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How to measure the penis

The first thing you should know is that in order to calculate the size and thickness of your penis, use it must be completely upright . The penis has the ability to increase in size significantly as it goes from normal to erection, so measuring a penis at rest is not a real indication of what it will be like once it enters the process of arousal.

Also note that there is two types of penis are there , called flesh and blood. The meat penis is usually already large at rest, so that it does not become too large during an erection. In contrast, the blood penis, which is usually smaller in a non-aroused state, grows much more when erect. The scale that is common to classify the penises in one group or another is the following; if the limb grows more than twice in size during erection, it is a penis made of blood, while those remaining under it are penises made of flesh.

Take a rule to measure the length of your penis and get a much more reliable result as the tape measure can cause a mistake to be made due to the curvature of the penis or any movement.

Support the rule in your tummy, the measurement starts at the base of the penis, so it is important that the ruler or tape measure is as close to him as possible. The length of the penis is measured from the base to the glans or tip, the result is the length of your phallus.

Many people are wrong and start measuring the penis from the scrotum. This is a mistake because the scrotum is already part of the genitals, not the penis. Measuring it from the belly will help you calculate the exact measurements.

But the length is not everything, for many women more important than the length of a penis is the thickness of this because the thicker is more contact and friction with the walls of the vagina.

In this way, it is not surprising that many men do too the thickness or girth of your penis want to know, a very useful fact to know if she is fat, normal or thin.

To take this measurement, you will need to use a tape measure. With the erect penis surrounding the tape measure around the base of the penis, the result in centimeters should be divided by 3.14 (the number pi) to get the result of the diameter of your penis.

Now that you know how to measure a penis, you can try it yourself to know your measurements and to dispel any doubts about its size that you are so curious about. However, you should be aware that the size or thickness under normal measures is not that important , but the experience related to sex and other factors beyond your characteristics are more important to enjoy and enjoy these moments intimate

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