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This article covers the first avatar; for the mind, see Wan Shi Tong.
That is my job: to lead the world into peace with the light of Raava
- Wan


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The fire lion turtle city

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Water, earth, fire and air taming


Avatar, maker of the balance between humans and spirits


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Wanwas the very first avatar and lived 10,000 years before Korra's time. Banished from his homeland, he learned on his journey how to tame the four elements and how to live with the spirits. He tried to bring peace between spirits and people. On the day of the Harmonic Convergence, his mind connected with Raava, the mind of peace and light. All of this made him the first avatar.


The power of firebending

Wan lived in very poor circumstances and had to steal in order to survive and to support his friends. He regularly stole from the noble Chou family. One day while he was stealing food from them, the three disgruntled Chou brothers followed him. He managed to escape them first by fleeing over the rooftops, but when he paused to eat, the brothers caught him. Wan tried to escape again, but tripped over the foot of one of the brothers and was thrown into a muddy pig and cow mix pen. He returned to Jaya and Yao's tree house with the last of the remains that he could keep with him. While he was giving his food to the others and to various hungry animals, he came up with a plan for how he could get more power to change his poor life.

Shortly afterwards, Wan joined a group of four hunters who wanted to go out of town and into the spirit forest to get food for the town. At first the leader of the hunters was suspicious of Wan, but since no other volunteer volunteered, he was allowed to come. He was allowed to go with the hunters to the fire lion turtle, the protector of their city, on whose back it was built. She gave him the power of firebending to protect himself against the hostile spirits in the forest. Shortly after the group left, Wan pretended to be scared and pinched. He was then ordered to go back to the lion turtle to give it back his ability to tame fire. However, Wan decided to go straight into town and keep his fire on. In doing so, he inspired several other poor people to join him in a raid on the Chou property. Although things initially went smoothly, the so-called Chou brothers came to reinforce and Wan was eventually captured and exposed. He was taken to the lion turtle, and although the creature allowed him to keep his firebending, Wan was banished to the spirit wilderness for his crime.

Make friends with the ghosts

As he wandered into the spirit wilderness, his ability shot every spirit he encountered. While fleeing from a large frog-like ghost trying to trample him, Wan was captured by a carnivorous plant. Fortunately, he managed not to be eaten with his curb and escaped. He kept walking until he collapsed on a large lawn due to exhaustion. But to his surprise, the grass around him began to wrap and pull him down. He used his fire again to save himself from certain death by suffocation and continued his escape through the wilderness. Afraid of being ambushed again, he stayed up all night.

In the morning, his hunger made him stop by a tree where pineapple-like, pink-red fruits were hanging. When he tried to taste one, it turned out to be a swarm of bees and Wan tried desperately to escape them. With the angry bugs behind him, he fell over a rocky cliff. After he hit the ground, he saw a small, peaceful oasis with a tree that bore fruit. Still hungry, he tried to cross the little bridge to the island, but was stopped by a lemur-like ghost named Aye-Aye. He suddenly stood in front of him on the bridge and explained to him that people like him are not welcome here. Wan

tried to excuse himself by saying he was hungry and wanted to sleep. When the ghost told him coldly in the face that this was not his problem, Wan tried firebending to sweep the ghost off the bridge. But this teleported easily behind Wan, grabbed him and threw him into a nearby bush. He was about to admit his defeat when he saw other spirits who went to the oasis and were welcome there. He was hiding in a pile of leaves and branches and when he came back to Aye-Aye, he said his name was "Bushy, the bush spirit".

The ghost almost got tricked by him had he not recognized Wan by his human smell. When he was sent home, Wan said he had been banished. So the other spirits suggested that he find other lion turtle cities, which the guardian Aye-Aye did not like at all.

Wan finally went to look for this mentioned city on his own. While walking through the wilderness, he spotted a kitten that was caught in a net. Still starving, he approached the animal with the intention of eating it. But when he looked at it up close, he climbed a tree and tried to save it. At that moment, however, the group of hunters came and ordered him to accompany them and kill the deer. Wan tames fire against the hunters and tries to run away, hoping the men would forget the animal and would rather hunt it down. After experiencing the dangers of the spirit wilderness, he used the "dangers" to his advantage, thereby getting rid of two of his pursuers. Before he could get rid of the rest of the hunters, Wan was passed out by one of the hunters in the fire explosion. But before the men could do more to him, Aye-Aye, touched by Wan's selfless act, stepped in and saved him. Wan was brought back to the oasis of the spirits, where he was placed in the spirit waters, which healed him. His decision to have had enough of the people was what made Wan stay in the oasis and live with the ghosts, earning him the nickname "Stinker" from Aye-Aye.

