How to check unifi wifi users

In my current invoice from December 22nd, 2016, an item "WAP / Web / SMS service: BackerLtd-Videoszumlachen: VideosZumlachen, Info: 0800100299" was shown in the amount of 5 x 4.89 euros. According to internet research it is a Whatsapp scam (I don't have a Whatsapp on the router).
I have an A1 Net Cube Internet M with which such services cannot be activated (value-added service block) and have never signed a contract or subscription. The SIM is located in a router and ensures constant internet access.
There is nothing to be found on the Internet about the company BackerLtd.
However, there is a special warning against the number 0800100299. This is another subscription trap. Presumably the invoice recipients should be ripped off again here (according to the consumer advice center: DO NOT call!)
I tried to object to the invoice in writing, as requested, but the A1 service cannot be reached today on Friday via chat, email or contact form.
I also cannot access my "Third-Party Subscriptions" - "Settings".
I probably have no choice but to temporarily revoke the direct debit authorization until my objection to the invoice has been resolved or I have received feedback on this.

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Hello Weijers,

It was more about the fact that you should link your A1 phone number with your "Weijers" user, but let's just do it differently: Please send me your A1 phone number and your customer password via "personal message".



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