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Genshin Impact Cor Lapis Location: Where To Find It, How To Harvest And How To Use It!

There are a number of rare materials in the new game Genshin Impact that vary in rarity.

These materials are used to perform a wide variety of functions throughout the game.

Since some materials are rarer than others, it is more difficult to understand certain elements of the game, such as: B. the rise of characters, to complete.

In this guide, we take a look at Cor Lapis and everything related to the material in Genshin Impact!

What is Cor Lapis?

First, the Genshin Impact Wiki points out that the material may also be known as "Cor Petrae".

BIGGER THAN LIFE: With its orange color and size, the material is hard to miss. The material is a precious crystal made up of a condensed geo-element.

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It usually grows along other elements. So watch out for other materials nearby if you come across Cor Lapis.

Where can I find Cor Lapis?

There are two main sources for this material.

ON A JOURNEY: Most of the Cor Lapis are in and around the mountain. Hulao One is under cliffs in Liyue and the other is on Mount Hulao.

Not only that, but the material can also be found on the map in various mountain areas. So keep your eyes open.

How do I collect the material?

The best technique to harvest this material is using a large sword.

DESTRUCTION TIME: It is easiest to collect the material with a large sword. This will make it easier for you to break down the Cor Lapis debris and reduce the time it takes to collect it.

It is of course possible to use many other methods to break down the material, but we recommend these to be most efficient.

What can i use it for?

You use Cor Lapis for a number of character ascents in Genshin Impact, including Chongyun, Keqing, and Zhongli.

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They also use the material in the dustproof potion and for the immobile essential oil.

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