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The members of the Straw hat pirate gang (jap. 麦 わ ら 海賊 団, Mugiwara Kaizokudan), often referred to as the straw hat gang, straw hat pirates or just straw hats, are the protagonists of the story of One Piece.

Flag of the gang

Jolly Roger the straw hat gang
Luffy's self-drawn version

The individual members

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Monkey D. Luffy

Luffy, the captain
Luffy's new profile
Luffy's old profile

Monkey D. Luffy is the protagonist of the series. His big dream is to become the king of the pirates. That's why he started his journey to the Grandline at the age of 17. [1] On his journey he meets many new friends who join him and so his gang of pirates continues to grow. What is striking about Luffy is the scar that he made under his left eye to impress Shanks. Like all other straw hats, Luffy had a difficult past, so he had to watch Shanks have his left arm severed. He was raised by Dadan, who treated him more like a worker than a son. His role models are Shanks on the one hand, and the pirate king Gol D. Roger on the other.

Lorenor Zorro

Zorro, the swordsman
Zorro's new profile
Zorro's old profile

Lorenor Zorro is a member of the Straw Hat gang. He is the first crew member that Luffy was able to win for his team on his journey. [2] He has a dream of becoming the best swordsman in the world. Like Luffy, Zorro had a decisive childhood experience. His training partner Kuina died when she fell down the stairs after one of the numerous successful fights against Zorro. Before that, both had made a promise to each other that Zorro would become the best swordsman in the world, since Kuina was too weak as a girl. Zorro wears three earrings on his left ear, these and his green hair make him unmistakable. Zorro's role models are Kuina, whom he was never able to defeat, as well as his master Koshiro, who gave him Kuina's sword after her death. [3]


Nami, the navigator
Nami's new profile
Nami's old profile

Nami is the navigator and cartographer of the Straw Hat gang. She joined the gang as the fifth member after Luffy defeated Arlong. Before that, however, Nami had already traveled with the Flying Lamb, as she had entered into a kind of community of convenience with Luffy. Your dream is to draw a perfect world map. Nami also had a difficult past, so she was found as an infant together with Nojiko von Bellemere and raised until she was shot by Arlong. Nami asked the pirate to buy her village out for 100 million berries, for which she had to join his gang. She was a member of the gang until Luffy faced Arlong and defeated him. Nami also has a feature on the left side of the body that makes it unmistakable. On her left shoulder she has a tattoo in the form of a windmill, combined with an orange, and on her left arm she wears the log port and Nojiko's bracelet, which is supposed to remind her of her sister. Her great role model is Bellemere, who always stood up for her children. [4]


Usopp the Sagittarius
Usops new profile
Usops old wanted poster with a Sogeking mask

Usopp is the shooter of the Straw Hat gang. His father is Yasopp, a member of Shank's pirate gang, and his mother's name is Bankina. His big dream is to become a brave warrior of the seas and the best archer. That's why he joined Luffy's gang at the age of 17. [5] Like every other straw hat, Usopp had a decisive experience in his past. His father left the village when Usopp was still very young, his mother died some time later, so that Usopp grew up alone. Furthermore, Usopp also has a certain characteristic on the left half of his body, which makes him unmistakable, he wears his striped sweatband on his left arm. In addition to his dream of becoming a brave warrior, he also wants to become a perfect shooter like his father Yasopp.

Sanji Vinsmoke

Sanji, the Smutje
Sanji's new profile
Sanji's old profile

Sanji Vinsmoke, also known as Blackfoot Sanji, is the smutje of the Straw Hat gang. Before joining, he was the head chef at the Baratié floating restaurant. His goal in life as a chef is to find the All Blue. He not only worships the female members of the gang, but every pretty lady he meets. Furthermore, he refuses to use his kicking skills against women, even if it means his death. In Luffy's gang, he also often takes on the role of strategist. He was serving as a kitchen boy on a passenger ship many years ago when Jeff raided his ship. There was a violent storm that sank both ships and washed Jeff and Sanji on a high rock. They starved there for several months until a ship rescued them. Sanji himself revealed almost nothing to his crew about his past past. He only said casually that he comes from the North Blue. In fact, he is the third son of the Vinsmoke family, a family of assassins.

