What is rsvp on echo

Amazon Echo: Listen to the radio with Alexa

Step 2: open according to.fm-Skill

After activation, the skill can be called up directly:

"Alexa, open loud.fm"

Then Alexa asks what you want to hear. For example, you can now choose the Genre that you would like to hear - for example: rock, pop, oldies or hits. Alexa will then compile a list of suitable stations for you. With the commands "Alexa, further" and "Alexa, back"you can zap through the station lists.

The following Genres are currently recognized: 70s, 80s, 90s, Alternative, Alternative Rock, Ambient, Anime, Apr├Ęs Ski, Black Metal, Brass Music, Blues, Blues Rock, Brazil, Breakbeat, Britpop, Celtic, Chanson, Charthits, Charts, Chill out, Chillstep, Christian Music, Classic Rock, Country, Crossover, DDR, Dance, Dancehall, Darkwave, Death Metal, German, German Hip-Hop, German Pop, German Rap, German Rock, Disco, Discofox, Drum & Bass, Dub, Dubstep, Easy Listening, Electro, Electro Swing, Electronic, Eurodance, Folk, Folkrock, Funk, Goa, Gospel, Gothic, Gothic Rock, Grunge, Hamburger Schule, Handsup, Hardrock, Hardcore, Heavy Metal, Hip hop, Hits, House, In the, Indie pop, indie rock, industrial, instrumental, Irish folk, Italo, Italo disco, jazz, Carnival, kids, children, children's songs, children's music, classic, lounge, mainstream, metal, minimal, middle ages, music, NDW, new wave, oldies, Ostrock, party, party hits, pop, Pop music, punk, punk rock, radio, rap, reggae, skirt, Rock music, rock'n'roll, rockabilly, salsa, Bat, Schranz, Ska, Softrock, Soul, Stonerrock, Surf, Swing, Synthiepop, Tango, Dance Music, Techno, Trance, Trap, Trip-Hop, Urban, Folk Music, Christmas Songs, Christmas Music, World Music, World, World Music. And that is just the beginning ...