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HIV treatment

HIV is easily treatable. Thanks to HIV drugs, people with HIV can now live well and for a long time with the virus. The drugs also prevent AIDS. It is important to start HIV therapy in good time.

The most important information about HIV treatment in brief

  • HIV is well treatable. HIV drugs suppress the replication of viruses in the body and thus prevent the occurrence of AIDS.
  • If treatment is started in good time, there is a good chance of one normal life expectancy at good quality of life.

  • The care of HIV therapy should be through specialized practices or outpatient clinics respectively. There they are familiar with the regularly necessary Check-ups out.

  • The medication must be taken regularly and, as far as we know, for life. A cure is not yet possible.

  • Is under successful HIV therapy HIV cannot be transmitted even during sex. Also, people living with HIV can thanks to the treatment Becoming parents naturally.

Information for people with HIV

More detailed information on HIV therapy, such as the procedure, success checks and choice of doctors, can be found in the section Living with HIV.

How does HIV therapy work?

HIV therapy is also called antiretroviral therapy (ART). you suppresses the multiplication of viruses in the body.  

HIV treatment will always be several active ingredients combinedthat start at different points of the HIV multiplication. That is why one speaks of a combination therapy. This increases the effectiveness of the treatment and prevents the formation of resistance.

  • For example, some HIV drugs prevent the virus from entering cells.

  • Others prevent him from taking command in the cell.

  • Others prevent an infected cell from releasing new viruses.

What exactly does HIV do in the body and how does HIV treatment keep the virus in check - the following video provides information about this:

The following video explains how HIV multiplies in the body if left untreated:

Life expectancy with HIV

Those who start HIV therapy in good time have a good chance of getting one normal life expectancy with good quality of life. For this it is important that the infection is detected in good time with an HIV test.

Although the drugs work well for HIV, they cannot clear the virus from the body. A cure is not yet possible. The medication must be taken regularly and, as far as we know, for life.

There are different research approaches that work towards a cure.

HIV therapy protects against transmission

#double knowledge

During HIV therapy drugs suppress the virus in the body. HIV cannot be transmitted even during sex. It has been scientifically proven. With our #knowledge doubling campaign, we want to make this fact better known.

If the treatment is successful, HIV will no longer be detectable in the blood after a while. One also speaks of a “viral load below the detection limit”. HIV cannot then be transmitted during sex.

HIV therapy also enables people with HIV to become parents naturally: the drugs protect before a transfer during theConception, pregnancy and childbirth.

No AIDS - thanks to HIV treatment

Because HIV treatment suppresses virus formation, the disease cannot progress any further. The appearance of AIDS is thus prevented

Thanks to HIV therapies, AIDS is becoming increasingly rare in countries with good medical care. If so, it is often because the HIV infection is discovered too late and the immune system has already been severely damaged.

But even in this case, HIV therapy can help Stop the course of the disease. The immune system can then usually recover to a certain extent. Even if AIDS symptoms have already appeared, they can regress again.

AIDS is preventable today and can be treated differently than it used to be.

Although AIDS is preventable, In Germany, more than 1,000 people develop AIDS every year. The No AIDS for All campaign of the German AIDS Federation wants to change that.

“I didn't know then how good the drugs are today. Looking back, I think to myself: I could really have saved myself from having AIDS. "
Maik, protagonist of the No AIDS for All campaign

Start of treatment and selection of HIV therapy

The treatment guidelines recommend start HIV therapy as soon as possible after diagnosisto keep the damage to the immune system as low as possible.

The care of the HIV therapy should be through from the beginning specialized practices or outpatient clinics respectively. They are also familiar with the determination of laboratory values ​​and the other control examinations that are regularly necessary.

Stand up for HIV treatment many drugs available that mostly well tolerated are. If severe side effects occur or the therapy does not work, the treatment can usually be changed.

When choosing the drug combination, various aspects are taken into account, for example:

Most HIV drugs contain several active ingredients of therapy. Often one tablet a day is enough.

Addresses of Doctors who specialize in HIVcan be obtained from local AIDS organizations or at

Find AIDS support addresses in your area

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Access to HIV treatment

AIDS is actually preventable. Nevertheless, it does happen that people get sick, for example because they do not have access to health care.

Especially People without papers or health insurance are often effectively excluded from medical care.

Deutsche Aidshilfe advocates free access to health care.

“In this country, too, people with HIV are excluded from therapy - with dramatic consequences for their health, sometimes even death. Access to treatment is a human rights issue. "
Sylvia Urban, board member of the German Aids Aid

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