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Venous Disease Clinics

Where can I find the best clinic? What is the status of medical research for my illness? As a patient, what options do I have when choosing a therapy? These questions are not easy to answer because the German health system is complex. At Klinik Kompass, patients from Germany and abroad can find suitable specialist clinics for their respective illnesses.

Klinik Kompass is an information portal for patients in English and German. Chief physicians report on the latest research achievements, selected hospitals are presented in clinical rankings, and treatment methods are discussed in articles on diseases. People with various diseases report about specialized therapies, about their fears, about setbacks and progress.

There are many different lists of specialized hospitals on Klinik Kompass. For example hip surgery, foot surgery or shoulder surgery, but also hospitals for breast cancer, lung cancer or uterine cancer. After each list, the criteria on the basis of which a list was drawn up are given. This makes it possible to understand how the selection was researched.

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