How to say thank you to Allah

How do you say / THANKS

1. Goal idea

Rediscover and become grateful for what God does for you every day and how He is by your side.

2. Formulated devotion

Do you know that? You get a present from someone and your parents say: “What do you say?” Sure: Thank you. Be thankful. Perhaps you have already heard these sentences in connection with God. We want to thank God for ... To be honest, there are also situations that do not invite you to thank. Your aunt gave you a pair of extremely ugly socks ... and what do they say? One would like to say that she should use these things as a grill lighter or give them to someone else as a present. No, you say "thank you". But it is not meant seriously. It is the same in relation to God. There are also situations in which I would rather ask: “Are you serious?” Perhaps you know situations in which you would have rather thrown everything else at God than to say thank you. It's also kind of weird to say thank you for the illness, the really bad math work, the broken relationship or family. And when I read that the Bible says: “Thank you in all things! For this is the will of God ”(1 Thessalonians 5:18) or“ Thank God the Father at all times for everything ”(Eph 5:20), then it will be really difficult.

My first reaction is to get mad. If God wants me to be grateful, then He should take care of it so that I have a reason to be. My second reaction is that I fall into a certain sense of self-pity and then see everything just more negatively than it already is. And neither will get me any further. So what to do I would like to give you two ideas on how you can deal with situations that do not directly invite you to thank you.