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Top 20 birthday games for kids and adults

Every year, we all have one day when we feel a little like superstars. Everyone congratulates us, everyone hugs us, kisses, and the presents! We're talking about the birthday and the birthday presents, of course. Ah, if every day was so perfect!

Especially when it comes to kids, you can't wait for the birthday. As early as 2-3 months before the birthday, you express your wishes and make plans where and how you want to celebrate the birthday. Of course, all parents do their best to make all of this possible.

Wherever you are having the celebration you have to play birthday games. Birthday games make every party a blast. Here you will find the best birthday games for adults and the children's birthday games. We have chosen the birthday games in such a way that you don't have to make any previous preparations and don't spend any extra money.

The fun with this game is guaranteed. The guests and family will love to play these birthday games with her. The most important thing is that you have your friends there and that you have a good atmosphere. Let the games begin!

Children's birthday games - for inside & outside

The birthday child can hardly believe that the big day is here. The children are always the biggest fans of the children's birthday party! They count every day until the time comes. There are several variations on how and where you can celebrate the children's birthday party.

Actually, it is always what the birthday child wants it to be. That’s how it should be, it’s the child’s big day. If you have the party at home, you need to prepare everything well. Eating, drinking, decorating and of course all the entertainment and games.

This is especially true when the birthday child is small. You have to be there all the time to play with the little ones. When it comes to older children, they can actually do it all on their own. Here we make a list with the best kids birthday games.

1. Table tennis ball - blow bet

Material: Ping pong ball, a table.

For this you need a table tennis ball and a table. The game is played 1 against 1 or in 2 teams. The teams sit across from each other at a table. The hands must be kept under the table. There is a table tennis ball in the middle.

Everyone can start blowing on command. The aim is to blow the ball over the edge of the table of the opposing team. If that succeeds there is a point.

It is important that soon really only be blown away and not held up with the hands or the upper body. Because this birthday game can make you breathless, you should take regular breaks in between so that the players don't get dizzy from blowing.

2. Fruit basket

This is a super fruity birthday game! Everyone except the birthday boy stands in a circle. Then each player has to choose a fruit. This can be an apple, an orange or a banana, for example.

The birthday child names a category such as citrus fruits or round fruits. Everyone whose fruits fit into this category must swap their fruit (place) with another player from the same category.

If that happens, the host tries to take the empty seat of the player who is trading fruit. The person who has run out of space becomes the "host."

It's like the duck duck goose game but more advanced. One important rule you can't switch with someone standing right next to you.

3. Push nuts

Material: a piece of cardboard on which a circle of about 20 cm can be drawn, and about 50 walnuts.

Children's birthday games should be fun and interesting for the children. Choose only good and fun games for a birthday party. For a party, this birthday game is great. And that's how everything works.

The circle is filled with the nuts until there are no more gaps. Well, each player receives 5 nuts. One by one, the players drop the nut into the circle. For each nut that pops out of the circle, you get 1 point.

This birthday game is easy, fun and quick. The birthday child will be happy with this game. Actually, adults can play this game too.

4. Ice floes race

Material: 2 sink or pot holders and a basket

The birthday game is best played 1 on 1. For this game you need 2 sink or pot holders and a basket, for example filled with fish made of aluminum foil. The children, together with the birthday child, imagine they are polar bears who have to get from ice floe to ice floe to their food.

Each player receives 2 dishcloths. Only these two ice floes may be used for movement. Put them on a clod, put the other over a little further, and so on.

On the other side of the room you take a fish out of the basket and have to bring it back to the polar bear cave. Beware of ice floes are slippery! The winner is whoever has 5 fish in his cave first.

5. Blow the popcorn

Material: Popcorn, straws

There is always a lot to eat at every birthday party. Popcorn is actually always on the table. The kids love these little things, whether it's sweet popcorn or salty. You can also use the popcorns to play with! You don't know how We'll show you the fun game.

