Ginger, onion juice and honey for something

: Onion and ginger: cure spicy

The onion can do more than “just” round off the taste of our dishes. Everyone who has cut an onion knows that. Because the juice that comes out of the vegetables is often so hot that you inevitably cry. But it is precisely this sharpness that we can use for our health. The germicidal substance allicin is responsible for this.

In addition, onions contain mustard oils, which have a disinfecting effect, as well as plenty of vitamins C, B and A as well as the minerals potassium, calcium and magnesium. This explains why the onion has been a tried and tested home remedy for centuries. Among other things, she helps with:

  • Cough and bronchitis
    Onions loosen the tough mucus. In the case of persistent bronchitis, onion tea can make it easier to cough up. To do this, cut an onion into slices and let it simmer in half a liter of water for about five minutes. Strain the brew through a sieve, sweeten it with a little honey and drink it as hot as possible. Another recipe: finely dice a medium-sized onion, sprinkle with sugar. Leave everything covered for an hour. The juice that has formed after an hour can be used as a cough syrup.
  • Stuffy nose
    Similar to the way an onion ensures the flow of tears when cutting, it also supports the self-cleaning of the nasal mucous membranes: it allows them to flow. If you have a stuffy nose, put a freshly sliced ​​onion on the bedside table. The mucous membranes swell and you can breathe more easily.
  • Insect bites
    Because of its anti-inflammatory effect, the onion can also be used as first aid for insect bites. To do this, place a freshly cut onion on the puncture. This disinfects the puncture site, reduces swelling and relieves itching.