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Toy code; obtained by Ducky Boat toy (about $ 17.00 USD)
The Raptor is one of the fastest boats in the game, having the best acceleration and second best top speed. (According to game statistics) This is an exclusive boat for those who have acquired the code from the "Sharkbite Ducky Boat Toy". You also get a light blue shark knit hat from the code. The code can be bought on Amazon, Target, eBay, etc.


The Raptor is an orange-red color with a spoiler on the rear of the boat, this boat sits low in the water, unlike most boats. The acceleration of the Raptor is slower than the Specter, making it good for quick escapes from a shark. Another perk to this boat is the maneuverability since this boat is impossible to flip, or rather stay flipped. You can also x-ray (don't see the water) through the window if you zoom in all the way in as long as your graphics are at 8 or higher.

The Candy Boat and the Raptor almost look identical to each other because they both have the same shape and they both have only two seats. The main difference is that Raptor has an orange-red color and is much faster than the candy boat. Also, It can be obtained from the Ducky boat toy. On the other hand, the candy boat has a candy-themed design and also cannot be redeemed from the toy, instead, it is bought with shark teeth. Also, the Candy Boat has a peppermint light in front of it that raptor doesn't have.

The Raptor / Specter's speeds were never changed (in the 2019 Christmas update it was only changed in the store).

Fun Fact: One of the Developers Opplo got the first ever Duck Boat toy and said that he doesn't want to open it, so he doesn't actually own the raptor himself that's why he merged the acceleration and the top speed together (the actual speed of Specter was never changed). But the fact is hidden here. Specter is a little bit faster than Raptor in successful speed tests and also in Vova_'s speed test. If you wonder who is he? He tests the boat speed and acceleration and also rubbed the myth "Raptor is faster than Specter". Raptor's acceleration is insane unlike Specter. But the speed is little bit slower than Specter.


  • Boat with the fastest acceleration
  • Cannot tip over
  • Can turn easily
  • It's acceleration is insane!
  • Use the bait boat tactic with it (means when shark is chasing you go near a big boat)! You will most probably win.
  • It's the 2nd fastest boat of the game! (1st being Golden Speedboat)


  • Only 2 seats
  • Costs real world money to get the toy (But it is an extra boat as a thank you for buying the toy).
  • Limited firing space.
  • If the shark destroys the boat entirely then there will be little to no debris to stand on so it will show red particles emitted by you.
  • Like the Specter, Both of these boats can still be caught up by a boosted mosasaurus (without boost it cannot catch it as long as the driver is smart).
  • A toy to get this boat's code will cost nearly equal to titanic
  • shortfin mako can also catch up when user is big brain


  • Drive everywhere with it.
  • Invite a friend with a gift launcher or pumpkin launcher.
  • Use sharp turns.
  • Capsize other small boats, that way the shark changes its mind about chasing you.
  • Use this in double shark or viral infection bonus rounds.
  • Find another fast boat and scramble when the shark comes, and regroup when its gone.
  • Can flip other boats over to troll.


  • There is a boat that is a reskin version of it, called the Candy Boat.
  • This boat is very uncommon to see in a server.
  • This Boat along with the Froggy Boat are both the only boats that can be obtained from a toy code. (All the Toy codes are different and none of them aren't the same ...)
  • It currently shows up in the store off-sale but with its stats shown.
  • The Raptor is inspired by the real life Raptor
  • There is a glitch where you can X-ray though the water by setting your graphics to 8 manually and zooming in to look through the windshield of the raptor. Useful for spotting the shark while it is underwater.