whom they believed that she had been forced to account.

Pillars of creation

As fighting raged across Kalimdor, a small group of highborns worried about their own futures. They belonged to a secret group based in Suramar and served as the queen's arm in that city. To secure Azshara's rule, they undertook numerous secret operations.

One of these many tasks was the recovery and securing of hidden and powerful artifacts. Most of these artifacts were stored in the ancient vault in Suramar. Among them there were many pieces that the Guardians once used to form Azeroth. Although Suramar's highborn remained loyal to Azshara for a long time and unshaken, they had doubts about their queen during the course of the war. The leader of these Highborne, Grand Magistrix Elisande, feared that the Burning Legion might not have the best intentions for the Highborne. By this time the demons had already destroyed cities and poisoned the country with their devil magic.

Elinsandre was right. She discovered that the demons had now also become active in Suramar. The agents of the Legion had occupied the Cathedral of the Eternal Night and there began to open another portal into the swirling Nether. If this portal opens, the demons could open a second front and the night elves would ultimately be crushed on two sides.

The Grand Magistrix now worried about Suramar and its people. Together with others who felt the way they did, they began to sabotage the Legion's plans. They broke their connection with the other Highborne and wanted to close the new portal. To do this, they examined the artifacts they had collected over the years and finally came across the pillars of creation.

They knew that these artifacts had the power to close the portal. When they had secured the pillars, they launched the attack on the Legion. They wove a powerful spell that closed the portal and secured it with numerous seals.

Although they fought the demons and sealed the portal, Elinsandre's followers did not join the rest of the night elves in the fight against the burning legion. They feared the worst and wanted to secure their property and prosperity in Suramar instead of getting involved in further fighting. With a pillar of creation, the mighty Eye of Aman'thul, they created their own source of energy, the night well. This well was supposed to protect Suramar from further damage and to serve as a source of energy for the highborn on site.

This source of power also had transforming powers that affected Suramar's inhabitants. This created a new race of night elves, the nightborne.

The great division

The fountain of eternity could ultimately no longer stem all the millennia that was experimented on around it. The fact that the Legion finally wanted to use the demon soul to make a portal for Sargeras out of the well finally gave its stability the rest.

Azeroth's greatest pre-cataclysm disaster was about to happen. The great division. The Kalimdor well tore into pieces in a violent storm. Countless living beings were killed that day. Azshara and many of her loyal highborne were drawn into the depths. In order not to drown, the queen made a pact with the old god N'zoth and was transformed into the Naga, a race of snake-like deep-sea inhabitants, with her followers.

The point at which the fountain was once the Maelstrom was created, a huge vortex that mercilessly and tremendously revolves huge masses of water even after 10.00 years. The kaldorei empire had fallen. The night elves had learned a bitter lesson that arcane magic is dangerous, and since most of the Highborne were dead, the kaldorei decided to give them up and get closer to nature and live in harmony with it. The groves around Mount Hyjal became their new settlement area.

Only one person hadn't wanted to learn the lesson: Illidan Stormrage. Malfurion's twin brother had been a gifted magician and therefore did not want to give up the way of life based on arcane magic. He secretly went to a lake on the tip of the Hyjal, in his luggage he had three small bottles with the magical water from the Well of Eternity. He took one of the bottles and poured it into the lake. So a new small well was created which should help the night elves to use magic again. But Illidan was left alone with his opinion and didn't want to let go of her either. With a heavy heart, Malfurion had to try together with a court. Because he had made important victories in the war possible, his death sentence was reduced to a perpetual sentence. He was imprisoned in the caves of Mount Hyjal. Maiev Schattensang and her new guards should see to it that he stays in his cell.

In Suramar meanwhile, Elisande and her highborn had wrought a powerful shield that protected the city from the destruction caused by the great division. Elisande became the leader of this city which serves its inhabitants as both a hostel and a prison. For the next 10,000 years, the nightborn believed they were the only survivors of the night elf race. Under their shield a false heaven worked and under this heaven this people called themselves to the "Shal'dorei" um, and they set out to keep the culture and way of life of the highborn alive. An eternal night reigned under the shield through the night well.

