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The Bourne Identity

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Action and suspicious spy thriller about a CIA agent who suddenly finds himself in the crosshairs of his own organization after he has lost his memory.

With two bullets in his back and an implanted account number in his hip, a young man (Matt Damon) is rescued from the Mediterranean Sea by fishermen. Following the trail of the number and his surprisingly strong survival instincts, the castaway, who has lost his memory, reveals the past bit by bit between Zurich and Paris and is himself not badly surprised when he comes across an international murder plot with ties to the CIA. No wonder that all the people are constantly trying to kill him ...

Everyone except Lola. Franka Potente makes the leap to become a Hollywood star with Doug Liman's action-packed interpretation of an agent novel by specialist Robert Ludlum.

A young man is fished out of the sea with memory loss and two bullets in his back. After recovering, he goes in search of his own identity, but the police and various wage killers are on his heels. There he met the young German Marie, who supported him in his self-discovery and the escape from the persecutors. As a gentle romance unfolds between the two of them, the net thrown out by the CIA around Bourne, as the hunted may be called, begins to tighten ...

A young man is fished out of the sea with memory loss and two bullets in his back. In search of his own identity, he is hunted by the police and killers. Sovereign adaptation of the Robert Ludlum bestseller of the same name, in which Franka Potente Matt Damon can help.

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  • The Bourne Identity Critique

    The Bourne Identity: Action and suspicious spy thriller about a CIA agent who suddenly finds himself in the crosshairs of his own organization after he has lost his memory.

    While Ben Affleck is currently shaking up the US charts with the terrorist action thriller “The Attack”, his “Good Will Hunting” colleague Matt Damon is in no way inferior and is now showing with the very loose adaptation of the Robert Ludlum bestseller that action-packed thrillers can still be relevant and original in the 21st century. Damon plays the CIA agent Jason Bourne, who loses his memory and suddenly finds himself in the crosshairs of his own organization. At his side is Germany export Franka Potente, who chauffeurs him from Zurich to Paris and cuts a dazzling figure in the search for his identity in the midst of the deadly hunt.

    The European settings and the ambivalent character of the protagonist evoke memories of the Patricia Highsmith film adaptation "The Talented Mr. Ripley". This time, however, Damon has the first opportunity to distinguish himself as a well-trained action hero with lightning-fast bone-breaking reflexes. The suspicious spy thriller also marks new terrain for director Doug Liman, as it is his first big budget production after his hip successes “Swingers” and “Go!”. The film begins with a sea rescue, in which fishermen fish a diver (Damon) floating in the water with no memory, but two bullets and a laser implanter with a Swiss bank account number in his back, out of the Mediterranean Sea. Two weeks later, the injured man went to his safe deposit box, which was run under the name Jason Bourne and which, in addition to a large sum in various currencies, contained several international ID cards and a revolver. Since Bourne is wanted by the Swiss police, he seeks refuge in the American consulate, where he makes the acquaintance of the German Marie Kreutz (Potente). In the first big action sequence, the walking fighting machine Bourne flattens half the consulate and offers Marie 20,000 dollars to drive him to Paris. Despite the dangerous game of cat and mouse with various CIA agents who are hounded on Bourne in order to render him harmless, a subtle romance is developing between the two. In the Paris quarter of the CIA, where a cruelly underemployed Julia Stiles (“Save The Last Dance) and CIA mastermind Ted Conklin (Chris Cooper) are present, the lead showdown takes place.

    Classic car chases are conducted in the style of “Brennpunkt Brooklyn” or John Frankenheimer's homage “Ronin” through narrow Parisian alleys and keep the tempo and suspense tight. And of course the washed-out look of the film and the European old-world feeling also refer to the existential hardboiled crime novels of the seventies, which cast a spell over their audiences with dry narrative and stunts that still looked really dangerous. Liman also prefers real PS over fake CGI and relies on a very spartan narrative that corresponds to the style and could easily give the impression that the film has nothing substantial to offer. But the tone is the message here: It doesn't matter that the film ultimately doesn't have much in common with Ludlum's tricky original. Its fans might be disappointed, but the film community should definitely enjoy this close relative of "Bullitt" or "Point Blank". era.
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