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Grants and help with the restart

Advisory assistance

If you need legal advice, go to the local district court and apply for a counseling aid certificate there. This certificate entitles you to take advantage of an initial legal consultation. You only pay a contribution of 15 EUR to the lawyer.

Legal aid and legal aid

If you need legal help, for example if you have to sue for spousal maintenance, you can do so together with your claim Legal aid or legal aid apply for. The court treasury then pays the court and attorney's fees, which you either not pay at all if you have a low income or depending on your income situation Pay back in installments to the court treasury have to.

Permit for subsidized housing

If you are dependent on a rented apartment after the divorce, the housing eligibility certificate entitles you to rent an apartment subsidized with public funds. The housing entitlement certificate is valid from the day it is issued for a year and must then be applied for again. Sometimes you have to live in the municipality for two or more years before you are entitled to an apartment. Every state has own regulations. You submit the application to the housing office in your municipality. You will get there too detailed information on eligibility requirements. As a rule, the application must be made in person. Appointments can be arranged in many municipalities with the help of an online system. When allocating housing will be Urgency levels are used as a basiswho are assigned primarily because of the threat of homelessness, illness or a very short-term need, including single parents after separation or divorce.

The Housing entitlement certificate type A is issued directly by the local authority up to a certain income limit. Type B is an option if you exceed a certain income limit. In that case, the accommodation will not be allocated directly by the authority. Rather, contact the landlord directly and apply to the housing office a purchase permit. The size of the apartment is set at up to 45 m² of living space for one person and up to 60 m² for two people. For each additional person the need for housing increases by 15 m².

It is unfortunate that dignity and freedom of thought are often dependent on the spatial conditions of a room, a delightful window view, and a certain amount of light and color. Someone who has lived in a kind of elongated box and one day enters a nicely proportioned room is inclined to believe that perhaps because of the character of his living quarters he may have lost a great deal mentally.

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During the separation and divorce proceedings, you will usually receive your application for a residence entitlement certificate no special priority. The municipalities assume that the person who has custody of the child will also be awarded the previous apartment in the divorce proceedings.

Expert tip:

If you feel compelled to move out of the apartment because of your partner's violence, you can also go to the women's refuge with your children. You can find the telephone number in the telephone book, but you can also find it out from many taxi drivers, local women's groups or your community. It is also possible that you rent a furnished room. At best, the costs are borne by the social welfare office if the youth welfare office demonstrates the risk to the children and yourself by means of a certificate or a police report. The partner then has to pay the rent if he is solvent. Otherwise, according to the Protection Against Violence Act, you have the option of submitting an application to the family court to request that your partner move out and that the apartment be assigned to you for your sole use. If you are looking after your child, it is also possible to allocate the apartment to protect the child from violence.

Housing benefit

Housing benefit helps to cover housing costs. You are only entitled to housing benefit if you do not receive unemployment benefit II or social benefits, social assistance or basic social security benefits in old age and with reduced earning capacity, or if you are not a member of a community of need. In these cases apply Your housing costs as covered.

Housing benefit is on the one hand as a rent subsidy and on the other hand as a burden subsidy granted to the owner of a condominium or house. Whether you are eligible for housing benefit depends on the number of family members in your household, the amount of your income and the amount of the eligible rent or burden. The maximum amounts are based according to the local rent level, according to which each municipality is assigned to a certain rent level.

The is responsible for your application communal housing benefit office at your place of residence. There you will also find further information and the application form. Family members are all relatives with whom you are live in a household and work together as well as household members who are only absent for a short time (e.g. trainees and students for whom the family household still remains the center of their life).

Good to know:

If you received housing benefit together with your partner before the separation, the separated spouse will no longer be counted as a household member in the housing benefit calculation and his income will no longer be taken into account. If you look after your child in an alternating model, in which the child alternates and regularly stays in the apartment of both parents, the child counts in both households as a member of the household when calculating the housing benefit.

Unemployment benefit I

If you have a job, you can Apply for unemployment benefit I.. This is an insurance benefit that you are entitled to if you, as an employee, are entitled to it Unemployment insurance contributions to have. The entitlement exists for a maximum of one year.

Even if you are not unemployed and / or are not entitled to unemployment benefits, you can register as a jobseeker at the Federal Employment Agency. You will be supported in your job search. Some of the services of the employment agency are also available to people who are not entitled to unemployment benefits. Inquire early on for you suitable employment promotion measures and whether there are corresponding funding opportunities in your case.

Good to know:

If your employer has terminated the employment relationship, you must register as a job seeker immediately (if possible three months before the end of the employment relationship), even if the notice period has not yet expired and the employment relationship still exists. This is the only way to avoid a blocking period when receiving unemployment benefits.

Unemployment benefit II, Hartz IV

If you are not entitled to unemployment benefit I, you will receive Unemployment benefit II = Hartz IVif you have reached the age of 15 and have not yet reached retirement age, are able to work and in need of assistance and are habitually resident in Germany. This benefit was formerly known colloquially as social assistance. At the same time it represents the Basic security for job seekers represent.

Good to know:

You are considered fit for work if you can work at least 3 hours a day and are not prevented from doing so for the foreseeable future (not longer than six months) due to illness or disability. According to this, you are able to work even if you cannot be expected to work temporarily because you are not able to work because of the upbringing of a child under the age of three.

Basic security, social assistance

If you are not entitled to unemployment benefit II / Hartz IV, you have Entitlement to basic security. This is the case if you are unable to work due to your health situation or if you have reached the regular retirement age without being entitled to (sufficient) pension payments. The basic security benefits are extremely diverse and depend on one in every detail Variety of individual requirements from. Find out in detail with your locally responsible basic social security provider.

People are there to help one another, and if you need someone's help in right matters, you have to speak to him for it.

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Good to know:

You are not in need of help if you are getting or could get the help you need from someone else. If you live together with a new significant other in an apartment in the same household, you probably live in a community of needs. This means that with reasonable appreciation, the mutual will is to be assumed to bear responsibility for one another and to stand up for one another. The members of a community of needs have to pay for one another with their income and assets. Then the partner's income and assets must be taken into account when assessing your need for assistance. The law assumes that you and your new life partner form a community of needs if you have lived together in a shared apartment for more than a year or if you are authorized to dispose of the partner's income or assets.

Basic security and benefits for accommodation and heating

The aim of basic income support must be to provide those in need of assistance who are able to work adequate housing to offer. You are therefore entitled to ongoing as well as one-off services that are available for Coverage of the actual accommodation costs are necessary, but only to the extent that they are appropriate. In particular, the monthly rent for the Renting a suitable apartment as well as the heating costs and the contractually agreed operating costs.

Good to know:

If you live in your marital home after your separation, you only have to move if the size of the apartment and the rental costs are unreasonably high. You cannot be forced to move. However, after a period of usually six months, only the reasonable costs will be covered. Inappropriate accommodation costs should only be taken into account as long as it is not possible or cannot be expected to reduce your rent by moving.

Moving costs

If you want to move out of your inappropriately large apartment after the separation, the basic security provider will also take over the cost of acquiring the apartment and moving, as well as the rent deposit. A brokerage fee will be paid if renting the new apartment was mandatory and not possible without a broker. When it comes to moving costs, you can be referred to self-helpas far as this is possible and reasonable. If you cannot be expected to make your own efforts due to disability, illness or old age, the basic security provider will also take care of them Moving Company Costs after submitting a cost estimate.

Good to know:

Before you move into a new apartment, you should obtain the assurance of the basic security provider that the costs will be covered before concluding the rental agreement. If you move without prior assurance, you risk cutting your costs considerably, and you may be left with some of the costs.