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It's gimmicky sunday! Ms. Machwerk suggested the topic of "Smocking" for today. I'm very happy about that, as I'm always very open to wrinkle-related topics.

However, I quickly realized that most of what is meant by Direct or English Smocking is to be found, so does not respond at all. North American smocking I've already tried it here. I found the variant in Colette Wolff's "The Art of Manipulating Fabric" bible Italian smockingwhich is described there very briefly, so I couldn't get along. That's what I'm supposed to be about today. I found a few nice examples of this variant on the Internet (you can find them on my Pinterest board), but for a long time nowhere were instructions for it.

At least that much I found out: There are instructions for this in the magazine Australian Smocking & Embroidery Issue 76 and 91, but for $ 35 I didn't want to have a magazine sent halfway around the globe. Last week I found what I was looking for: The American magazine “Sew Beautiful” is also available online as a pdf, and issue 95 has a really good description of the pillow that is shown on the cover.

Smocking is an elaborate story, and I'm not done with the piece of fabric I'm testing the pattern on. When the time comes, I'll post a few more pictures here.

What is important to know: At Italian Smocking, you work on a pre-creased piece of fabric. Enthusiasts have a pleater for this, a stylish machine that lays a fabric in many beautiful, even folds in no time at all. I had to do it by hand, and that took a good three hours, including sketching.

It is also important to know that the row threads should not be tightened too much, but rather that the folds should lie loosely, the folded piece of fabric then has approximately the final width. In the joy of having finally finished with the rows, I pulled too tight and then had to laboriously loosen the rows with a comb.

And then it's finally time to smock. You embroider from the front with a thread of the same color so that the embroidery is as inconspicuous as possible. With my rudimentary knowledge, I don't want to write a tutorial here; I prefer to refer to the magazine that I also used.

Still, a few pointers about the piece of fabric I'm working on. It has 53 folds 1 cm deep and 18 rows 1 cm apart. The first and last row remain to be held. The pattern is as follows: pierce 5 folds, half row down, stitch back one fold, half row down, pierce 3 folds, half row up, stab one fold back, half row up, then it starts all over again.

The next smock line is offset by half a row: pierce 3 folds, half row down, stab one fold back, half row down, pierce 5 folds, half row up, stab one fold back, half row up, then it starts all over again. Smock line 3 and 4 are mirror-inverted to 2 and 1. Line 5 is again like 1, etc. I have drawn a diagram, smock line 1 in red, 2 in green, 3 in blue, 4 in pink.

At the end the threads 2 to 17 are removed, I'm not that far yet.

And because I had already given up Italian smocking in the meantime, I also did another smocking job, a circle with a honeycomb pattern ('honeycomb smocking').

You really need a lot of material for that. My little circle has a diameter of 15 cm, I used a viscose felt (1mm thick) with a width of 6 cm and a length of 90 cm.

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