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Joke for intelligent people 1

So goes the joke:

"Arrogant ?! Moi ?!"

That's why he's funny:

The two words practically contradict themselves. The statement should be: "I am not arrogant." However, the French "Moi" conveys arrogance - after all, you have to use the "I?" don't say in French unless you're arrogant. :-)


Joke for intelligent people 2

So goes the joke:

A linguistics professor says during a lecture: "In German, a double negative is positive, but in some other languages, such as Russian, a double negative is still negative. But in no language in the world can a double affirmation express something negative.

But then a voice came from the back of the room: "Yes exactly!

That's why he's funny:

"Yes, exactly" is a double affirmation. With a double affirmation, the student agrees with the professor's statement about double affirmations - and is also right. :-)


Joke for intelligent people 3

So goes the joke:

"Do you already know the new band called 1.023 MB? They don't have any gigs yet."

That's why he's funny:

To understand the joke you have to know that

  • "Gigs" is short for gigabyte - a unit of measurement for data (e.g. on a computer)
  • one gigabyte corresponds to 1,024 megabytes (MB) (instead of - as many people wrongly assume - 1,000 megabytes)
  • "Gig" denotes the performance of a musician

Accordingly, 1,023 MB is not a gig - and this "band" has no "gigs" :-)


Joke for intelligent people 4

So goes the joke:

First law of thermodynamics: You cannot win.

Second law of thermodynamics: you can't even balance.

Third law of thermodynamics: You cannot stop playing.

That's why he's funny:

Thermodynamics ("thermal theory") deals with the question of how one can convert heat into mechanical work - in a very complicated way (see HERE). The joke sums up the whole teaching very succinctly and in a simplified manner - and still gets to the point. At the same time, one can relate the sentences in this simplified form to life itself. Then the result would be: Life makes no sense because you can't win, but you have to keep playing.


Joke for intelligent people 5

So goes the joke:

Three logicians go into a bar. The landlord asks: "Well, do you all have a beer?"

says the first logician: "Don't know."

The second logician: "Don't know."

The third logician finally says, beaming with joy: "Yes!"

That's why he's funny:

The logical conclusion from the first two "don't know" is that the first two want a beer. If they hadn't wanted one, they would have said "no". Since the third now knows that the first two are taking a beer, his answer is "yes" :-)


Joke for intelligent people 6

So goes the joke:

How many surrealists does it take to change a lightbulb?

Answer: a fish.

That's why he's funny:

Surrealism is about bizarre art that often presents illogical things. The answer to the question in the joke doesn't make sense - and is thus surrealistic in itself.


Joke for intelligent people 7

So goes the joke:

A mathematician introduces himself as a logician in a bar. Asks the other:

"Logician? What is that?"

"Okay, I'll explain: do you have an aquarium?"


"Then there are sure to be fish in there too!"


"If there are fish in there, then you probably like animals too."


If you like animals, then you like children too. "


"If you like children, then you must have some ..."


"If you have children, you have a wife too."


"When you have a wife, you love women."


"If you love women, you don't love men!"


"If you don't love men, then you are not gay!"

"Right ... madness!"

The mathematician leaves and a friend of his "learned pupil" comes:

"You, I have to tell you something: I just met a logician!"

"A what?"

"A logician. I'll explain it to you: Do you have an aquarium?"


"Gay pig!"

That's why he's funny:

It's funny because the extremely shortened conclusion is illogical.

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