In this game everyone plays for themselves. Each player is given a popcorn and a straw. The game is played on the floor. Each teammate has his route and the popcorn in front of him. Everyone gets on their knees and the game can begin.

Each player blows the popcorn to the finish line. But, the popcorn can only be in its range. If you get out of the way, you have to start from the beginning. Whoever crosses the line with the popcorn first wins.

6. Play catch

This is an ancient birthday game, but it's still very up-to-date. For this game you need a minimum of 3 players and a little more space. All you need for this game is quick feet!

Running fast is what playing catch is all about. One player is the catcher (this can be the birthday child) and he has to catch all other players. The catcher catches the other teammate in such a way that he has to touch them. If you are trapped, you have to sit down and wait until all other players are trapped.

There is another variation on this game. It's hot chain catching. If the catcher has caught a player, then he has to hold him tight with his hand and so catch the other player. So every next trapped player will join the chain and walk around. It'll be super fun and interesting for the kids.

7. Freezing dance

At any party, the music is an inevitable factor. Therefore, parents have to prepare with good music so that the birthday child and friends can sing and dance and have a really good party.

Of course, no birthday party goes without a stop dance. Turn up the music and dance the party away. What you need for this game is good music and of course a good mood!

All children (or adults who want to play) dance around freely. As soon as the music stops, everyone has to "freeze", that is, they don't have to move any further and in their current position (can also be on one leg or with outstretched arms).

You can only move again when the music continues. One or even several “referees” determine who is eliminated. This is a very active and fun birthday game.

8. Who is that?

material: an eye bandage.

This is a super simple birthday game that everyone will really enjoy. Select a person to start the game. Dan, blindfold her. Everyone else stands around in a circle.

The blindfolded guest turns in a circle and stops. Standing like this, the person points at someone and asks just one question - "Who is that"? Whoever points the finger has to answer in a disguised voice.

If the blindfolded person manages to see the other person, switch places. If not, the game continues until she can identify someone.

9. Dancing chain

Dancing is a great way to recharge your batteries and break the ice among partygoers. If your guests are too shy to dance, you should organize something. Try a dance chain!

You are all standing in a circle and one person starts the chain by doing a simple dance step that each has to repeat. You can choose the direction. For example, the person on your left repeats your step and the circle closes to the left.

Once your movement is over, the person on your left will start the circle and do a dance step ahead. It continues like this until everyone in the circle has shown and passed on a dance step. Then they all dance the entire dance steps at the same time. This birthday game will create a great dance.

10. Gifts Spin the Bottle

Material: a bottle.

The best time for the birthday child is of course the moment when you open the presents. Then the atmosphere rises. To make it all look even more interesting, we have opened a gift game for you.

You need a bottle that can be closed (you can put colorful streamers or other colorful objects in it if you want).

All players sit in a circle with their present. The birthday child begins to turn the bottle and whoever the bottle head stops is allowed to hand over his gift.

Now the birthday child can unpack the present in peace and quiet, while everyone can watch with excitement what comes out. All players who have handed over their gift move back a little. So everyone has their turn at some point and can give their gift

Birthday games for adults

The birthday games for adults are a little harder than the ones for the kids. You can't have a birthday party without a birthday game.

The adult birthday games can also be drinking games which are very fun. We have focused on the games here that are not very complicated and that are easy to play. The birthday party can slowly but surely go on.

Don't forget to prepare the music, eat and drink. The atmosphere is better at the start when the guests have something to eat and drink. Enjoy your birthday with friends and family.

11. Like and dislike

Material: Paper and pencils.

We all love getting likes on social media. How about using this to get to know your extended family or new friends better? The rules are very simple!

This birthday game can be very interesting. Everyone gets a piece of paper and a pen. Everyone write down 5 of their personal likes and 5 dislikes, and then toss the sheets of paper into a bowl.