Far removed from the new night elf society on Mount Hyjal, the Highborne of Eldre'Thalas had also survived the war. They had been loyal followers of Queen Azshara, entrusted with carrying out special projects for the queen. Towards the end of the war, House Shen'dralar had to defend their city against the demons. They had doubts that the demons should only clean up the world from the lower races and lower night elf castes and therefore broke with the queen.

During the defensive battles against the Legion, the great wolf god Goldrinn came to the aid of the defenders. Although the wolf fell in the fight, the warriors managed to hold the city. As they were hidden far from the night elves, their brothers did not notice them. Also that they were looking for a new source of energy for their magic, they used their magic to imprison a powerful demon and deprived him of his power. Holding the demon Immol'thar captive took a lot of energy and strength. The demonic energy he needed for his spells twisted the mind of the local prince and soon he no longer had any problems with sacrificing his followers when the demon threatened to escape. This led to the highborn broke with the prince, many died and the city threatened to decay, large parts were uninhabited and only a few Shen'dralar remained.

The night elves from Mount Hyjal, however, tried hard to rebuild their homeland. Since they had adopted a new mentality and wanted to live more in symbiosis with nature, many buildings of the old night elf kingdom fell into ruins. Overgrown pillars and walls can still be found all over Kalimdor today. The new way of life of the elves encouraged them to live more under the open sky or the hilltop buildings on Hyjal.

Since the night elves are now more in symbiosis with nature and only built a few new buildings. But here and there buildings were built, but the people were more on the move. The new center of the night elf society arose near the mountain top of Hyjal, in the trees of the moon clearing, but the night harbor with its small buildings and few streets was by no means as metropolis as Zin'Azshari. From the night harbor, Tyrande Whisperwind led the night elf people. Because after the great division there was a change within society and the army, the sisterhood of the Elune, previously a purely religious group, became the command staff of the army and the priestesses became important representatives in politics. With her post as high priestess, Tyrande was now religious, political, and military head of the night elves.

The dragons, meanwhile, had the night elves in their sights more closely. They often left their secret hiding places and observed this new night elf culture. Ysera the Green, Nozdormu the Bronze and Alexstraza the Red flew over the fertile gardens of the night elves, keeping a watchful eye on every fruit of this new society.

Meanwhile Malfurion had begun to train new druids and had become a powerful archdruid himself. He finally came up to the dragon aspects. He told the dragons about the new Well of Eternity on the Hyjal. Elves and dragons quickly came to the joint decision that this new well could pose a great danger to Azeroth and could lead to a new invasion of the Legion.

The druid and the dragons decided that the night elves should be the guardians of this new well. Alexstrasza brought in an enchanted acorn of the now past mighty mother tree G'hanir. When the acorn came into contact with the well, its growth exploded in front of your eyes and the giant world tree Nordrassil was born. The tree should regulate the magical flows of the well and hide the unstable arcane magic so that the Legion can no longer perceive the magic in the Nether. He should also tame the magical streams of the world so that potential new magic users cannot make the same mistake as the highborn. The huge presence of the tree, on the other hand, served the night elves as a memorial. He is also a symbol of the symbiosis of arcane magic and the natural world, the night elves and nature. With his powers the elves should now heal the damage caused by the great division as well as possible.

Nozdormu wanted to help the night elves too. Because the night elves had bravely opposed the Legion. He blessed the tree, as long as it stands, the night elves should never experience what it is like to grow old or get sick. Ysera also gave a blessing. She connected the spirits of the night elves through the tree with her realm, the emerald green dream. The druids used this connection to get into the dream. As part of this pact, the druids were obliged to dream the dream in order to wander the infinite paths of the dream in dream form. This blessing also benefited the dead of the night elves who could also cross through the dream. Although they often had to dream for centuries, the Druids kept their pact with Ysera.

The long watch

The long vigil was that period of time between the blessing of the World Tree and the arrival of the peoples of the eastern kingdoms. Tyrande Whisperwind had become the leader and watched separately from her beloved Malfurion who dreamed the dream about the night elves, but whenever a crisis threatened the night elves, the druids woke up to protect their people.

