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Boots, ankle boots and more: this is how you combine them correctly!

Rocky biker boots

We don't just love boots because they are us faithfully through the winter accompany you through it, but also because you as fashionable winter shoes upgrade even the simplest outfit! Whether extravagant with Thigh high boots or casual with classic Leather boots - The choice of the right footwear depends particularly on the Outfit, the individual style and the respective occasion from. We'll show you the most beautiful boot trends and tell you how to combine them correctly.

Boot trends 2019/2020

The agony of choice

Women's boots offer countless possible combinations and therefore they are available in a wide variety of shapes and colors: Whether Ankle boots, Sock boots or Overknees - the right boot underlines every style. Elegant boots with high heels or narrow shafts look feminine and visually stretch the leg. Rocky ones Biker boots made of leather with buckles and rivets go well with jeans as well as dress. You can play with materials and leather, Suede or velvet mix. There is sure to be a favorite model for you too!

Ankle boots with a print

The question of questions

Combine boots: put pants in or out of boots?

It is perhaps THE question most women ask themselves when it comes to boots. Pants in with boots or pants out with boots? Which boots go with which outfit? Ultimately, this question can only be answered individually with regard to the pants and figure. However, if you know how to combine boots correctly, they can be a real one Figure flatterer be.

First things first: Skinny jeans look great when they disappear into the shaft of the boot. Alternatively, they can also be placed just above the shaft rolled up become. The slim silhouette is magical slim legs. At straight or flared pants you should pay attention to the heel height and the length and width of the boot shaft. Bell bottoms We prefer to wear regular length over half-height boots. If the leg cannot be seen through the height of the boot shaft or the length of the trousers, it is best to choose ankle boots tight-fitting shaft - for example fashionable winter boots such as sock boots. Current trends in women's fashion such as Marlene trousers lengthen the leg anyway thanks to their flowing fabric and their length. Ankle boots with a higher heel reinforce this effect even more.

Combination ideas for every occasion

Boots as everyday companions

Relaxed everyday looks almost scream for jeans and boots. With the variety of women's jeans, every woman can find her individual combination for her favorite boot. We like to combine boots with one rolled up mom jeans. If you find it too cold in winter to roll up your jeans, you can eye-catching socks to wear under jeans as a fashion statement. In addition, women's winter jackets provide warmth on the top. Also in winter fashion 2019/2020 Bomber jackets or plaid wool coats back in trend. Jeans are real all-rounders and go with almost all women's jackets, which is why they are always the savior in an emergency, especially in combination with boots, when you have nothing to wear again.


Winter fashion for the office doesn't have to cause a morning headache: Classic, high quality boots are the perfect choice for elegant business outfits. Dresses or skirts with silky blouses go well with it. Boots match both Shift dress as well as the close-fitting Cloth trousers paired with a Cashmere sweater. You can't go wrong in the office with these outfits. If you like it more unusual, you can combine sock boots in muted colors with wide trousers and a narrow women's sweater. With wide trousers, a narrow belt emphasizes the waist.

Chic in the evening

Date for a first date or maybe for dinner with friends? We like to wear pretty ones for such occasions clothes and Ankle boots with a smaller heel. Biker boots look particularly casual with a dress. With this you create a style break with which you are fully in line with the trend and are also comfortably dressed, but still modern. If you don't like clothes, you can wear it too Culottes To fall back on. Since culottes are cut loose and airy, it's best to combine them with one narrow ankle bootsso that the legs do not appear more powerful than they actually are. Leather jackets or trench coats go well with these outfits.



On special occasions it can be a little more: That's why we are Overknees great companion for long nights. Combining overknees without stealing the show is very easy. We recommend straight dressesthat end just above the shaft of the boot or hide it entirely. Matching jewelry * rounds off your outfit and provides the necessary sparkle. Tip: Be careful not to show too much skin so that your outfit still looks classy. If you choose overknees in bright colors, adapt your clothes and switch to subtle colors.

Show your boots

With the choice of your boots you can not only upgrade your outfit, you can combine all the clothes from your closet so that they fit every occasion. With the right ones Tricks you can also use your Highlight advantages.

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