A special visual feature of Sanji is that one of his eyes is always covered by his hairstyle; At first you never saw his left eye, after the two-year separation of the gang, it was the other way around. So now only his left eye can be seen. His role model is Jeff, from whom he probably also took his kicks. [6]

Tony Chopper

Chopper, the ship's doctor
Choppers new profile
Chopper's old profile

Tony Chopper (in Japanese original Tony Tony Chopper) is a reindeer and the ship's doctor of the Straw Hat gang. He once ate the human-human fruit, which gave him a number of human qualities, such as reasoning, walking on two legs, and even the ability to speak. His dream is to find a medicine that will act as a cure for all diseases. Its antlers broke off trying to save Bader by looking for a rare mushroom. Since then it has been fixed with a metal clamp. In addition, Chopper was once expelled from his pack because, unlike the other reindeer, he had a blue nose. He was taken in by Bader and raised by him. Another shock for Chopper was his death from an incurable disease. After this heavy blow, Chopper was picked up by Kuleha, who now took care of him. His role models are Kuleha and Bader, both excellent doctors. [7]

Nico Robin

Robin the archaeologist
Robin's current profile
Robin's second profile

Nico Robin is an archaeologist and the seventh member of the Straw Hat gang. Before joining, she was Vice-President of the Baroque company and partner of Sir Crocodile. During her time as an agent, she called herself Miss Bloody Sunday. Her dream is to find the Rio Porn Glyph and learn the truth about the "lost story". She has the power of the flora-flora fruit and, thanks to this, can let her body parts grow anywhere within her sight. She is the only survivor of the buster call on Ohara, in which not only her family and the residents of Ohara were killed, but also Robin's role model, Professor Kleeblatt. Robin wears a bracelet on his left arm, the meaning and origin of which is still unknown. In addition, she was impressed by Sauros and Olvia's courage, so that she also sees them as a role model. [8]


Franky, the ship's carpenter
Franky's new profile with a picture of the Franky Shogun
Franky's old wanted poster

Franky, whose real name is Cutty Framm, is the ship's carpenter of the Straw Hat gang and was once the boss of the Franky Family ship scrapping force in Water 7. To hide from the world government, he called himself Franky after his return to Water 7 to avoid being recognized to stay. He was abandoned on the high seas by his parents many years ago and found and raised by Tom, the best shipbuilder in the world, and his later role model. Together with him and Eisberg, Tom built various ships until the master was charged and executed by the world government for building the Oro Jackson, Gol D. Rogers ship. Tom was transferred to Enie's lobby by the sea train he had built himself. Franky wanted to stand in his way, but was run over and had to convert himself into a cyborg due to the serious injuries. He integrated many weapons into his left arm. His dream is to sail around the world with his dream ship, the Thousand Sunny. [9]


Brook the musician
Brooks new wanted poster
Brook's old wanted poster

Brook is a skeleton and the ninth member of the Straw Hat gang. When he joined, Luffy's wish for a musician in the band was finally fulfilled. However, Brook made new friends through the gang and returned to the pirate life. Brook was previously a member of the Rumba Pirates as a runner-up under Yoki. When Yoki died of an infection, Brook took over the role of captain. Some time later, the gang got caught up in a violent fight in which everyone was killed. Brook's devil power began to work and so his soul could return to the body, but this was already only a skeleton. Furthermore, his suit has a few holes on the left side. Brooks dream is to see La Boum again, the whale that has been waiting for the rumba gang to return for over 50 years on the Cape of the Twins. [10]


Jinbei, the helmsman
Jinbei's old profile

Jinbei is a whale shark fish person and a former samurai of the seas. Before the great battle in Marine Ford, he refused to fight Whitebeard and his alliance with the Navy, whereupon he was locked in Impel Down. There he was freed by Luffy and his breakout alliance. In Marine Ford, Jinbei finally renounced his title as Samurai of the Seas and fought relentlessly by Luffy's side to save Ace from execution. Since then, Jinbei and Luffy have enjoyed a deep friendship. On the Fishman Island, too, the whale shark fishman supported Luffy with all means and even donated blood to him, with which Jinbei broke a taboo among fish people. Luffy already invited him to join his pirate gang there, but Jinbei had formed an alliance with Big Mom during the time jump to protect the Fishman Island. That is why he postponed joining for an indefinite period of time until he had settled certain things. Jinbei then made his way to Whole Cake Island, where he officially confessed to Luffy and the Straw Hat gang and broke the alliance with Big Mom.