Such a crisis should trigger the remaining Highborne. Dath'remar Sunstrider and his followers had fought against Azshara and fought the Legion. They even tried extremely hard to integrate into the new druid society of the night elves. But they could no longer resist the addiction to the arcane magic that once cost their people everything. Dath'remar and his followers finally came to the thesis that the elves who joined Druidism are cowards who fear arcane magic. Malfurion warned the Highborne that the use of arcane magic is punishable by death. In protest and to prove their power, Dath'remar and his magicians kindled an arcane storm in Ashtental. Despite this action, the night elves simply could not kill so many members of their people. So they decided to be exiled. The highborn were sent across the sea. In northern Lordaeron they founded Quel'thalas, they were to develop into the high elves.

The war of the satyrs and the worgen

Years after the war of the ancestors began a new conflict. The satyrs, former Highborne, had allied themselves with the remaining demons of the Legion and were now attacking the night elves.

A circle of druids, the later druids of the scythe, researched the wolf form, which is based on the teachings of Goldrinn. Known as worgen, this wolf form was powerful but also difficult to control. The leader of the druids, Ralaar Flammtooth, created the Elune scythe to make the worgen controllable, but it didn't work. Many druids lost themselves in it and even attacked the night elves, but the bitten night elves also became worgen. To avert this threat to his people, Malfurion Stormrage used the Elune's scythe and banished the worgen to the Emerald Dream. The satyrs could be defeated without the wild wolves. The honorable Shan'do of the Druids entered the Emerald Dream for millennia to come.

The War of the Sandstorms

Millennia after defeating the Legion, the night elves faced a new enemy, the insectoid silithids and their masters, the sly Qiraji. From their city, Ahn'Qiraji, they seized power in Kalimdor. The elves fought bitterly in the war of sandstorms, but in addition to the loss of his son Valstrann, Archdruid Fandral Hirschhaupt had to endure defeat after defeat. His troops were driven out of the Silithus desert to Un'Goro.

The actually allied dragonflights wanted nothing more to do with the problem of the night elves. Until the silithids threatened the clutch of bronze dragons in the caverns of time. But even with the help of Nozdorumu's brood, defeat was still certain. But then the free swarms of kites banded together and drove the insects back to their city. It was there that the biological children of the Aspects discovered that the ancient god C'Thun was behind the attacks and that the sheer number of silithids cannot be beaten. Except for Anachronos, the Children of the Aspects invaded the city and forced enough time to close a magical barrier around Ahn'Qiraji.

The scarab wall is supposed to keep the insectoids banned until a powerful force appears and can conquer. The scepter of the sandstorms is supposed to give them access to the city. But Fandral Hirschhaupt never wants to expose his people to such suffering again. He smashes the scepter and friendship with the dragons.

The dragon riders of the island of Drachenfels

Some night elves of what would later become Bloodmyst Isle had become so friends with Ysera and her dragons that the dreamer allowed them to ride their children. This behavior, which in his eyes was unworthy of dragons, and the good relationship, drew the wrath of Deathwing. He dispatched some dragons to Kalimdor under the command of Knife Rare.

In a long slaughter, the dragons and their leader were destroyed, but also the night elves and their allies.

Rediscovery and the third war

With the third war, the isolation of the night elves was to come to an end. Countless refugees from the eastern kingdoms came to Kalimdor and it was the orcs who first entered the night elves' forests. On the orders of his warchief, Grom Hellscream had received the order to find a suitable place and building material for a new orc settlement. It was the Warsong Clan who made the first contact with the night elves. Grom can recognize the night elves as elves, but is surprised at how impressed he is with their ferocious fighting style.

The orcs can defeat the night elves they attack for their intrusion, but their tears of happiness end when Cenerius intervenes in the fighting.The forest god threatens to destroy them, and in their desperation the Warsong clan again resort to demon blood. They can only kill him as chaos orcs.

The murder of Cenarius makes the night elves the enemy of all refugees of the eastern kingdoms. Tyrande Whisperwind faces the Alliance, the Horde, Demons and the Scourge. She is forced to wake Malfurion Stormrage and his druids. Although elves, orcs, and humans share the same enemies, the night elves remain hostile to these two groups.

Only at the Battle of Mount Hyjal do night elves ally with the Horde and Alliance. Since even this bundled force is not up to the demons and undead, the night elves are forced to sacrifice the world tree. With the power of the tree and the night elf spirits, Archimonde, the commander of the demons, is killed.

