Aec aplusanywhere silo school

The first thing you need to figure out is what kind of question is being asked. There are four common types: multiple choice, fill-in the blank, math fill-in with a calculator, and math fill-in with formulas. You can get help for each by clicking on their underlined names listed below.

Hint - Sometimes the computer says your answer was wrong, but you are sure it was right. You need to carefully reread the question and instructions. Also, think about what you were studying on the pages before the practice problem, then answer the problem again.

multiple choice - You are usually given three or four choices and you pick the right answer. Sometimes the answers are words or phrases, other times they are pictures or drawings. You click on the answer and the computer checks it. The computer then tells you if the answer was right or wrong.

Fill-in the blank - Fill-in questions need you to type in your answer, so they give you a box to type it in. The computer will have a list of answers that are correct and your answer must match one of them exactly to be graded as right. The computer can't guess what you meant to say, it can only grade you on what you typed in the answer box. This means that you need to follow the instructions carefully and spell words correctly.

Math Fill-in with Calculator - This type of problem works just like the normal fill-in question, but it also provides a calculator to help with the math. The Calculator button looks like a small box with rows of small buttons.

Math fill-in with formulas - Math formulas sometimes require specialized numbers, such as fractions and exponents. These characters aren't available on a computer's keyboard. The A + LS math lessons that require formulas provide you with special commands that let you create the necessary numbers. To make it easy, every formula page has instructions on how to create a formula.