Flying Lamb

The Flying Lamb

The Flying Lamb was designed and constructed by Lammchen. After Luffy had protected Syrop, Usop's home village, from Captain Black and his gang, Lammchen and Miss Kaya gave the straw hats the ship as a thank you. With this they were also on the Grand Line for a while, but it often suffered damage, making it unseaworthy and ultimately burned by Luffy on the open sea. [11]

Thousand Sunny

The Thousand Sunny

The Thousand Sunny, or just "Sunny", is the new ship of the Straw Hat gang. It was built from the wood of the Adam tree by the best ship carpenters from Water 7. In general, the Thousand Sunny is about twice the size of the Flying Lamb, whose spirit now resides in this ship, and offers many novelties. When the ship is unveiled, Eisberg announces that it is one that can really sail across the seas. He also calls it the ship of the king of all beasts. [12]



  • The Straw Hat Gang has at least one member from every sea: from the East Blue Luffy, Zorro, Nami and Usopp; from the NorthblueSanji; from the GrandlineChopper and Jinbei; from the SouthblueFranky and from the WestblueRobin and Brook.
  • Their combined bounty is currently 3,161,000,100 . Thus, according to the current status, the straw hat gang is only surpassed by the gangs of the KaiserBig Mom, Kaido and Shanks. It should be mentioned, however, that some bounties are still unknown, especially in the ranks of the Blackbeard pirate gang, so the only thing that is surpassed in this regard by the Big Mom pirate gang is the Straw Hat gang. It should be mentioned, however, that in the 100-beast pirate gang, as well as the Blackbeard pirate gang and also the red-haired pirate gang, some bounties are still unknown.
  • The straw hats are linked by some features and properties, although not all of them are 100% applicable to every member:
    • A striking number of special, external features of the straw hat gang seem to be on their left side. Luffy's distinctive scar sits under his left eye, as does Zorros, which he contracted during the time jump. The swordsman also wears his earrings and his headscarf on the left. Nami, in turn, has her tattoo on her left arm, on which she also has the log port. Usopp has always had a blue and white sweatband on his left arm and Chopper's antlers are damaged on the left. In addition, Franky sustained most of the injuries on his left side of the body when he hit the Puffing Tom, which is why most of his weapons are now on the left. This could of course also be traced back to Eiichiro Oda's drawing style. In Jinbei, however, a scar on his left eye adorns his face.
    • All straw hats pursue a dream that they want to realize by the end of their journey together. They have already formulated these goals clearly themselves in the course of history. Luffy wants to become the pirate king, Zorro wants to be the best swordsman in the world, Nami to draw a perfect map of the world, Usop to become a brave warrior of the seas, Sanji to find the Allblue, Chopper to develop perfect medicine , Nico Robin put together the Rio Porneglyph, Franky reach Laugh Tale with the best ship in the world, see Brook La Boum again and Jinbei enable the fish people to live harmoniously with the people on the surface.
    • All straw hats have a tragic past (except for Brook especially her childhood), which was marked by loss and loneliness. As a result, almost all of them developed unrelated caregivers, whom they see as their role models today. Luffy experienced the alleged death of Sabo after the fire in the Gray Terminal and today sees Shanks as his role model, Zorro coped with the death of Kuina, the daughter of his very respected master Koshiro, Nami was present at the death of her foster mother Bellemere, Sanji was taken by his family as Weakling expelled and had to flee to the East Blue, where he starved for 85 days with Jeff, during which he sacrificed his leg, Usopp lost his mother at a young age and therefore turned to Miss Kaya, Chopper was expelled from his pack due to his devilish powers and lived until on his death with Doc Bader and then with Kuleha, Nico Robin experienced the Buster Call from Ohara, whereby her mother died, but found a self-sacrificing patron in Hagwar D. Sauro, Franky grew up with his role model Tom, who was executed, Brook spent 50 years in solitude after his entire gang was destroyed, and Jinbei lost his role model, Fisher Ti ger endure.
    • The families of straw hats are for the most part very opaque. Only four members (Luffy, Usopp, Sanji & Robin) actually know their birth parents by name, but only two of them have both. (Usopp & Sanji) Since the story of One Piece is not yet finished, it is not impossible that this will change.
  • The following information comes from answers to questions to Oda (Warning! The table may contain spoiler information!) (Show table /Hide table)
Surname What kind of animal would he / she be? What number is assigned to him / her? What does he / she smell like? If the SHB were a family: Who would be who? Who eats what best? Which island would he / she most like to be on? Which country would he / she come from? What color is he / she assigned? Which flower will he / she be given? What blood group does he / she have? What is Law's nickname for him / her? Which prefecture is assigned to him / her? Which dish does he / she hate the most? What are the typical sleeping habits? What alternative career to piracy would he / she have chosen?
Monkey D. Luffy monkey number 1 flesh Fourth son flesh no matter, the main thing is that there is meat there Brazil red Jewelry basket F. Straw hat-ya Okinawa Cherry pie (for no reason) He's sleeping,
when he's tired
and wake up
when he ... wakes up.

