What does mot mean?

Job reference: That's what the wording mean

In addition to the formulations in the job reference that can be translated with school grades, there are others hidden clues. It should be noted, however, that a job reference must not contain any features or formulations that are intended to serve the purpose of conveying a concealed statement about the employee. Topics that never belong in a job reference are warnings, alcohol consumption, unemployment, disabilities, works council activities and exemptions, illnesses and related absences, parental leave, criminal offenses and details from private life. Only legitimate hints to use are an odd completion date and the lack of regrets, thanks and wishes for the future in the final wording.

Odd completion date

A termination of the employment relationship at a date in the middle of the month - with the exception of the 15th of a month - may indicate termination without notice. However, there could also be a shortNotice period or private reasons be responsible for it. There are a number of scenarios for private reasons: For example, the employee could plan a long vacation, but there are no longer enough vacation days available.

Incomplete final wording

In the event of termination without notice, a simple job reference is usually issued. Accordingly, social and professional skills are not assessed. The simple job reference is usually also in the interests of the employee. However, if the employer does not express regrets, thanks or wishes for the future in the final formulation in the job reference, this can be a clear warning signal. A Final sentence in a very good or good job reference can look like this, for example:

  • “We would like to thank him for his exceptional performance and his high level of commitment in our company and we regret losing him as an employee. We wish him all the best and continued success in his future career. "
  • "We very much regret her decision, thank her for the consistently good and trusting cooperation and wish her all the best and much success in the future."