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Endler Guppy offspring
I am giving away the offspring of my Endler guppies. Tell me how many you want and I'll see how many I can give you. :) Since the fish are still very young, I can not say what gender most of them are. No
Price: n / a | 40789 Monheim am Rhein
Endler guppies
Nice, guppy offspring to sell, cheap,
Price: n / a | 49770 Herzlake
Guppy Mixes, SPECIAL OFFER !, 7.50EUR / 6 pcs.
Please also take a look at my other aquarium offers. Size: 3 - 5 cm Age: 2 - 3 years Diet type: omnivorous Food: algae, crabs, plant material, aquatic insects, worms Sleep-wake rhythm: diurnal Sexual maturity: et
Price: 1.50 | 53894 Mechernich
Dark Dragon Guppy's
From private hobby breeding to give off Dark Dragon Guppy's. Delivery size ~ 1 cm. The photos show the parent animals, only the young are given away. Robust animals, used to all types of food, pH 5.5 and 8.5, water hardness 5 to 25 ┬░ dGH, water temperature 22
Price: 15, - | 45701 Herten, Germany
Aquarium resolution 120 l
I'm selling my whole aquarium because I don't have time for everything anymore. Aquarium is about 120 liters 3 armored catfish 2 catfish 1 pineapple sword bearer 9 neons guppy? S shrimp 1 thorn-eye plants and decorations too. I want to sell everything together. For f
Price: 300, - | 26133 Oldenburg
Purebred Black metal Silver Lace Guppies
I am giving away a few offspring of my purebred Black Metal Silver Lace Guppies. Animals are healthy and strong. All of my offspring grew up in German groundwater without the addition of salts. Due to the corona situation, the handover takes place at
Price: 15, - | 21726 Oldendorf
Endler, guppy, pure-bred, from 1.50 EUR
Please also take a look at my other aquarium offers. Age 4+ months, gender already recognizable No overbreeding, only healthy animals! The animals are in fully planted tanks with me. You will receive healthy and genuine from me
Price: 1.50 | 53894 Mechernich
Guppies Moscow Black
Give offspring of Guppies Moscow Black are 8 weeks old pieces 2EUR see pictures The parents animals are not for sale!
Price: 2, - | 37339 Thuringia - Worbis
Snake Skin Neon, pure, Endler, RARITY!
Please also take a look at my other aquarium offers. Name: Snake Skin Endler, Guppy Lat. Name: Poecilia wingei Family: Live-bearing toothcarps Origin: Venezuela, Guyana, Brazil Final size: 2.5-4 cm Diet: Omnivorous Water parameters:
Price: 2.50 | 53894 Mechernich
Young fish guppy offspring guppies
150 young guppies are looking for a new home. For each selected fish 1, - EUR, and if you take them all with you, we'll talk about the price :) Tel .: 0151-52387675
Price: 1, - | 65549 Limburg
Guppy mix from hobby breeding
We have young guppies from our hobby breeding and can give away some animals. They are perfectly healthy and young animals. A total of approx. 100 animals. We put together a mix of the guppies (males and females). Number and size as required. S.
Price: 0.50 | 73547 Lorch
Bred guppies
Have some young guppies from offspring. Males as well as females. Healthy animals.
Price: 1, - | 63697 Hirzenhain, Wetteraukreis
10-15 Endler guppy babies
Make 10-15 Endler Guppy babies. Since they are still quite young, the gender cannot be recognized yet. All fish are healthy; they live in normal tap water in a community tank with dwarf armored catfish and dwarf shrimp. I feed them Leb
Price: 1, - | 70499 Stuttgart
Guppy offspring for sale
Selling my guppy offspring here. Animals are all healthy and fit. Aquarium free from diseases or the like. Private sale therefore no return or guarantee
Price: 1, - | 87499 Wildpoldsried
Female guppy for sale
Selling my female guppy here. Fish is healthy and fit. Aquarium free from diseases or the like. Private sale therefore no return or guarantee
Price: 2, - | 87499 Wildpoldsried
Guppy offspring 50 cents each
I have guppies on offer
Price: 1, - | 51061 Cologne
10 Endler Guppy females
I have 4 pregnant females in the pool and I would also give 2 of them. Just let me know if you are interested. Price for all 10 females 5EUR! My fish live in a community tank with Corydoras Napoensis and Neocardina. I give them to eat
Price: 1, - | 70499 Stuttgart
Offer guppies from private breeding
Price: 1, - | 36277 Schenklengsfeld
Endler's Guppy Cardinal Cubs and Babies
This color variation can also be found in nature. Young animals and baby fish for sale 20 fish for 15EUR If you are interested, please write to us
Price: 1, - | 97499 Donnersdorf
Guppies, females, almost fully grown, to give up
my aquarium is slowly getting too full. So I have to give up a few female guppies. They are almost fully grown. Currently about 2.5 cm tall. Price negotiable depending on the quantity. No shipping. Private sale, no guarantee, no guarantee and no return.
Price: 1, - | 12101 Berlin
Tiger Endler, genuine, RARITY, action
Very rarely offered! Please also take a look at my other aquarium offers. The Endler Guppy, native to Brazil and Central America, is a small, very peaceful aquarium fish, it is also suitable for beginners. For the Tiger E
Price: 2.50 | 53894 Mechernich
Delivering Platy & Guppy Babies
We have baby fish to deliver. Mostly platys. About 6 weeks old.
Price: 1, - | 64560 Riedstadt
Wild endler, guppy, pure breeding
Please also take a look at my other aquarium offers. Name: Cumana Wildguppy Lat. Name: Poecilia wingei Family: Live-bearing toothcarps Origin: Venezuela, Guyana, Brazil Final size: 2.5-4 / 5 cm Diet: Omnivorous Water parameters: pH 6,
Price: 1.50 | 53894 Mechernich
Molly Platy Guppy offspring babies
Hello, I have quite a few offspring here. If you are interested, please get in touch.
Price: 1.50 | 53881 Euskirchen
Give away female guppies
Hello, I am offering simple guppy females here!
Price: 0.01 | 42389 Wuppertal
Guppies guppy guppies fish catfish
Selling our guppies here, each 0.80 cents male / female. Come by and choose yourself. Antenna catfish cost 2EUR each. If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to write to me
Price: 0.80 | 63674 Altenstadt
Guppy full gold
Full gold guppy offspring approx. 2cm approx. 40 pieces available It is an Asian tribe that was originally kept on salt. I have accustomed the animals to normal tap water for several generations, free of additives. The fish si
Price: 5, - | 51147 Cologne
Endler guppies
Hello :-) I am selling some of my guppies because they have multiplied abundantly. Different sizes. Individual 1EUR each. From 15 pieces there is a discount. Please only pick up in Wuppertal Cronenberg.
Price: 1, - | 42349 Wuppertal
Guppies / catfish / plants to give away
Hello we're giving away guppies, catfish and plants. In our aquarium, the fish reproduce in large numbers unintentionally. Therefore we would like to offer both small guppies and catfish, as well as larger ones, a new home. We are also happy to provide plants
Price: n / a | 69214 Eppelheim, Germany
Guppy s fish
Put our ready-to-sell offspring in good hands here. There are mostly females (pregnant) and unfortunately only 2 males with them. There are a total of 14 guppies. Price per piece 1.49 euros. Negotiable prices for larger purchases.
Price: 1.49 | 39104 Magdeburg

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