Where are Austin axles made in Germany?

Which pot sets are made in Germany?

The premium manufacturers Fissler and WMF were often associated with "Made in Germany" in the past. In the meantime you have to look very carefully if the pot set is to be made in Germany.

The embossing on the underside of the pot is a reliable reference point.

Defective pot sets from Asia

Basically nothing speaks against pot sets that are made in Asia - as long as the quality is right. There have been significant fluctuations in quality in recent years. This affects all manufacturers who manufacture in China.

As the NDR year 2014 reported, inferior cookware is sometimes offered under the premium brand WMF. The FAZ has also taken up the topic and wrote in July 2019:

The production of saucepans at the WMF headquarters in Geislingen / Steige will be discontinued at the end of 2020 because losses will be made. In the future, the stainless steel pots are to be produced in other European countries, at locations of the Groupe SEB […] Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, which have not yet been specified

Our customers have reported various deficiencies in inexpensive pot sets. Loose handles, rust stains and poor pot bottoms are the most common reasons for complaints.

These shortcomings occur occasionally. The pots are therefore not fundamentally inferior, but problems and poor quality control arise in production.

The low price is also reflected in the materials used. For example, the wall thickness is less and the bottom of the pot is not as massive.

To compare two popular WMF pot sets:

Quality from Germany

So there are definitely reasons to rely on a pot set “Made in Germany”. Of course, there can also be minor defects here and sometimes the pots are made in Germany, but the matching lids come from a factory in Asia. However, in over 10 years of trading in kitchen appliances, we have not received any reports of serious manufacturing errors.

Below is a list of the most popular pot sets made in Germany.

Frequently asked questions from our customers

These pots

  • are definitely suitable for induction
  • are made in Germany (Made in Germany)
  • have many satisfied users
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Fissler original-profi collection / stainless steel pot set, 5-part, saucepan set, pots with lids, ... 599.00 EURWatch now
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