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Tashigi is 23 years old and a naval captain. Your superior is Vice Admiral Smoker. Your goal is to collect all swords of higher quality so that they don't "rot" with pirates or bounty hunters.[1]


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Sketches for Tashigi in the time of Alabasta
Tashigi as a child
Tashigi at 21 as a midshipman and lieutenant
Tashigi's body before the time jump
Tashigi at 23 as
Captain of the G-5
Tashigi in Smoker's body
Tashigi's appearance in One Piece - Stampede

Tashigi is a 1.70 m tall, slim, young woman. She has dark blue hair and black eyes. Since she is very nearsighted, she always wears purple glasses with rectangular lenses. Her standard outfit consists of a red blouse with yellow dots, a purple jacket with a white fur collar and trousers of the same color. She always wields her sword Shigule with two hands in combat and she moves her glasses on to her head during duels in order to be able to fight better. Otherwise, her sword hangs loosely on her belt. She mostly appears with Smoker. Your general appearance, body type and face have changed a lot over the course of history.

After the two-year time jump, its appearance has changed slightly. Her hair is now a little longer and she has pinned it up using a clip. Her clothes are now a purple shirt with a pink flower print, light blue jeans and pink boots. Due to her new rank, she now also wears an officer's coat, which is pink and not white and has a white fur collar. However, she still wears her glasses. Furthermore, her body has got significantly more feminine curves in the two years.


Tashigi is clumsy and sometimes loses overview and balance. Because of her severe nearsightedness, she sometimes confuses a marine for her superior without her glasses.[2] Furthermore, she seems very naive, as she mainly divides people into good and bad. Even swords, of which she is a big fan, she initially only judges according to their class and value. A sword lexicon, which she always carries with her, helps her with this.[3] However, she does not always know immediately about other facts, such as the curse that weighs on all Kitetsu swords.

Her main goal is to reclaim the valuable swords from swordsmen who work as pirates and bounty hunters and who she considers bad people. She would even give her life for it.

In general, she is a proud, helpful, and just person. This was evident in Arbana, for example, when she let the Straw Hat pirate gang run because they had saved the entire city from destruction.

Skills and strength

As a naval officer, she enjoyed regular training and specializes primarily in sword fighting. It is so superior to ordinary pirates in one-on-one combat.

When she first appeared in Loguetown, she initially showed herself to be naive and weak, but that changed when she found out that Lorenor Zorro was in town. There you notice for the first time what kind of strong will she has. After her bankruptcy against Zorro it becomes clear that Tashigi also has her pride, because she was very offended when Zorro did not want to kill her after he had completely disarmed her and pushed her to the ground. She vowed to improve.[4][5]

Her greatest strength is her sword. It's called Shigule. Thanks to her training, she can handle her sword excellently, but she cannot keep up with an opponent like Nico Robin or Zorro.

Another strength lies in coordinating, for example using tactics and skill to push smaller pirates into a corner and catch them there. This also makes her stand out in the eyes of Smoker, who nevertheless keeps telling her that she should concentrate more, as her clumsiness has often caused enemies to slip away from the Navy.

After the leap in time, Tashigi had improved her sword skills significantly and was thus z. B. able to divert cannonballs with the sword before they explode.

She can now also handle the armor haki, although after Smoker she is not that good at it, which is why she lost to Law, but it was enough in the fight against Mone. There it was shown that she now also masters Soru.


The journey begins - meeting Lorenor Zorro in Loguetown

Tashigi in the sword shop.
Tashigi was already stationed in Loguetown with the rank of midshipman under the command of Captain Smoker when the Straw Hat gang arrived in Loguetown. Now she was involved in an argument with the two pirates Kose and Packi, who wanted to kidnap them in order to blackmail Smoker into releasing their captain. After winning the fight, she made the acquaintance of the first member of the Straw Hat gang, Zorro. Although he was already known to have joined Luffy's gang, they did not recognize him immediately. Zorro was amazed that Tashigi looked so amazingly like his childhood friend Kuina.
This fact only occurs in the anime.
When he picked up her glasses, which fell off her face after she stumbled in a fight with the two pirates, he accidentally crushed them. In order to settle the damage, Zorro had to work as a cleaner in the local naval base, where he was surprised by two soldiers and had to flee.
She only met him again shortly afterwards in the arms dealer Tanne's shop, when Zorro wanted to get two new swords and she wanted to pick up her Shigule from sharpening. Tashigi recognized the Wado-Ichi-Monji from Zorro at first sight, looked up its value in her catalog and screwed up Tanne's business, from which Zorro wanted to buy the sword for a ridiculous price.
Tashigi vs Zorro.

