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November 12, 2010

  • Release date: October 12, 2010
  • Developer: Spellbound Entertainment (Germany)
  • Platforms: PC, PS3, Xbox 360
  • USK: From 12 years
  • Genre: role playing game
  • Player: 1
  • Reviews, tests: 54% M! Games, 40% 4players, 69% GameStar, 7.5 / 10 current games, good (2.49) computer picture games, 49% Looki

A dark chapter

After the disaster of the third part, Gothic fans have long hoped and waited for a sequel. The new developer Spellbound from Germany was under high pressure of expectation and has now completed a beginner-friendly role-playing game. For the first time, the series is also finding its way onto consoles, although Playstation owners will have to wait until spring. But on PC and Xbox 360, players can now return to fighting, magic and some quests in a mystical world. At least the beautifully designed landscapes are reminiscent of the Gothic series.

The player starts the game with a young battered shepherd on a small island. After three fairly simple tasks, he can finally marry his loved one. But the young marriage is not a lucky star, because when a foreign force burns the village to the ground, his wife dies too. With the campaign of revenge that is now beginning, the game finally gets going. The player moves from the small island of Feshyr to the large main island of Argaan and into the capital. Unfortunately, this only happens linearly, because you are not allowed to discover the game world on your own, as you were used to with Gothic. Only when all tasks have been satisfactorily solved can one advance into the next area. For the campaign of vengeance it is of course important to master melee weapons, which you could already practice using in the tutorial on goblins, trolls and molerats. There are plenty of butchers, because hordes of wild animals and, of course, plenty of villains lurk everywhere. The opponents are knocked out again and again with the targeted hit combinations. Overhead blows and skillful evasive maneuvers provide further variety. The area is beautiful to look at with the weather effects. There are also some treasure chests to clear out here and there, but overall there is too much empty landscape. As always, that means miserably long running.

The tasks that the player has to fulfill can often be fulfilled in different ways. But no matter how you decide, the solution always leads to the same goal. Regardless of whether you decide, for example, to support the rebels or to help the authorities. The result is always the same: you free your old friend Diego and receive the required pass. It is the same at a weather shrine. If you choose rain you come to a magician who brings us to her grand master. If you choose sun, the sorcerer uses his mind control to ensure that the magician lets us see the master. Unfortunately, the quests do not contain puzzles or accompanying missions and thus the variety. Again and again there is only the task of looking for something or fighting. If the story is still very understandable at first, it becomes more and more obscure as the game progresses and turns into a demon and god epic. When leveling up, you can only distribute your attribute points over a minimal system of five skills and three spells.

In contrast to its predecessor, the game only has a few bugs. The beautiful landscapes and the objects that Spellbound placed inside are also well done. The weather effects with wind and rain can also convince the player. The fights are quick and well animated.

The official successor to the Gothic series forces the player's freedom of movement into very narrow channels and the quests only require search actions or beating. The meager skills and few spells will not be enough for real RPG fans either. The side quests, of which there are fewer and fewer at the end of the game, do not affect the game and are rather boring.

ArcaniA's assessment is double-edged. On the one hand, there is the successful graphics, an easy-to-play combat system and the minimum skill and magic system is particularly useful for beginners. But the loyal Gothic fans will not like the lack of equipment, they lack the freely accessible environment and they will quickly notice that you can completely save yourself the simple side quests.

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ArcaniA - A Gothic Tale is based on a world that invites the player to explore countless sights and details. Different climatic zones with lovingly designed flora and fauna, underground dungeons as well as cities and fortresses with unique architecture await the explorer. Clouds darken the sky and various weather effects - such as B. Rain and wind - influence the game world, which is always fascinating with its fantastic graphics, day and night changes and the enchanting alternation of light and shadow. All of this is accompanied by atmospheric music and high-quality sound effects that create an unforgettable atmosphere for the player. Countless quests, challenging fights, obscure characters and a challenging story provide hours of exciting gaming fun. The southern islands are waiting for you!

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