After the third war

By sacrificing the World Tree, the night elves lost the gifts of the dragon aspects. They notice that they age, get sick and die. Large parts of the night elf area have also been corrupted by the demons, the forests are sick and their inhabitants have become insane due to the demon magic.

Since Malfurion has returned to the dream and is trapped there, Fandral Hirschhaupt becomes head of the druids again. Although Nordrassil is slowly regenerating, the druid wants to plant a new tree. He plants the Teldrassil tree on the edge of northwestern Kalimdor. The night elves decide to colonize this huge tree and found their capital Darnassus there, but the idea backfires, the tree is spoiled and the dragons refuse to bless it.

At some point during this time, the night elves join the Alliance. One motivation, despite a peace treaty, is the further advance of the war hymen clan in Ashenvale. Another reason will probably be the loss of numerous savage allies to the corruption of the demons. The night elves are in danger of losing their clout.

As part of the Alliance, the night elves fight on numerous fronts. The most important fight was probably the reopening of the gates of Ahn'Qiraji.

But not all night elves join the Alliance. Together with the Tauren, they found the Cenarion Circle in the moon clearing, and the night harbor becomes their headquarters. This faction sees itself as neutral, it trains druids of both factions, and supports them and other factions in the fight against their countless enemies. They provide a base in the war against the Ahn'qiraji, advance into Outland as a Cenarion expedition, and a radical group, the DEHTA, fight the unscrupulous big game hunters of Northrend.


The emerald green nightmare has been growing steadily and steadily since the defeat of the Lich King. Any number of people fall into a coma, they are drawn into the emerald green dream. It turns out that it is Xavius ​​who is behind the emerald green nightmare and who draws the dreamers there. It is also he who manipulated Fandral Hirschhaupt and made him poison Malfurion Stormrage with morning grain and thus keep him in a coma and thus in a dream, also why Teldrassil is spoiled, the tree comes from part of Xavius' tree body.

With the help of druids, allies and the green dragonflight, Malfurion can uncover the goings-on and defeat Xavius ​​again. Ysera and Alexstrasza bless Teldrassil and thus restore the connection between the night elves and nature. Malfurion and Tyrande marry and now lead the night elves in twos.


This section contains information exclusive to Cataclysm.

Since the time between the defeat of the Lich King and the cataclysm, the Shen'drelar sought contact with their night elf brothers again, they want to be accepted back into their community. But the night elves still distrusted magic, and the use of arcane magic is still punishable by death. It is Mordent Shadowfell, an archmage of the Highborne, who can convince Tyrande of an alliance. He makes it clear to her that the pooling of their abilities will play an important role for the night elves in the future. Despite the guard's objections, the Sen'drelar are allowed to come to Dranassus. Younger elves can be trained to be magicians, while Shen'drelar join the druids or join the priesthood of Elune, thus taking the first steps towards reconciliation between night elves and highborn.

In Gilneas, however, the worgen's curse breaks out. But not only that, the cataclysm is destroying large parts of this kingdom and a large-scale invasion of the Forsaken takes place. The night elves feel responsible for the worgen curse, they travel to Gilneas with the scythe of the Elune and help the cursed Gilneern to control the worgen within themselves, drive the abandoned back and finally they evacuate the worgen to Darnassus. Numerous female worgen are allowed to join the sentinels, the harvest witches, a kind of primitive druid cult from Gilneas, is accepted into the circle of Cenarius and trained there.

The night elves' territories are badly affected by the Alliance-Horde war. The jungle trolls spearbreaker tribe have joined the Horde and threaten Darkshore, but the elves are able to repel the attack. Two different offensives of the Horde can be repulsed with the help of the Alliance in Ashenvale, when Theramore is destroyed the Horde no longer has access to Ashenvale. Not only are the night elves lucky, their settlements in Azshara are being destroyed by the bilgewater cartel, and a massive bomb destroys Thal'darah in Stonetalon Mountains.

Although Malfurion Stormrage has joined the Alliance, his Cenarion Circle remains neutral. The group of druids has a lot to do thanks to the cataclyms. Malfurion himself fights the effects in Darkshore, while in Desolace and the Barrens druids investigate an out of control nature. In the Devil's Forest, large parts of the forest were cleared in order to build the night sky clearing. Although goblins destroy parts of the forest for their wood production, the circle keeps its feet still. Just not some worgen. They left the circle and took up the fight.

