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Adventures and how to program them on the CPC 464


A fascinating guide to the fantastic world of adventure games. This shows how adventures work, how to play them successfully and how to program your own adventures on the CPC 464. The entire spectrum up to the tricky graphic adventure is dealt with and covered with many program examples. The highlight of the book is, in addition to many ready-made adventures to type in, a complete ADVENTUREGENERATOR, with which the programming of gripping adventures becomes child's play. In addition, a graphics editor and programmer is presented, with whose help you can generate the sub-programs necessary for your graphic adventures in next to no time.


Jörg Walkowiak, computer science student who can look back on years of experience with the most common home and personal computers and is a successful author of professional adventure games.

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Reviewer:retroGfx- - September 21, 2020
Subject:Original file from coundn't be parsed by

It was not my intention to hide the table of content and the attached "Scan by ACME". If this was my goal, I would have deleted also the additional page at the end.

In fact the lost stuff is due to the fact that I had to rewrite the file with pdftk, to make it parseable by the engine. Otherwise it was just all shown as blank pages.

About "intellectual honesty". I don't think that scanning other peoples work does give you any kind of "copyright". I don't care about who scanned it, I give credit to the author who wrote the book in the first place. And BTW I also saw stuff I scanned and put on archive pop up on ACME. I don't care about this. It's not my work, it was scanned in a few minutes.

My only goal is to make out-of-print books from decades ago available in a proper online library, so the information is not lost. I'm not interested in any "fame" or "donations" and I don't think scanning old books is something one should expect much credit for.

Reviewer:Fredisland- - September 18, 2020
Subject:Un ouvrage scanné par ACME

Un ouvrage scanné par ACME
Not seulement le credit a été enlevé, mais la table des matières a aussi subi le même sort.
L'honnêteté intellectuelle n'a jamais tué personne, merci d'y penser la prochaine fois!