Over time, Wan befriended the ghosts and perfected his firebending skills. By learning the dancing kite from a white kite, until taming it has become part of it and is not just a tool. He used his ability to protect the spirits from hostile people.

Meeting on Raava

Two years after his exile, Wan wanted to travel the world to find the other lion turtle towns. During his journey, he was stopped by an onslaught between the two "almighty spirits". He went to see how the entire valley was destroyed by their struggle. Concerned about the destruction of the environment, Wan angrily approaches the two ghosts without knowing their identity and tells them to stop. The white ghost, Raava, told him the fight was none of his business. But when he contradicted her that it was his concern when the lives of spirits and animals were at stake, the dark spirit, Vaatu, asked him for help. After claiming that the dark spirit was tortured by its adversary for ten thousand years, Wan used his firebending to separate Raava from Vaatu. It was only after Vaatu had fled that Wan realized the mistake of his trade after Raava had explained who she was and what her job was.

The first avatar

Because of his guilty conscience, Wan Raava decides to help find Vaatu. However, Raava again ordered him to stay out of the matter. He eventually continued his search for another lion turtle town with Mula. He then discovered people who had the ability to control the air. He followed them to their city, which was built on a giant flying lion turtle. When he was having a conversation with the people who lived there, Vaatu came and turned all the spirits there into dark beings. Wan used his firebending to protect the people until Raava showed up and knocked Vaatu unconscious. After Vaatu disappeared, Wan noticed that Raava was getting weaker, so he promised to help her anyway. To do this, Wan requested the aerial lion turtle to give it the ability to airbend it. Since no one ever had the power to control more than one element, the lion turtle decided that Raava should carry this ability for Wan until he was ready to use it himself. Together they trained in airbending, which is why Raava finally decided to give him the element of air by flying through his body and thus combining its energy with each other. Although it was very dangerous, Wan survived and decided to seek out the water and earthbending lion turtles to get the last two elements.

Over the course of a year, Wan worked with Raava to master the four elements in order to be ready to face Vaatu and defeat him during the time of the Harmonic Convergence. Shortly before the end of this time, Wan and Raava arrived in a fire lion turtle village where he once lived and was banished to the nearest ghost wilderness. However, the human presence caused unrest in the already fragile balance between humans and spirits. When a gathering of the spirits under the leadership of Aye-Aye took place about approaching the village, Wan tried to resolve the conflict peacefully. However, Vaatu already caused the arrival of the spirits to make them dark, which escalated the conflict, whereupon Wan and Raava had to intervene. Since he was not strong enough to control all four elements at the same time, Raava combined her energy with Wan, but this overloaded Wan's body, which is why he could no longer keep up and quickly passed out. When he woke up, he found the destroyed village and Vaatu informed him that all the people had been killed. After he disappeared, Wan discovered a heavily weakened Raava behind a rock. He gently picked it up and placed it in a teapot for easier transport and headed for the southern ghost portal.

On the day of the Harmonic Convergence, Wan and Raava traveled through the portal into the spirit world, where Vaatu also appeared. When the dark ghost challenged Raava, Wan stepped forward to face the ghost. With the help of all his skills, Wan attacked Vaatu, but although he managed a few hits, he quickly realized that it was not an easy game against the dark being. As a last resort, he called Raava to help him unite their energies. Although it almost put his life in danger on the last try, Wan refused to give up and continued to fight Vaatu. However, the ghost managed to knock him down and push him near the southern ghost portal. When the Harmonic Convergence took place, Wan put his hand on the spirit portal to connect his energy to Raavas and his spirit. Because of this bond, Wan and Raava became one and eventually became the Avatar, the first in the cycle. With his newfound strength, he managed to capture Vaatu in an elemental cage. He imprisoned the dark spirit in the tree of time and then closed the northern spirit portal so that no one could ever come into the spirit world and free Vaatu. After he led all spirits from the human world into the world of spirits through the south portal, Wan also closed this portal and announced that he is now the bridge between the two worlds and has to keep the balance.

Over time, Wan tried to maintain balance in the world by urging different groups of people to live together peacefully. However, this turned out to be too problematic a task, one he had to deal with all his life without ever getting to the end. Years later, an elderly Wan lies alone and exhausted on a battlefield. Shortly before his death, Wan apologizes to Raava for failing to bring peace to the world. However, she reassured him that they will stay together throughout his lifetime. Wan then exhaled his last breath and his mind eventually left his body to be reborn, and thus the Avatar cycle began.