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All in white: the projects by Glória Papp

“All in white” has become more and more fashionable as a furnishing style in recent years. White is a universal color, it adapts to any type of apartment, unifies the rooms and gives them more space. It also makes the rooms appear larger, reflects daylight and gives every room brightness and elegance: vom living room about the kitchen up to bedroom and the Bathrooms. But also in the Outdoor areas White succeeds in playing out his protagonist role with sober elegance.

“All in white” in all its nuances is a color choice that can be integrated into different furnishing styles and thus allows stylistic leeway that of the classic and minimalist about a more modern up to rural Styles as well as the Industry-Design and Shabby chic and offers a wide range of possible combinations.

The color white conveys a feeling of purity, is fresh, exudes calm and serenity and is an excellent starting point to let your creativity run free when furnishing and to turn your own home into an environment full of personality and character: the color combination par excellence that address both the classic as well as that modern Adjusts style is black and white.

Bianco Assoluto - Unicolore

Anyone for a completely white Apartment decides, has to deal extensively with the choice of the shade of white, as there is far more than one here. A brilliant white is suitable for those who prefer a more modern interior or want to add colorful accessories, whereas a dirty white goes well with warm colors and can be combined with pastel colors. Any different shades of white can also be used side by side, taking into account the character and personality that you want to give the environment.

Thassos - Marte

If you want to create a completely white apartment, the choice of flooring is fundamental. You can opt for porcelain stoneware flooring in Marble look of the collection Marte in the color scheme Thassos or in the colors Asiago, Bardiglio Bianco, Bianco Vietnam, Canova, and Travertino Bianco of the collection Marmoker decide that also in large formats (of 60x120 cm to 160x320 cm) and are available in the Lucida surface design. If, on the other hand, you opt for a completely white style with white lacquered furniture, you can resort to a floor covering that combines the two surfaces, such as the porcelain stoneware in Wood look with the Color schemes Antique Wood White, Country Ice, Newood White, Planks Bianco or White Oak.

Listelli Texture Thassos - Marte

If you also have a harmonious continuity between your home Inside- and Exterior floors want to lend, the porcelain stoneware slabs also come in for you Stone look in the color schemes Dragon White, Lavagna Bianca, Meteor Bianco, Mineral White, Pietra Baugè Bianca or Porto Rotondo in question, embellished with a natural surface design for the inside rooms and with a non-slip surface that is also in the strength of 20 mm is available for the Outdoor areas.

Porto Rotondo - Pietre di Sardegna

The exceptional resistance to Bumps, Abrasion, Scratches, Bend, Weather conditions, Fire, stains and Chemicals makes our collections the ideal solution for Floor and wall coverings. Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware is not absorbent, durable, for sure (since it is free of chemicals, paints or resins), environmentally friendly (since manufacturing waste is largely reusable and therefore has less impact on the environment) easy to relocate. Besides, there aren't any special Maintenance measures required. Today more than ever, these features are also in the Living area significant.

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To bring you the full potential of a perfectly white To show you the apartment, I would like to “open the front doors” to two projects by the architect Glória Papp, (P-Art Ltd. / TNA Studio Ltd.). In these interior designs, which perfectly embody the spirit of the trend, the floor covering is based on a bright white color scheme Thassos and Bianco Assoluto flattered.

Glória Papp, architect and interior designer, is the winner of the first prize of the VIII. Edition of the Grand Prix with their project "Villa privata“And occupies second place in the XI. output with their project "E House“In the residential building category.

Private Villa (Budapest, Hungary)

Let us enter the private villa in Budapest, where the formal austerity of the external appearance is reflected in the puristic simplicity of the interior design like a continuing red thread. The rational design of the project is made possible by the geometric or monochrome Using the ceramic Materials emphasized.

The porcelain stoneware was processed according to a precise laying pattern and follows the lines and guiding elements that define the space. The homogeneous white of the floor covering, implemented in the color scheme with panels measuring 60x60 cm Bianco Assoluto and in the honed Surface design, sets the various living environments in a continuously harmonious relationship to one another.

E House (Egerszalòk, Hungary)

Unrestricted white, etched glass doors and sliding walls make this living space elegant and airy. The use of the ceramic material in a soft and compact shade of white - in the Thassos color scheme of the Marte collection - results in a select neutrality of the overall picture and the lightness of the overall composition.

What becomes clear in these projects is the refined striving for a harmonious balance between the different rooms, which is expressed in a skilful exploration of spatial planning and a love of detail andAll in white“-Style rises to the protagonist. In this way, the home becomes a place where you feel welcome and protected. A unique, welcoming and sophisticated place where you can finally be yourself.