at least 5 hours
Lorenor Zorro Shark No. 2 iron First son White rice, sea kings meat & anything you can drink beer with Autumn on an autumn island Japan green Thistle XF Zorro-Ya Hokkaido Chocolate because it's too sweet 04:00 am - 07:00 am
and naps in between
police officer
Nami cat No. 3 Mandarins & money First daughter Oranges & everything else about fruit Summer on a spring island Sweden orange Sunflower X Nami-ya Ehime Orangette (candied orange peel) because she prefers to eat normal fruit 11:00 p.m. - 7:00 a.m. Nanny
Usopp armadillo No. 4 Gunpowder Third son Autumn island pike & seasonal fish Summer on an autumn island Africa yellow daisy S. Nose-ya Kanagawa Mushrooms, because they made him sick 01:00 am - 08:00 am Graphic designer
Sanji Vinsmoke cheetah No. 5 Cigarettes & seafood Second son (rowdy) spicy pasta with seafood & everything you can drink black tea with Robin on the Nami Island France blue Larkspurs S (RH-) Blackfoot-Ya KyotoDevil's tongue because it has no nutritional content 00:00 am - 05:00 am Workers in a beauty salon
Tony Chopper Moose No. 6 he doesn't know because he can't smell himself Youngest son Cotton candy, chocolate & all other sweets Spring on a winter island Canada pink tulip X Tony-Ya Toyama anything that is spicy as it is not sweet 9:00 p.m. - 7:00 a.m.
and naps in between
primary school teacher
Nico Robin crane No. 7 Flowers mother Sandwiches, not too sweet cakes & anything you can drink coffee with Autumn on a spring island Russia purple lily S. Nico-Ya Osaka Chewing gum because she can't swallow it 11:00 p.m. - 6:00 a.m. stewardess
Franky Fighting bull No. 8 cola Father Hamburgers, fries & everything you can drink cola with Summer on the spring island United States Light Blue Wood anemones XF Robo-Ya Nagasaki Marshmallows because they aren't hard enough 01:00 am - 09:00 am pilot
Brook horse No. 9 Black tea Grandpa ??? (was not mentioned in the FPS) Autumn on the spring island Austria (according to Carlsen Australia) Black-and-white rose X Bone-ya Tottori Lemons because he can't grimace without cheeks 00:00 am - 05:00 am detective
Jinbei No. 10 ocher F. pickled mozuku seaweed and fruits 03:00 - 09:00 a.m.


Places that the Straw Hat gang (or individual members) has already visited: