What does eye color mean in anime

Meaning of two-tone eyes in anime?

I'm currently working on a book in which a person has a secret identity. Not like a superhero, but more like a new identity. This will be important later, which is why I am looking for a suitable name.

He has dark brown to black hair and piercing blue eyes. In addition, freckles, a medium-length nose and very light skin. He is very tall and thin. His character is a mixture of Jack Sparrow and Damon Salvatore. But it can still be very serious and threatening. But sometimes he's nice too. In the real world, his name is Colin Morish.

In the other world he comes from, that is, from a book, he was different. At that time it had another name.

He was blonde and had shoulder-length hair in a braid. The rest was the same. Except for the character. He used to be very nice and empathetic. He could be brash and polite at the same time. He was also very shy and was always in the background. His name was Colarian then. In short, Colin too. Hence its later name.

Good or bad? I am also open to other ideas. But the name should fit both personalities.