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Coronavirus protection: How to disinfect the car in Corona times

Cologne washing hands and keeping your distance helps reduce the risk of infection in the corona crisis. Anyone who shares the car with many others, be it work colleagues or other rental car users, should also clean the vehicle of contamination. Some tips.

The interior is best cleaned with normal soap or detergent. As with hand washing, the alkaline foam destroys the structure of the virus. At the same time, it should generally not damage the plastics in the cockpit.

The right disinfectant with alcohol and bleach can damage sensitive interior materials and especially leather. If you want to use it, you should first test it in an inconspicuous place. Anyone who has stocks of special cockpit cleaners can also use them. As a rule, they contain mild cleaning additives that can destroy viruses without affecting plastic and leather.

No matter which agent is used: Ideally, it is applied and then wiped off again after an exposure time. Leaving chemicals on surfaces permanently is not a good idea.

When cleaning the vehicle, you should not only wipe the steering wheel, switches and touchscreens, but also less eye-catching parts. For example the rearview mirror or the fuel filler cap.

Anyone who has the opportunity to choose their vehicle saves work by making the right choice. Small cars and cars with basic equipment are usually cleaned faster than luxury sedans with dozens of functions and controls.

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