How to Play Bass Horn Polka Style

Italian songbook (Wolf, Hugo)

Movements / SectionsMov'ts / Sec's46 songs:
1. Even small things can delight us
2. I was told you were traveling far away
3. You are the most beautiful one far and wide
4. Blessed be that through whom the world was born
5. Blessed are you blind who do not look to you
6. Who called you? Who called you here?
7. The moon has made a grave complaint
8. Now let's make peace, dearest life
9. That all your charms were painted
10. You think to catch me with a thread
11. How long has always been my desire
12. No, young sir, that is not how it is done, indeed
13. You are proud, beautiful child, and go
14. Journeyman, let's wrap ourselves in robes
15. My lover is so small that without bending over
16. You young people who are drawn into the field
17. And do you want to see your loved one die
18. Lift up your blond head and don't sleep
19. We were both silent for a long time
20. My lover sings at the house in the moonlight
21. I am told your mother doesn't want it
22. I came here to serenade you
23. What kind of song shall be sung to you?
24. I no longer eat my bread dry
25. My lover invited me to the table
26. I was told and I was told
27. I'm already stretching out my tired limbs in bed
28. You tell me that I am not a princess
29. I know your rank, which is not low
30. Let her go, who plays so proud
31. How should I be happy and laugh at all
32. What is the anger, my darling, that heats you up?
33. If I die, wrap my limbs in flowers
34. And you get up from bed early in the morning
35. Benedeit the blessed mother
36. When you, my love, ascend to heaven
37. How much time did I lose loving you
38. When you touch me with your eyes and laugh
39. Blessed be the green and whoever wears it
40. O would your house be as transparent as glass
41. I got up at midnight this night
42. I can no longer sing, because the wind
43. Be quiet for once, you nasty babbler there
44. Oh, would you know how much I am because of you
45. Devour the abyss of my lover's hut
46. ​​I have a loved one living in Penna