Then when it gets quieter either while eating or between dancing or other active games, the host reads the cards aloud. Everyone in the room has to rat who wrote what. Be willing to learn surprising new things about people you thought you already knew well.

12. Things

Material: Paper and pencils.

This birthday game is similar to the like and dislike game. It also helps you learn a lot about your guests. The game is a little more difficult to play though! For example, you know that your friend likes horses, but you don't know anything about her work ethic or her Friday night routine!

There could be an interesting secret behind the latter! The host asks all guests to write down a few things, such as what you should never tell your boss or what you can only do on a Friday night.

Your guests should write their names on the paper so you know who wrote what. Be creative and brave especially when your sponge is there and you want to learn a little more about it.

Then you read the answers out loud and ask the others who wrote it. The one person who guessed correctly gets one point. Your guests can continue playing until all names have been guessed.

13. React and act

You didn't think we'd leave out the good old jokes, did you? This variant is a bit more varied, which makes it even more fun.

This birthday game is particularly good in a larger company of friends. You need to form a group of 3 to 5 players. As the name suggests, the task is to react to a situation and to act on it, i.e. to participate.

The host can prepare the situation in advance or ask the party guests to write down their own ideas for fun situations and put them all in a hat or bowl. A team then stands on the imaginary stage and improvises without words, so only with facial expressions and guests.

The others then have to guess the situation! Each demonstration only lasts 30 seconds. You can re-enact situations such as that your team won the world championship, or that you are fired for no particular reason.

The possibilities are limitless, the more creative you are, the better. You can make the task more difficult for the audience by giving a player on the team an event for them to react to. Everyone is different, so you will likely see different benefits for the same situation.

14. Sing Song Ping Pong

You can decide whether you want to let your guests know the song category ahead of time or not. For example, you can now sing love songs from the 80s and 90s and so on.

When the season begins, the first singer sings a line preferably from the chorus. The task for the other players is to pick up the melody and sing a line from another song that contains one or more words from the previous line of the song.

For example you start with Bon Jovi “Woah, we're half way there, Woah, livin 'on a prayer”, the next player or the next team can, for example, continue with Madonna's song “When you call my name it's like a little prayer ”and so they carry on.

Remember that this game is not about singing, but that everyone thinks of as many songs as possible and has fun singing them with all their hearts.

15. Tape game

Material: duct tape

In this game you have to get the tape completely off the roll, however, so that in the end only the paper ring remains. There shouldn't be a scrap of tape left on it. So in the end it definitely controls that.

You are not allowed to use any objects, i.e. not a table, chair or anything else. There's just yourself and the tape. Do it however you want, the main thing is that you empty the tape and do it very quickly.

This game is very amusing and interesting. You can also use rubber gloves to avoid injury. Everyone loves this game, of all ages.

16. Candy game

Material: Candy and straw.

In case all the singing and dancing got you tired, you need a sugar rush. That's where this game comes in at the right place. Put some chocolates in a bowl, candies or M & Ms and put them in the center of the table.

Everyone sits down at the table and is given a straw. Everyone tries to suck as many chocolates as possible out of the bowl within 30 seconds. The winner is whoever has sucked in the most sweets. Be careful, however, that the candy is not so small that it can fit through the straw and someone could choke on it.

17. The mummy

Material: Parr roll toilet paper.

You can play this game with just one pair of rolls of toilet paper. Form 2 or more groups depending on the number of guests. Each team selects one person to mummify.

Now they start to wrap the toilet paper. Try to make a do it yourself mummy as soon as possible. The team that completed the mummification first wins.

A tip: choose the smallest person, you can wrap them up faster.

18. The one minute walk

This game will test your sense of time. All players must cover the same distance in exactly one minute. This could go from one end of the room to the other, or from a mailbox to the front door if you're playing outside.

The tricky part is that players are not allowed to use a clock or other timepiece to stop the time. You have to keep moving without stopping to reach the destination point. Whoever manages it in just under 60 seconds is the winner.

19. Throwing bottles