What are pop culture references

Popular culture or in short: Pop culture is the culture that we encounter in everyday life. As such, it encompasses the totality of our everyday attitudes, habits and actions (Ray B. Browne “Popular Culture: Notes towards a Definition” [1972], 13).

If one regards pop culture as a “house” with a multitude of different “rooms” in which we move (Jack Nachbar and Christopher C. Geist, 1983), then the popular culture media is an important “room” in this house. These include B. Films, comics, computer games, pop music, novels, advertising and blogs, etc. Since these media have a central role in our lives, cultural studies research deals with the function of popular culture as the most direct cultural influence on our own understanding of ourselves and the world.

Visualization based on Jack Nachbars and Christopher C. Geist's concept of pop culture as a 'house' we live in (1983); see introductory chapter. Popular Culture Reader. Ed. Neighbor / Spirit. Bowling Green University Press. P. 5-6.

Popular series formats such as B. Game of Thrones, House of Cards and How I Met Your Mother are characterized by a variety of stylistic devices, experimental narrative structures, multi-layered characters and ramified storylines. Narrative theory approaches can make the interactions between narrative, cinematic and linguistic means of representation accessible for analysis and create a basis for critical reflection on the influences of narrative structures on consumers of pop culture media.