Probably the greatest threat is Ragnaros and his army of fire elementals. The fire lord has received the order from Deathwing to destroy the world tree Nordrassil in order to usher in the hour of twilight. But an army of druids, adventurers, green dragons and wild gods, the guardians of Hyjal successfully stand in his way. They march into the Tierra del Fuego where they kill not only Ragnaros but also the traitor Fandral Hirschhaupt and his druids of the flame. The guards now observe the activities in the Tierra del Fuego from a guard tree.

Mists of Pandaria

This section contains exclusive information on Mists of Pandaria.

Guardian of knowledge Vaeldrin learned about the fountain of youth during his work, a magical spring from which he hopes that he can restore the night elves' immortality, with the use of several arcane scrolls he can open a portal into the Kraserang wilderness, inspired by a vision he sends him Tyrande sent a group of sentinels, including Vaeldrin's daughter Lyalia. Once in Pandaria, however, the arcane magic of the scrolls reacts with the mogu magic on site and the travelers are trapped in a magic bubble that threatens to kill them. With the help of the pandaren Kang barbed an alliance adventurer can free the troop.

The night elves set up camp and want to continue their search for the well, with success. But you have to find out that the well does not work as expected, it does give life, but it demands a different life as price, so it transfers life energy back and forth. During a battle with the mogu, Lyalia is kidnapped and killed, but Vaeldrin sacrifices his life for that of his daughter.

Despite this severe setback, the night elf expedition remains in Pandaria. They even help the pandaren protect stone plows from the Dojanimogu. Before Operation Landfall, the night elves form the largest force in Pandaria, they are stationed at the shrine of the seven stars. After the large-scale invasion of the Horde and Alliance, you come across the Bell of the Gods, a mogu artifact. In order to research the bell and keep it safe, it is brought to Darnassus until the Horde steals it.

During the Orgrimmar Well, Tyrande inspects a force in Ashenvale and marches on Durotar. After invasion forces have conquered the knife bay and fight at the gates with Garrosh's army, Tyrande attacks from the west. With her glaive throwers she destroys Orgrimmar's gates and later the sentinels lure the Kor'kron away so that the siege troops can advance into the city.

Warlords of Draenor

This section contains exclusive information on Warlords of Draenor.

Parts of the Sentinel Army are deployed at Starfall Outpost in Shadowmoon Valley, while smaller units are fighting in Nagrand and Stormshield in Ashran. If requested, they also guard the Moonfall Garrison.

Maiev Shadowsong sends some of her guardians to Draenor, including Cordana Felsong, to support and guard Archmage Khadgar. However, Cordana was somehow corrupted by Gul'dan and has joined him.


The night elves have dedicated their entire life and work to the service and protection of nature. That is why they call the northern forests and plains of Kalimdor their home. The druids therefore spend a lot of time in the emerald green dream, the realm of the green aspect Ysera. After losing their immortality, the night elves have to fight harder than ever to survive. Trust and honesty are very important in night elf society, traitors and liars have a hard time there.


The night elves always use the plural of "God" in statements or proverbs. In the temple of Suramar, in addition to Elune, numerous other, now unknown deities of how they shape the world, adorned the frescoes and motifs of the temple. Apparently the night elves are polyistic, but above all stands the moon goddess Elune.

Her priesthood, the sisterhood of Elune, provide the officers of the night elf army in addition to their spiritual work. Their head, the high priestess, has held the highest political office of the night elves since the loss of the nobility and throne. Its seat is the Temple of the Moon in Darnassus. The current high priestess is Tyrande Whisperwind, as she has been for 10,000 years.

In addition to a moon cult, the night elves practice ancestor worship. A popular offering to ancestors are rice cakes that were blessed in the Temple of the Moon. Although Elune is a goddess of peace, she is not a pure pacifist. Your warlike aspect is probably the "night warrior". That person who chooses the bravest among the dead and lets them ride as stars across the firmament. This is where the word "kaldorei" comes from, the old night elves believed that they would become stars after their death.