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How do I get a lot of smoke from a shisha?

hello beautylicious! :) beautiful name ;)

I have, unlike the others here, unfortunately only a somewhat "simpler" answer ... I am also a passionate water pipe bubbler;) - and only smoked again yesterday. In the past, I never managed to get the shisha so good that there was a lot of smoke, but now it works - if it works, then it works :) unfortunately it is difficult to explain it online because every shisha is different.

but i would pay attention to a few things: - the most important thing in my eyes is the tobacco. I only use Turkish (alternatively foreign ones in general), as it is well known that German tobacco must not be very damp and dry out quickly. I think you can also get tobacco here that is moist enough, but it is quite expensive ... but, as the "berliner" has already described, moist, good-smelling, not dry tobacco - that's best! Of course there is also honey molasse to make the tobacco even more moist, you can use that as an alternative, but, as I said, really fresh, moist tobacco is ideal! - You don't have to be too careful with the water, but I would take fresh, cold water and only put in enough so that the metal vessel of the pipe is in the water and not fill the whole vessel with water, otherwise I think it is when you draw not so good either .. - I make my shisha with the aluminum foil! there are so many possible to clean the holes. As I have noticed, the best solution is a needle with which you can make a lot of holes, the coal has to glow properly before you put it on.

And, look to see if all the seals compress properly, because if it sounds so "airy" when you pull, then the coal is not sucked in properly, I would say, and then smoke is also lost ...

sorry, i'm not an expert, just someone who really likes to chill shisha, hope if you take care of these things that everything works!

lg, chiller462 :)