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Reinhard Mey: His son Max († 32) is now above the clouds

“Did you light your light on both sides. Now it flickers for its glow. My distant, my beloved child, fall asleep. "

Touching lines from Reinhard Mey's song “Drachenblut” from 2010. They are addressed to his son Max, who has now passed away at the age of only 32.

The songwriter and his family had hoped for five years - five years during which Max was in a vegetative state. Now they have to say goodbye to their beloved son for good.

As the family lawyer announced on Tuesday, Mey's son Maximilian (32) died a few days ago.

The lawyer’s statement reads: "Maximilian Mey died a few days ago after suffering infinitely bravely with his family."

A tragedy sadder than a song could ever be ...

Review. March 13, 2009.

On this day, Maximilian "suddenly fell over", as his father later described in tears in the broadcast by the presenter Reinhold Beckmann (58).

The songwriter's son - a globetrotter. Max moved out of home in 2003 and lived in Cambodia with his girlfriend, whom he met in Thailand.

“After a wonderful happy evening with his girlfriend and her friends, he put her to bed and made her a hot water bottle. Then he went out on the balcony to smoke another cigarette and then fell over, ”said Mey at the time.

An emergency doctor diagnoses Max's cardiac and respiratory arrest and has to intubate the son. But he falls into a coma.

Later it turns out: Maximilian had spread severe pneumonia with various germs.

But there are also moments of hope for the singer and his wife Hella (66).

He: "When he woke up from his first coma and opened his eyes for the first time in three days, we thought, now it will continue like this: tomorrow he may be able to move."

Mey plays guitar on the bedside.

But Maximilian does not come back. Now Mey and his wife, their eldest son Frederik (37) and daughter Lulu (28) mourn their Max. Now he is their son above the clouds ...