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Astrid - My first lap on the Nürburgring was special

Your name: Astrid
How old are you? 50 years old, built in 1967
What is your job? Independent trainer for motorcycle and social skills
How long have you been riding a motorcycle? Since 1986

How and why did you get into motorcycling?

I got my driver's license at 18 and my first motorcycle at 19 because I had money to spare and it was summer.

What kind of motorcycle do you drive? Why did you choose this machine?

I ride every motorcycle that I get the key to. Every motorcycle is fantastic and the best possible compromise that I can experience with this motorcycle. Currently a BMW F700 GS. Latest technology and it's black / red. Just looks cool. And a Suzuki DRZ 400, so I can drive off-road perfectly.

What does motorcycling mean to you today?

This is my free time, a challenge, a great and fascinating piece of sports equipment and my work equipment.

What do you admire about others?

That you make your life happy, humorous, friendly, loving and active.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?
How did you master it and how did that influence your further (biker) life?

Every participant is a special challenge. And I try to handle this again and again with presence.

Personally, my first lap at the Nürburgring was very special. I had a fast over “80 HP” motorcycle and my instructor just had an ole “almost 50 HP BMW” and he drove away from me. Since I was angry and scared and proud and all at once, I decided to just look at the trainer's license plate. So I drove around the racetrack at what was, for me, a rapid pace with confidence in myself, my motorcycle and my trainer. This showed me that I can have confidence: In motorcycle technology and in myself. That is why I have trained myself again and again to develop my driving skills.

Has there ever been a dicey situation?

What was it and how did you react?

Yes, there was and I always try to stay with myself and the motorcycle, to keep this so-called cool head and then to say thank you. For example, when I was driving a little briskly with an 850 Aprilia Mana without a clutch lever. My driving situation was such that it was very smart for me to stop quickly. That's why I braked quickly as a routine. But I had no more resistance on the left due to the missing clutch lever. I was so frightened that I squeezed the front brake on the right with so much force and pressure as never before in my life. But thanks to the great, forward-looking engineers who built ABS into my motorcycle, I survived this dicey situation without any damage.

What was your best experience?

Every ride is fantastic. I love to drive up a hill and enjoy the view: of mountains, a great landscape or the sea. I think the wide view, after having done the “motorcycle-riding-work”, is tremendously great. New encounters with people in the areas where you stop are also enriching.

Where or which route would you like to drive?

Why is that irritating you?

The old Nürburgring. It's just cool to drive a one-way street and this one is so long.
Tenerife or Gomera, because there all the climatic zones of the earth are compressed on one island and everything can be driven on fantastic tar.

What advice would you give yourself if you started riding a motorcycle now?
Three tips from your personal experience?

Smile, breathe, look carefully and trust.

Why should a woman ride a motorcycle?

Because it expands consciousness and releases energy.

Astrid gives trainings and further education as a “motorcycle woman”. You can find all courses and dates here.