It was only some time later that she realized that she had helped the very person whose sword she wanted to claim and who was now fighting on the square in front of Gold Rogers scaffold together with another pirate for his captain Monkey D. Luffy against Buggy's pirate gang, whose captain was the young pirates want to execute. When the navy arrived, Tashigi Zorro stood in the way. There was a duel between the two, in which Zorro only used one sword. The fight was over quickly and Zorro emerged victorious. However, Tashigi did not understand why Zorro had let her live and believed that he had only spared her because he believed that women were weaker. Zorro then stated that she looked like his deceased friend. Shortly afterwards Zorro ran away to catch up with his friends.

The search continues - Tashigi in Alabasta

Tashigi is helpless at Robin.

The next time she was seen in Alabasta. After the defeat in Loguetown, Smoker and Tashigi finally wanted to arrest the straw hats in Alabasta. They arrested Mr. 11 during their search and thus obtained some information about the Baroque company. Tashigi himself came to a kashu in the meantime. As soon as the straw hats donned in Nanohana, Luffy's clumsiness made them first spotted and pursued by Smoker and the Navy. But Luffy's brother Feuerfaust Puma D. Ace stopped Smoker and helped the straw hats to escape.
The next meeting was in Rainbase. Sir Crocodile lured Luffy, his crew and Smoker into an ambush, where he insidiously tried to flood them with water. But with the help of Mr. 3, who had also fallen into the trap, they were able to free themselves and flee through the masses of water, whereupon Zorro on the orders of Luffy saved Smoker from drowning. Now Smoker finally had the Straw Hat pirates within reach, but he let them go because of the rescue operation, which he owed his life to. After that event, Smoker Tashigi gave authority to the Alabasta mission so that she could prove herself.

Tashigi removes Sir Crocodile from office.

Tashigi later tried in Arbana to stop Nico Robin, who had kidnapped King Cobra, but was easily beaten and humiliated by Robin.[6] Tashigi and the Straw Hats also met a third time, namely again in Arbana, when Luffy and his crew saved the city from complete destruction. When the Navy found the crew lying scattered on the ground, Tashigi ordered them to be abandoned. She preferred to remove Sir Crocodile from his position and arrested him instead of the straw hats. Later on, Smoker found her decision to be fair.[5]

The profiles go around the world - According to Enie's lobby

Tashigi and Smoker are talking
about the straw hats.

Her next appearance was when Smoker and Tashigi were examining the new wanted posters, freshly released after the incident in Enie's lobby, at an undisclosed location on the Grandline. You can find out here that Tashigi was promoted. Smoker, who had just arrested a pirate with 55 million berries, got it into his head to finally get hold of the straw hats in the New World.[7]

The fight against the Whitebeard gang

Due to the conscription to the Marine Ford, Smoker and Tashigi went there. You must join forces with the strongest people in the Navy and the Seven Samurai to fight the Whitebeard pirate gang. When the battle against Whitebeard begins and his allies fight the navy and samurai, Smoker and Tashigi also get involved. They both realize that this is not a normal battle, something special will shape this war.[8] Tashigi had a brief altercation with Luffy during the battle, who defeated them in one fell swoop.
After the war she accompanied Smoker when he was transferred to Naval Station G5 in the New World.

Use in the New World

After Luffy defeated Hody Jones on Fishman Island, all of the prisoners were able to escape. Some of them came across Tashigi and Smoker, who had meanwhile been promoted. While Smoker had risen to Vice Admiral, Tashigi now held the rank of captain. They managed to take out all the pirates.[9]

Punk Hazard

Tashigi is no match for Law.
Tashigi cannot cope with Smoker's devil powers.

An intercepted radio message led the G5 marines to Punk Hazard. When they found a laboratory there, to their great surprise, Trafalgar Law, now one of the Seven Samurai of the Seas, came out of it.[10] This assured that only he would be on the island, but shortly afterwards some straw hats came with a lot of children from the laboratory. When they saw the marines, they fled. Law could no longer let the Navy go, destroyed their ship and took their telescrews from them. It came to a fight in which Tashigi attacked Law. It was no match for the samurai of the seas and was cut in half by his devilish powers. Tashigi was later reassembled and brought to safety by the remaining Marines while Law fought Smoker. While Smoker went down as a loser and Tashigi rushed to help, Law exchanged their hearts.[11]

