How to Fix midi map apc 40 mkii

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Greg Kuhnert

Thank you for reaching out and asking about this.

The MIDI functionality has been de-prioritized due to lack of interest from the wider customer base as a whole.

As an "audio guy" and hobby-musician, I look forward to an Ableton-style custom midi mapping paradigm within Wirecast. However, the vast majority of users seeking control surface support in Wirecast have opted for the XKEYS custom controller we developed in tandem with XKEYS.

With so little usage / interest of MIDI, the team has opted to focus efforts on other areas of the app that offer benefit to a wider subset of users.

To date, I am not aware of any other reports similar to your crash regarding MIDI, though it sounds severe enough to not be isolated to your workflow.


To truly make MIDI useful in Wirecast, I see a host of things needing to change:

  • Custom mapping
  • UI shading for easy mapping like Ableton
  • Custom work around commands that are only accessible by menu bar and not primary UI.
  • Audio Mixer track pinning (or global / static audio mixer mode)
  • WIFI / Bluetooth MIDI (TouchOSC would be great)

If enough interest comes from the community regarding this, I am certain the priorities would change to reflect.


-Bryce Stejskal