What size are g shock absorber scratches

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RE: Which shock absorbers should be installed in the large series?
Hello Hartmut,

the dampers are from newer light Unimogs of the 437 series, so to speak the successors of the U1300L from the federal government.

I don't have the exact data yet, but I think they are, like those from the U1300L, longer than those from the U406, which you originally installed. They're probably tighter too.

If they fit you, they should fit the 443 too. Only the longer length could lead to problems with the Trac if the axle compresses completely, so I don't know the exact proportions of the Trac. With the Unimog 406, one usually advises against driving the longer U1300L dampers; I have never tested whether there is anything on them.

I'll try to get the data from your dampers and then get back to you.

DaPo (Daniel)