The officers were brought to safety in a cave by their subordinates. Smoker recognized from the signs on the telescrews that the scientist Caesar Crown was behind the machinations on the island. After hearing from Tashigi of kidnapping cases of children being covered up, the vice admiral suspected that there must be a traitor at the G5 naval station. Later on, Smoker planned a diversion while some of the soldiers tried to steal Caesar's ship.[12] Tashigi struggled inside Smoker's body, but had problems with his devil powers. The plan seemed to work and some soldiers managed to capture Caesar's ship. Shortly afterwards Luffy, Robin and Franky appeared, who wanted to kidnap Caesar. Smoker and Tashigi wanted to grab the straw hat, but were not opponents for him in their current condition, whereupon Luffy said that they should postpone the fight. After the captured ship of Caesar was destroyed by Smiley, Caesar Crown also appeared in person. He not only defeated Smoker and Tashigi, but also Luffy, Franky and Robin. The scientist had her locked in a cage in his laboratory.[13]

Alliance with the straw hats

Smoker and Tashigi were captured.
Tashigi defeats Mone.
Tashigi at the party with the children.

A little later the five woke up with Law in Caesar's cage. Smoker and Tashigi now realized that Vice Admiral Vergo was the traitor of the G5 naval base, who actually worked for Don Quixote pirate gang.[14] Before the prisoners could die from Shinokuni, Law freed himself and the others. He also put the hearts of Smoker and Tashigi back into their correct bodies. Smoker, Luffy and Law then allied to defeat Caesar and his people.[15] Law's devil powers made it back to the lab. After the remaining marines and pirates were able to enter the laboratory, Smoker ordered them to search for the kidnapped children. Smoker put Tashigi in charge of rescuing the children and their husbands while he was looking for Vergo. Tashigi then instructed her subordinates to look over the Straw Hat pirates and save the children first. A short time later, the entrance to the laboratories filled with the dangerous Shinokuni gas. Tashigi wanted to stay behind to make sure that all her men made it safely to the next building, but they threw her, against her will, into building B before the gate closed so that at least she survived.[16] Vergo then showed up and slaughtered the remaining marines, as well as Tashigi. Lying on the ground, tears came to her that she could not protect her soldiers. At that moment, Sanji appeared on the grounds that he had heard the tears of a woman, which is why he wanted to help.[17] Tashigi and the rest of the soldiers ran into the next building as the poison gas was approaching. Sanji came back and helped them escape from the gas.

When they reached Biscuits Room, Tashigi interfered in the fight between Zorro and Mone and sent her men, as well as Sanji, ahead. Tashigi felt compelled to intervene because, in her opinion, Zorro did not use his full strength against women, which still offended her. Zorro finally left the battlefield to her, but had to be saved by Zorro, who ultimately split Mone in two. When Mone got up one last time, Tashigi finally defeated the snow woman.[18] They later joined the remaining straw hats and marines, who by now had found and reassured all the children.[19]

The group later made it to Building R, where they all escaped from the laboratory together. After the successful victory over Caesar, the G5 Navy celebrated together with the straw hats. Nami later asked Tashigi to take care of the kidnapped children and bring them back to their parents.[20] When the time to say goodbye came, the children wanted to say goodbye to the pirates, but the marines prevented this. They told how bad pirates were and even threatened the children not to get involved with them. Tashigi asked her husbands to stop because they had saved them several times. The soldiers said they knew this, but the insults only wanted to prevent them from starting to love the pirates themselves, which made Tashigi smile.[21] Later, Tashigi drove a tanker from Caesar and some men to take the children back to their parents.

Visit to Doctor Vegapunk

Some time later, the news that Luffy had triumphed over Don Quixote de Flamingo also reached Smoker and Tashigi's ship. The latter was happy that, thanks to Issho, the exact information about the events in Dress Rosa could not be concealed and falsified like two years ago in Alabasta. Shortly afterwards, the children of Punk Hazard came into Smoker's room, who was still recovering from his injuries, and wanted some sweets from Tashigi, their new big sister. The Navy's next destination was Doctor Vegapunk's laboratory. The journey until then should, however, take a few more days.[22]


Tashigi as a child.
  • Tashigi's name, like many other names of female characters, comes from Japanese bird names. In German the species of bird is called a snipe.
  • In the FPS for volume 16, Oda emphasizes that the names of Kuina and Tashigi were taken from birds that cannot fly (belong to the genus of the water rail)
  • Tashigi's appearance was very much like Zorro's childhood friend Kuina until the time jump
  • Furthermore, Tashigi's rank was initially incorrectly translated as Lieutenant when she was still a midshipman in Chapter 96. She was promoted to lieutenant only after Sir Crocodile's fall.
  • It has a catalog for the best swords in the world, in which Zorro's swords are listed, with their value and their special features.
  • In the FPS for volume 68, Oda drew Smoker, Tashigi and Hina as children. Show / hide image
  • According to the FPS for Volume 90, Tashigi's hobbies are reading sword books and kiri-e.
  • Her favorite drink is hot coffee.[23]