How much does a Luvaton wallet cost

How much does a dog cost?

Have you made up your mind and are you sure that you want to share your life with a dog? Class! So that you long term remains happy and you in none unexpected cost trap tappst, we want to bring you closer to the usual costs that arise in the life of a dog.

This table gives you an initial overview of how much a dog costs:

  • acquisition cost
  • per vet visit
  • per deworming
  • Dog Food
  • Dog tax
  • Microchip
  • Dog Liability
  • Dog accessories
  • dog sitter

150-2000 €
60 €
20 €
€ 20-150 / month
50-100 € / year
50 €
40-70 € / year
10-100 € / month
5-20 € / hour

Buying puppies and dogs from a breeder or an animal shelter

The acquisition cost of a dog differ greatly depending on the origin. Does your decision fall on a dog from the animal shelter or one Animal welfare organization Depending on the age of the dog, you can pay a nominal fee of 150-300 € calculate.

A Pedigree dog from certifiedbreeder already beats more money. Depending on the breed and size of the dog, you can use up to 2000 € calculate. Make sure that the breeder of your choice is regulated by a respected association, such as the VDH, and is thus checked for health, breeding facility and more. Otherwise you run the risk that your dog will develop severe health problems, suffer from them and you unnecessarycosts arise. That brings us to the next point ...

Vet, health checks and more

The danger that your Veterinary costs shooting up is many times less with a reputable breeder. To keep it that way, you should keep a few things in mind.

As a rule, your puppy should already be vaccinated. Follow-up vaccinations are particularly recommended for puppies but also for adult dogs. Also regular Check-ups are essential for long-term health. The average costs are approx. 60 € per vet visit.

There is also a quarterly Deworming at which additional costs of approx. 20 € attack.

Game injuries are of course difficult to calculate, but should always be included in the planning. The best thing to do is to set aside a small amount every month so that you don't suddenly get hit. If you want to be on the safe side, you can have your dog insured just like a human. You can find an exemplary dog ​​health insurance here.

Dog food, snacks and co.

Again, the costs vary greatly between the individual dog breeds. That you have to dig deeper into your wallet for a German Shepherd than for a Miniature Pinscher is probably obvious.

The costs also depend a little on your own requirements and ideas. Do you want your puppy in the future dried animal food or Wet food give? Or maybe you even want it baref? Either way, the food should be of high quality and lotsnutrient contain. Foods with a high content of grain may be cheaper, but they can be harmful to your dog's health, which can become a cost trap in the long run.

Snacks may not seem necessary to you at first, but they can be true Everyday helper be. Puppies, young dogs and adult dogs are much more cooperative in the trainingwhen they have a tasty incentive in prospect. Also for deflection, when you leave the house or need a moment of rest, a small chewing bone can work wonders.

So you can see that the costs for dog food, dog snacks and the like depend very much on your own ideas and the needs of your dog. A very rough guide is included 20-150 €

The beloved bureaucracy

bureaucracy - a very tiresome, albeit important, topic! Take that for example Dog tax - it is essential for every dog ​​owner. The amount of the dog tax is determined by the respective municipality and also depends on the breed and size of the dog. So-called List dogs, such as pit bulls, Staffordshire bull terriers and bull terriers always cost more than a dog that is not classified as a list dog. The dog tax is average 50 – 100 € in the year. Even the one-time use of a Microchips belongs to the registration in your community and costs you once 50 €

Whether you are a Liability insurance final is up to you in most federal states. However, it is absolutely recommendable if you want to avoid unexpected costs in the multi-digit range. There are countless providers of dog liability insurance, which are between 40 and 70 € cost in the year. You can find an overview here where you can enter your race, age and more in advance.

What else has to be done

Just like humans, dogs have certain needs and demands. Toys, collar, leash, winter coat, poop bag and and and. The extent of these goodies depends on whether your dog grows up as a beauty queen or an outdoor professional. It is clear, however, that some purchases cannot be avoided. The price for Dog accessories accordingly fluctuate between smaller amounts of approx. 10 € a month and several 100 € a.

To cover these costs, you have to leave the house to work every now and then. Can your four-legged friend stay alone for this time or do you need help from one? dog sitterwho takes care of your darling, walks him and keeps him busy? For your personal Everyday helper can you approx. 5 - 20 € / hour take into account.

How much does a dog cost per month

You can already see that it is very difficult to make a universal statement about the cost of a dog. Also yours ownexperience play a major role in the cost calculation and make generalizations even more difficult. Do you need help from a dog school or do you know a lot about upbringing? Can your dog come to the office or does he have to stay at home?

A rough assessment about the monthly basic costs of a dog amounts to between 60 € and 200 €, whereby the acquisition costs are not included.

We hope you enjoy the responsibility of a dog has become a little less clear and you can now start a new life perfectly prepared together with your four-legged friend.