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Jam without sugar - 4 variations to make yourself

Jam and breakfast, they just belong together. If it weren't for those tons of preserving sugar, you'd probably eat a lot more of it. Even with 1: 4 preserving sugar you still have plenty of extra calories that you don't need. We have tried all the ways you can cook jam without sugar. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. We'll show you how it's done 😉 But they all have one thing in common - they are delicious on bread 😀

Jam without sugar - you should know that

No matter which method we use to prepare our sugar-free jam, they all have one disadvantage. Of course, they don't last that long. It is the amount of sugar in particular that often keeps jam edible for years. If you want to make jam without sugar, you should be aware that you cannot produce that much in advance. For this it is partly made within a few minutes and you always have fresh jam. The sugar-free jam is sometimes also accepted as low-carb jam.

Another tip: If you want the color of the suggested jam recipes to last better and not turn brown, you should always add a good splash of lemon juice.

1. Sugar-free jam with agar agar

One way to make sugar-free jam is agar agar. Instead of preserving sugar, small amounts of the algae powder are used and the fruits are cooked with it.

  1. Wash, peel and puree the fruits.
  2. Bring 500 g of fruit to the boil for about 8 minutes with a lightly heaped teaspoon of agar agar.
  3. Pour jam into sterile jars while it is still hot.

It is even one of the variants that has a relatively long shelf life. If you work sterile and still fill the jam very hot, you should also get a shelf life of about a month here. Stored in the refrigerator even longer.

The amount of agar agar can vary depending on the type. Personally, I use ground wild algae, it takes a little more. But even if you've caught a little too much agar agar, it doesn't matter, the jam is just a bit more gelatinous 😉

There are several ways to make sugar-free jam.

2. Sugar-free jam with guar gum

The fastest and for me personally the preferred variant is to bind sugar-free jam with guar gum.

  1. Wash and peel the fruits and then put them in a blender.
  2. Add about 2 teaspoons of guar gum to 500 g of fruit. The amount of guar gum depends very much on the liquid content of the fruit. I recommend adding guar gum little by little until the consistency is right.
  3. Let the mixer blend for approx. 1 minute on a low setting.

In case you are not familiar with guar gum, it is absolutely natural and very good at thickens liquids without having to be heated. You get a nice, thick and creamy fruit pulp. Best of all, the jam is not only sugar-free, it is also of raw food quality. As a result, the vitamins, enzymes and phytochemicals are not boiled away, but are retained.

However, the raw food jam should be eaten within a few days and must be stored in the refrigerator. Since it really only takes 1 to 2 minutes to prepare, it is no problem to mix new jam if necessary. However, this method is not suitable for storage.

3. Jam with pectin instead of preserving sugar

If you want to cook jam without preserving sugar, you can also use pectin as a binding agent.

  1. Wash, peel and puree the fruits.
  2. Bring the puree to the boil for about 5 to 10 minutes and then stir in 8 g of pectin onto 500 g of fruit.
  3. Bring everything to the boil again for about 1 minute and pour into sterile glasses while still hot.

The shelf life of the pectin variant is roughly the same as that of agar agar. The consistency is as we know it from jam. Accordingly, pectin is the choice for those who want the typical jam consistency.

4. Thicken jam without sugar with psyllium husk powder

Psyllium husk powder is known for its extremely high fiber content. By the way, the powder is great for thickening and thus also for making jam.

  1. Wash the fruits, peel and mash them.
  2. Bring the puree to the boil for about 5 minutes.
  3. Then stir in about 2.5 teaspoons of psyllium husk powder per 500 g of fruit and allow to cool.
  4. Can also be filled into glasses while hot, which increases the shelf life.

Similar to guar gum, the consistency is not like that of gelatine, but a thick, creamy pulp. If you put the whole thing in sterile jars while it is still hot, you can expect a storage time of one or two months here as well.

However, jam without sugar does not have the same shelf life as conventionally cooked jams.

Jam without sugar isn't sweet enough?

If you are not satisfied with the pure fruit sweetness, you can help a little with the sugar-free jam. If you still want to eat a calorie-conscious diet, I recommend using erythritol as a sweetener. In this way, the jam will remain without sugar, but will still be nice and sweet. Erythritol is not quite as sweet as sugar, but you should get a sufficient result. Otherwise there are also numerous other alternative sweeteners.

If you want, you can puree a few dates in addition to the fruit and also sweeten the jam in this way.

Preserve jam without sugar

As you can see, the shelf life of sugar-free jam is not that far. Accordingly, one should go a different way here. Since jam can be made very quickly and easily without sugar, it makes sense to preserve the fruit instead of the finished jam. The easiest way is to freeze your harvest in already pureed portions and simply create the jammy consistency using the additives presented. In this way, even larger harvest quantities can (gradually) be processed into delicious sugar-free jam. Alternatively, you can of course freeze the finished jam. However, I have not yet tested in detail how their consistency is when defrosting.

Conclusion - jam without sugar

Those who cook jam without sugar enjoy a number of advantages. The main reason for this is of course the calories saved. Guar gum can also be used to prepare raw food jam and thus get the maximum amount of vitamins and other important ingredients.

On the other hand, jam without preserving sugar lacks the extra sweetness. Even the ripeest fruits aren't as sweet as pure sugar. You also have to make significant compromises in terms of durability.

Sugar-free jam is made very quickly and can be easily mixed as required if necessary. It is just not really suitable for storing and preserving lush harvests from the garden.

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