Coulax bluetooth headphones how to connect

Connect Bluetooth headphones: this is how it works

Bluetooth headphones

Wireless devices are all the rage - and popular everyday products like headphones are no exception. As a result, Bluetooth headphones are on the rise. We'll show you how to connect the headset to your smartphone.

With Bluetooth headphones, mobility increases while the risk of accidents decreases.

The problem of tangled cables is as old as the technology itself. With headphones in particular, mishaps often occur when the cable becomes tangled or stuck on an edge. With Bluetooth headphones, this is a thing of the past.

Connecting Bluetooth headphones: a matter of a few seconds

Normally, Bluetooth headphones and a smartphone can be connected in no time at all:
  1. Turn on the headphones and check for Bluetooth connectivity.
  2. Then activate Bluetooth on the smartphone. The headphones should now appear in the list of available devices.
  3. Tap on “Connect”.
A subsequent sound check shows whether the project worked. Whether you're doing sports, shopping or cooking, Bluetooth headphones reduce the risk of minor accidents that, in the worst case, can lead to damage. The only disadvantage: Bluetooth headphones have to be charged regularly, but that is bearable in terms of their value.
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